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Day 1:


What does that even mean?

Did she make up a word?

It means exactly what you think it means, and yes, well, actually my sister made it up for me because she knows of my love of made up words. I’m still hoping to get the word yesternow in the dictionary. Rachel Ray did it with EVOO, so maybe there’s hope?

If you are a little bit country you can hillbilly uncomplicated up with an ‘m’ to make it uncomplimicated which is even better because suddenly the word itself is the opposite of what it means. Kind of like how my husband home edjumakted our boys last year. But I digress, severely.


For the next 30 days I want to explore what it means to create a home that is blessing to my family, not to view my home as place I need to serve, protect and slave over or worry and fret about. At times I’ve made creating home to be a hard, complicated thing. I’ve totally complified home making! Instead of enjoying the process, I’ve cursed it, wishing for everything to look great now so I could finally sit back, relax and enjoy it.

I’ll share some mistakes I’ve made, I’ve got a fun guest post scheduled, some posts will be serious, some will be funny some will be published 3 minutes after I woke up because I don’t always plan ahead. Most of all, I hope this series encourages both of us. Because we all live someplace and so far, I’ve never met anyone who thinks their home is perfect.

And this is right where I live right now because we bought a house in August and it’s such a dream to get to do some renovations. But we are currently living in the midst of them. So as pretty as that tightly cropped photo up there might be, here’s my reality:

home. renovated.

future kitchen

I desperately need to live uncomplified right now. I hope you’ll join me!


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  1. Oh, Nester, you are so funny. I love it!!

  2. Cannot wait. I love this idea. And, been dying to see more of the new house too!!

  3. I was wondering how on earth you would manage to top the last 2 years, but I think you did it! Can’t wait to see what’s in store this month! xoxo

  4. Great topic! I could really use some uncomplification. haha! I can’t wait to read.

  5. That’s a great word!

  6. Yes! So many things can be Uncomplified! I hope to do that with my folk art.

  7. yay! this is the perfect topic – excited to read this whole month!

  8. This is fantastic and so needed. I have thought about following your earlier example of removing all the extras and starting fresh. Nothing like a move to be a perfect time to start over!

  9. I just love your sense of humor – and after reading all these years, I am so excited to see what you do with your new place. Uncomplified! Love it!!! :-)

  10. im not even a home blogger and i love it! and you got the chairs! :)
    here’s to a happy 31 days… and thank you again for all you do to host this… it’s tons of fun.

  11. Oh my. Yes, yes, yes! I am greatly looking forward to this series because my home, too, is a work in progress!

  12. Standing by with my fire extinguisher in hand! This is my first 31 Days series. NOTHING is going up in flames tonight! :D

    Happy 31 Days to All!

    ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  13. I am really, r-e-a-l-l-y excited for this challenge! And I LOVE that you made up “uncomplified”. I love making up new words when there isn’t one out there yet that serves the purpose. One of mine is “porchervation” – being an observation made on a porch. Uncomplified, right? And we’re in good company; Shakespeare ‘introduced’ thousands of words to the English language.

  14. I’ve always loved that white table. Is it the Kmart one? It’s my favorite. Looking forward to uncomplifying things!

  15. Sounds awesome! I love your made up word ~ that’s great! I look forward to reading your series! Thanks for the #31Days community and link up!

  16. Love the word, looking forward to the series! :)
    Thx for walking us all through the 31 days set-up process. :) You made it super easy for newbies!

  17. Love the idea of this – and the fact that you/your sister came up with a new word! I love to do that too. Sometimes I even forget that what I’m saying isn’t English when I am talking with someone besides my husband. Haha.

  18. Oh, girl, my life seems to be in a state of complication at all times, so I’m super-happy to read this! Especially right now as we are moving things around our little abode, getting new carpet, new furniture, making our dining room a playroom… the list goes on (and seems to keep growing)!

    Happy 31 days! :)

  19. What a fun first post. This is my first challenge to do with you and I am looking forward to the next 31 days. I hope I can get around to a lot of new blogs as well. Good luck to us all!

  20. As a desperate word lover, I so love that you made up your own word! I think you should petition to have it included in the dictionary. I’m sure I remember reading or hearing somewhere that there is a process for that. Although I’m sure it is not an uncomplified process. If all your followers start using your new word it will catch on soon and that will help spread the word…. Looking forward to the next 31 days.

  21. love the made up word! looking forward to following along!

    I’m linking up for the first time “Simple Living”:


  22. Totally loving this topic! Totally.

  23. oh how I love this. Obviously :-)

  24. Oh I love this. I take things very very seriously and complicate many many things. Especially home making.

    My husband really dislikes words like webinar, Maymester, chocoholic, gymnatorium. Basically “combo-words” just aren’t his jam.

    I’m loving porchervation up there! Uncomplified is great. Wait until he hears this one! I’ll be using it daily! ;)

  25. I want to create a home that’s a blessing to my family as well. I’ve noticed something about myself, I curse the process when I get in the way. This self made complimication happened today as a matter of fact, so I got a wee bit excited when I read the topic :)

  26. …and you will – get to uncomplified, probably rather quickly, if I’m reading between the lines.

    I love made up words, too. Around here, we call ’em Family Words, because usually no one but the immediate family understand what the heck you mean when you use The Family Words.

  27. Great word!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with each day, this will be fun, and definitely something I need. Thanks!

  28. I like your topic! I need to be a bit more uncomplified too :)

  29. Great word! English teacher here, so I approve :) I look forward to your series. Thank you for the 31 Days and link up. It’s a great “spiritunity” (spirit-filled opportunity) to connect with others. This is my first time. Love it!

  30. I’m in.

  31. This is a FANTASTIC series! Bookmarking this baby so I can follow along. Thanks!

  32. Yes and yes… Need this like yesterday. I’m living vicariously through your move and renovation as we try to tackle our lil’ apartment, so I’m super excited to be uncomplified with you. Bring it on!

  33. I look forward to reading this…. I think I’ve made it way to complicated as well!

  34. I have to tell you…this is my favorite blog. You have re-ignited my joy of decorating and I gather so much inspiration from you! I am really looking forward to the next 31 days. Thank you!

  35. I’m loving this! So excited for your series.

  36. I am really looking forward to reading your posts. I make house and home so complified with the crazy need to perfect everything. Thanks for continuing the 31 days challenge. I’m newer in the blog and writer world and really needed the challenge. Amy

  37. That constant pressure of getting it done so that I can . . . fill in the blank is such a distraction to actually living a full life. My reality has looked like yours in the photo for about 15 years now as we’ve been renovating that long in one place or another. I am good at taking tightly cropped photos also. I look forward to the rest of your posts!

  38. I love those words. Might as well say what you mean! When my brother was little he used to talk about “the day be-after-fore.” I think I’m always living in yesternow! Can’t wait to read more!

  39. I always love your 31 Days series. And this one sounds wonderful right now!

  40. I LOVE this topic and will be pretty much on the edge of my seat for your post each day.. I need this wisdom in my life!

  41. Melissa McIntyre says

    As usual I LOVE IT! This is *exactly* what I’ve been going for this past year! Very excited as you never disappoint ;-) Love the made up words too, we do that around here a lot. One of my husbands favorites is NOWnow. Very simple, but effective. When we want something done immediately (usually speaking to the kiddos) we say NOWnow not LATERnow!

  42. Here’s hoping there won’t be a single complified thing left in your home by November.

    Thanks for hosting this huge, and inspiring event again this year!

  43. Stumbled upon your blog through the others I read that are doing your challenge, and I’m so glad I did! This is definitely a topic I’ve been thinking about myself since we bought our first house last October. Now that rebid are done, how do make sure its a blessing to us as well as the people who are constantly coming and going.

    Can’t wait to read!

  44. Girl, I feel your pain! We just finished a year of renovations. We didn’t live in our house through most of them luckily. But we are settling in now & we are at the finishing stages of adding the fun details and décor to turn our house into a cottage home we love. We chose the same Ikea cabinets, I love them! Looking forward to watching your progress. Thanks for hosting! This series has really inspired me to get back into taking my blog more serious & blog more frequently while focusing on creating great content for my readers to! THANK YOU! I needed this….just thought you may like to hear you have inspired someone today:)

  45. my grandmother seriously used to say complimicated.
    I am not playing AT ALL.

    looking forward to your series.
    surely, i can work up the nerve to do it next year?

  46. Great idea! I need this in my life. I never think I can relate to home blogs (even though I like you a lot :) ) because live in my tiny apartment doesn’t afford a lot of wiggle room. Thanks for doing this series!! :) I think I can relate.

  47. I’m excited for my journey to enjoy my renos. I’m thrilled to be tagging along side you. I so feel for your current situation, as it was mine for a whole year (the kitchen itself). I impressed myself with what I lived with so long. Kuddos to uncomplify (lovin’ it)!!! And how funny you used a term for the dictionary. I did that on my own 31 days post before ever knowing yours was posted already. Haha!

  48. This is my first time joining in the 31 days of… and I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you for coming up with this idea!

  49. Seriously Nester,
    When I read each line of this post, I thought to myself “MEEE TOOOOOO!”
    You are always reading my mind! Helps to know that someone I adore has similar struggles. Look forward to your series and can’t wait to climb out of my complified ways!! I have a basement cluttered with ” maybe someday decor” for the exact reasons you mentioned. I am great at decluttering everything except decorations I no longer use.
    I could go on and on , but I will just say “yesssss!”I am so on board.

  50. I need your theme so badly…I keep trying to eliminate things and then I think someday I might need/want this. I live in a very small (900 sq. ft) house in another country. My storage is busting at the seams. Gotta get my life more uncomplified! HA!

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