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After living in 13 different homes as an adult I’ve experienced everything from a gourmet kitchen to a two burner stove. We’ve had electric stoves with those hurricane eyes, smooth cooktops, 30 year-old gas stoves. My favorite stoves always had gas burners an my husband and I decided years ago that once we bought our next house, we’d get a gas stove.

At our last house we owned we had electric stove but a gas line served our hot water heater, I had a quote for putting in a gas line connecting to a new gas stove: $1000 seemed steep for a line that just connected to our house so we bought a scratch and dent electric KitchenAid stove.

I was sad to learn that our new house didn’t have a gas line. But when you find a property that works for you, there are some small sacrifices you are willing to make. I was willing to pass on gas (get it?) in order to live in that house.

Then my husband suggested liquid propane. What? people do that? I remembered having a gas tank in the yard of some of our houses, apparently, that’s liquid propane and you can heat your house, use for a water heater and stove. I think it’s just like the tank for your gas grill, but bigger.

As we started stove shopping we made sure that any stove we were interested in was liquid propane compatible (all of them were, some of them included a converter kit that seemed really simple).

We did our homework, I purchased the Consumer Reports kitchen guide, I read up online and decided on the Kenmore Pro duel fuel oven. Naturally I did the obvious and before we ordered our stove I did the obligatory search on checked on ebay and craigslist for “Wolf” “Viking Range” “Viking Stove” and such to to make sure there wasn’t some amazing high end deal I was missing out on. But no such luck and the Kenmore was on sale so we ordered it. Since we live far in the country it would be 10 days for delivery, we weren’t in a rush anyway so that was great.

kenmore pro
For the record, I’m not a girl who splurges. I don’t do manicures, will NEVER get a pedicure (people have to touch your feet!–and you pay them?) For the past 10 years I’ve cut my own hair for the most part and I buy my shoes from Target. I have my share of thrifted clothing (but you wouldn’t guess by looking at it). But there are a few things I’m willing to dish out the big bucks for like mattresses and beds, sheets, sofas, a good rug every now and then, and appliances. I’ve been dreaming about a beautiful gas range for years.

So I bought the best I could afford. We paid cash for the Kenmore Pro, it was about $3400 after taxes and delivery (extra fee of course since we live out in the country). It was a huge amount for me to pay but I knew I wanted the range to be the queen of the kitchen. It’s not like I was simply buying a riding mower, which can also cost thousands and is only used once a week–and you still need it, I was buying a stove that I would use every day–on my best days it would be multiple times a day! And at the end of an online day, I almost always look forward to cooking. I don’t like baking but I love to feed people a good meal.

So a few Saturdays ago I ordered the Kenmore. It would be 10 days before it was scheduled to be delivered.
Then, a week later on Saturday night Angela emailed me. Her cottage is my muse, and she’s going through her own kitchen remodel at her home. She’s pretty much my favorite designer, although she doesn’t call herself one. But when she talks about design I listen.  She commented on my instagram post about using an Ikea kitchen and then told me that she found a new Viking range on craigslist for 60% off retail. WHAT?!

viking range black and brass

My first response was to immediately search “viking” on craiglist to see if i could see a picture of her range because I was so excited for her. Immediately a 48 inch black Viking popped up and I figured that’s what she bought. How WONDERFUL! It was glorious with brass accents, six burners and a grill, I was thrilled for Angela!  I realized that the range was in Blowing Rock, almost two hours from me, but I knew Angela has the cottage in the mountains so it didn’t surprise me if she searched her state of Georgia and our state of NC for her range since she’s in both states so often.

So I replied to her email all happy for Angela and asked if that was the range she bought and told her how lovely it was. As I was writing I realized that this range was 6 years old, she said her’s was new. Hmmm.

Sure enough she found her range in Atlanta. This black one was still listed for sale.

The next morning I told my husband the whole story with a laugh. And then he said, ‘you did email the guy to see if  that range was still available didn’t you?’.  I hadn’t. It didn’t even occur to me to check on this range. Even though it was less than the one I had just bought, even though it was pretty much my dream, fairy-tale range,  even though it even came with a huge, beautiful hood, I felt like I had already crossed that bridge and moved on.

But as soon as my husband said that something changed and I suddenly had permission to take a risk and email the Viking owner. Sure enough it was still available. But someone was coming from TN to see it the next morning. We were second in line. By that evening, we found out that the TN people couldn’t come and we were next in line. Meanwhile I googled all I could about the range and I even found their old ebay listing:


The owners of the Viking were absolutely charming. They are an older couple who bought the house from a retired chef and are redoing their kitchen and are done with the Viking and Sub-zero fridge and are going all KitchenAid. The stove was still installed when we arrived so we got to see it work and received all the paper work. I guess they could have been actors and totally fooled us but sometimes you just have to take a risk.

My husband, without a glance of complaint borrowed a trailer from our church, drove it up the mountains in the poring rain moved an eight million pound 6 burner, grill, two oven range for me with the help of two men.

Lastly, not only did we get a range, it came with a 48 inch Thermador hood. I got a six year old Viking range  and Thermador hood for $2950. And the owners sent us back with bottled water, diet cokes and granola bars. Craiglist isn’t always full of killers.

When I called Sears to cancel my order and tell them why they were amazed and practically congratulated me. I admit, it’s kind of sad to not get a brand new, shiny stove, but I have a special place in my heart for loved on items and this Viking will serve our family and friends so well. AND I LOVE IT.

my new old viking range

In a perfect blog world this last photo would be of me wearing a super cute, perfectly ironed and spotless apron cooking a delicious meal in front of this range all happily installed in our new kitchen. But that photo won’t come for months. And none of my aprons have ever been ironed. Do I even have an iron? Lucky for us, Wes Priddy our contractor from was willing to take the time to help move this 3 million pound hunk of metal to our porch. (Looking for a contractor? Email me & I’m happy to share our experience). Notice the cast-off appliances in the back of the porch giving the Viking the stink eye? We even have another refrigerator on the other side of the porch! Four appliances on our porch, people. Four. It’s like the island of misfit appliances out here. And I have none in my house.


Viking Ranges that might be Available Currently just for fun:

Charlotte NC area

Houston (60 inch)

Houston (30 inch)

Chicago area (48 inch)

Chicago area (36 inch)

Seattle area (36 inch)

if you see or know of any listings in your area, feel free to leave a link in the comments!


  1. oh wow! I’m not in the market but I LOVE a good craigslist find and came across this 30″ for $1000 in Annapolis, MD: http://annapolis.craigslist.org/app/4001092426.html

    Congrats, lady! So fun watching you in this process. :)

  2. Oh, I’m SOOOO happy for you.

  3. Love that you found this! My husband reminds me regularly though that just because I give up the “glam” for myself, that doesn’t make up for the house splurges… They actually cost more than the hair and nails, etc. Thing is, I still give up those things cause if I did them, it would be even more stress on our budget. Yes, having a home is just, well, expensive…

    • If I spent $60 on my hair 6 times a year for the past 10 years that would be $3600 plus nails, plus bags (I’ve used the same purse for 3 years no, I’m telling you, I have the stamina for this!!!) plus clothes shopping, shoes? I’ve heard people buy nice shoes? but yes, I certainly couldn’t use the excuse every year that I’m making a big purchase in lieu of hair products. But, we would have had to buy a new stove and hood anyway so you have to factor the cost of a regular stove that we would have purchased minus the difference that we spent for my dream stove.

  4. Amazing! I’m telling my husband about this find! Never thought of looking on Craig’s List. I’m so happy for you guys!

  5. I’m so so happy for you!!!! It’s the fairy tail dream come true! I live these kind of real life stories! I can hardly wait to see it installed! Thanks for posting, I’ve been looking forward to this.

  6. Amazing story and amazing find! It’s like that stove was just waiting for you and your house : ) Can’t wait to see it in place.

  7. oh, score, score, score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to look SO stunning in your kitchen. Can’t wait to see. SO glad you took the risk. AND, SO glad there are much fewer killers out there than in the Nester early days.

    yes. Angela IS a designer. silliest of girls! maybe if we make a little chant about it, and sing it to her, she will believe us.

  8. I love this stove story! I fully believe in splurging on nice gas stoves–you are totally right you use them every day! I also use liquid propane, as we live on a peninsula out on a lake and natural gas didn’t come out here (well, until three neighbors across the street started building and convinced the gas company to extend the line a little) We renovated and moved into our house here a year ago, and I was all paranoid about propane, and a well for water, and septic!! I’m not a country girl so this all sounded so weird to me. I ended up with a big Wolf stove in my redone kitchen, which i’m so grateful for (link on my main blog page on the right sidebar for photos). Anyway, I guess I could now get the gas company to hook us up to natural gas too, but then I have to have someone come switch the stove from propane to natural gas and i get nervous about random gas leaks from things being changed wrong, and explosions. Obviously i’m a nervous nellie, but I do love the propane fireplaces and stove!!!
    SO exciting about your awesome craiglist find–and the brass is to die for! I’m enjoying hearing about this great renovation!

  9. I am so happy for you! It is going to look incredible in your farmhouse! It looks brand new too. I am thrilled that you found such an amazing deal!!!!!!!,

  10. What a wonderful stove!! I love the craigslist story. I’m sure the couple who sold the stove are thrilled that it is going to a family who will use and love it for years and years.

    It’s sad, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of my favorite bloggers apologizing for their home purchases. I don’t know if it is guilt or avoidance of criticism, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

    The fact is you have budgeted your way out of debt and have been a wonderful source of inspiration for many readers. (I’ve been following you for years.) I think this home remodeling adventure will continue the tradition by showing readers it’s okay to splurge on some items or projects while shopping frugally or DIY for others. Congratulations on realizing this dream. Enjoy the process!

  11. So glad to hear the full story!!!

    I called the gas company a few weeks ago to get an estimate to have a gas line run to my kitchen (I have gas heat and fireplace). About $100 but…. have to have 18″ between countertops and bottom of cabinets. Mine are 17 1/2″. Wa wa. Sad say for me but I saved a lot of money?

  12. Heather Bailey says

    I have had nothing but good luck with Craigs List purchases. One purchase I made from a man and I asked him to meet me in a very public place with a lot of people around and he was more than happy to do so and told me I was smart to be safe and he actually sent his wife to meet me so I would feel better. I did have my mother with me as well. They couldn’t have been nicer. There are still some decent people in the world. I would recommend always taking another person with you – preferably a male – if you are purchasing something that can’t be moved to a public location because it’s too large. If it can be (in my case, it was some 5 gallon water coolers so they were easily transported) brought to a public place, I would always ask them to meet you. If they won’t or can’t, always take a another person with you and – as stated above – preferably a male.

  13. CraigsList has a bad reputation and I know you need to be super cautious. But I just love it. It’s a bargain bounty. Congrats on your beauty. You’ll need to give it a name.

  14. So happy you ended up with the Viking. I was the one who bought the duel fuel Kenmore 7 years ago. And when the control board went up recently, we were informed they no longer make that part. Same thing happened to my friend! We found refurbished part online. And Sears charged me $500 for the replacement they never did. You are more lucky than you can imagine.All the time and always.

  15. Oh-Em-Gee!! That oven is gorgeous! What a find!!!! Honestly, it won’t matter what else u do to that kitchen… anything will look fabulous with that range and vent hood in the room!! Congrats. I am SO excited …and ok, jealous too!

  16. My son-in-law is a project manager for a renovations company. He was GIVEN a 6-burner Viking when someone was throwing out their old one! It’s too big for their current kitchen, but they’re making it work.

  17. That’s so awesome! I am much happier that you bought the used Viking and not a brand new one from CL. Before we bought our house our Wolf appliances were stolen out of it. According to our local dealer these companies will not service stolen appliances, even if you were not the thief and just bought it on CL. Happy to hear you got the paperwork as well!

  18. Congrats! It was meant to be. I would rather have a gently used viking than a new kenmore. We had a Viking in our old house, and there is no comparison! (AND with a hood, AND for $400 less) You will love it!

  19. Wow! What an amazing deal! I never find anything like this on Craigslist! Enjoy your fabulous stove for all of us who can only keep dreaming (and searching!).

  20. “craigslist isn’t always full of killers” hahaha.

  21. You will never regret going with a gas stove and a Viking for that price is a steal! There was a house we looked at in Greensboro a few streets away from Baytree that had a Viking stove and even though I didn’t like the rest of the house, we almost made an offer just because of that stove. Sigh.

  22. doing a happy dance for you!!!

  23. I would rather have a 6 yr old Viking than a new Kenmore anyday!!!! Congrats on the buy!

  24. I am sure I speak for everyone, that we are so happy for you and your new found good fortune. It’s been well earned and planned for! You deserve every blessing you get and I love your new range/home!!!

  25. Wow!

  26. Great story! Great stove! Wishing you many wonderful cooked meals on this special stove! I love to read happy stories like this! Wishing you and your family all the best!

  27. Amazing!!! I’ve been gone from blogland for a bit and missed all the exciting news about your move and everything going on!! So happy for you Nester!! xo

  28. I have TEARS after reading this story! Immeasurably more than all you asked or imagined! I love how our God cares about our desires… allowed you to save money and have your dream stove. Thanks for this encouragement! Blessings!

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  31. I am DYING over this!!! How wonderful and exhilarating! Craigslist, you are so full of hidden treasures. The joy that must fill your heart for this piece of loveliness to have come into your life- at such a great price. Enjoy it!

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