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After living in 13 different homes as an adult I’ve experienced everything from a gourmet kitchen to a two burner stove. We’ve had electric stoves with those hurricane eyes, smooth cooktops, 30 year-old gas stoves. My favorite stoves always had gas burners an my husband and I decided years ago that once we bought our next house, we’d get a gas stove.

At our last house we owned we had electric stove but a gas line served our hot water heater, I had a quote for putting in a gas line connecting to a new gas stove: $1000 seemed steep for a line that just connected to our house so we bought a scratch and dent electric KitchenAid stove.

I was sad to learn that our new house didn’t have a gas line. But when you find a property that works for you, there are some small sacrifices you are willing to make. I was willing to pass on gas (get it?) in order to live in that house.

Then my husband suggested liquid propane. What? people do that? I remembered having a gas tank in the yard of some of our houses, apparently, that’s liquid propane and you can heat your house, use for a water heater and stove. I think it’s just like the tank for your gas grill, but bigger.

As we started stove shopping we made sure that any stove we were interested in was liquid propane compatible (all of them were, some of them included a converter kit that seemed really simple).

We did our homework, I purchased the Consumer Reports kitchen guide, I read up online and decided on the Kenmore Pro duel fuel oven. Naturally I did the obvious and before we ordered our stove I did the obligatory search on checked on ebay and craigslist for “Wolf” “Viking Range” “Viking Stove” and such to to make sure there wasn’t some amazing high end deal I was missing out on. But no such luck and the Kenmore was on sale so we ordered it. Since we live far in the country it would be 10 days for delivery, we weren’t in a rush anyway so that was great.

kenmore pro
For the record, I’m not a girl who splurges. I don’t do manicures, will NEVER get a pedicure (people have to touch your feet!–and you pay them?) For the past 10 years I’ve cut my own hair for the most part and I buy my shoes from Target. I have my share of thrifted clothing (but you wouldn’t guess by looking at it). But there are a few things I’m willing to dish out the big bucks for like mattresses and beds, sheets, sofas, a good rug every now and then, and appliances. I’ve been dreaming about a beautiful gas range for years.

So I bought the best I could afford. We paid cash for the Kenmore Pro, it was about $3400 after taxes and delivery (extra fee of course since we live out in the country). It was a huge amount for me to pay but I knew I wanted the range to be the queen of the kitchen. It’s not like I was simply buying a riding mower, which can also cost thousands and is only used once a week–and you still need it, I was buying a stove that I would use every day–on my best days it would be multiple times a day! And at the end of an online day, I almost always look forward to cooking. I don’t like baking but I love to feed people a good meal.

So a few Saturdays ago I ordered the Kenmore. It would be 10 days before it was scheduled to be delivered.
Then, a week later on Saturday night Angela emailed me. Her cottage is my muse, and she’s going through her own kitchen remodel at her home. She’s pretty much my favorite designer, although she doesn’t call herself one. But when she talks about design I listen.  She commented on my instagram post about using an Ikea kitchen and then told me that she found a new Viking range on craigslist for 60% off retail. WHAT?!

viking range black and brass

My first response was to immediately search “viking” on craiglist to see if i could see a picture of her range because I was so excited for her. Immediately a 48 inch black Viking popped up and I figured that’s what she bought. How WONDERFUL! It was glorious with brass accents, six burners and a grill, I was thrilled for Angela!  I realized that the range was in Blowing Rock, almost two hours from me, but I knew Angela has the cottage in the mountains so it didn’t surprise me if she searched her state of Georgia and our state of NC for her range since she’s in both states so often.

So I replied to her email all happy for Angela and asked if that was the range she bought and told her how lovely it was. As I was writing I realized that this range was 6 years old, she said her’s was new. Hmmm.

Sure enough she found her range in Atlanta. This black one was still listed for sale.

The next morning I told my husband the whole story with a laugh. And then he said, ‘you did email the guy to see if  that range was still available didn’t you?’.  I hadn’t. It didn’t even occur to me to check on this range. Even though it was less than the one I had just bought, even though it was pretty much my dream, fairy-tale range,  even though it even came with a huge, beautiful hood, I felt like I had already crossed that bridge and moved on.

But as soon as my husband said that something changed and I suddenly had permission to take a risk and email the Viking owner. Sure enough it was still available. But someone was coming from TN to see it the next morning. We were second in line. By that evening, we found out that the TN people couldn’t come and we were next in line. Meanwhile I googled all I could about the range and I even found their old ebay listing:


The owners of the Viking were absolutely charming. They are an older couple who bought the house from a retired chef and are redoing their kitchen and are done with the Viking and Sub-zero fridge and are going all KitchenAid. The stove was still installed when we arrived so we got to see it work and received all the paper work. I guess they could have been actors and totally fooled us but sometimes you just have to take a risk.

My husband, without a glance of complaint borrowed a trailer from our church, drove it up the mountains in the poring rain moved an eight million pound 6 burner, grill, two oven range for me with the help of two men.

Lastly, not only did we get a range, it came with a 48 inch Thermador hood. I got a six year old Viking range  and Thermador hood for $2950. And the owners sent us back with bottled water, diet cokes and granola bars. Craiglist isn’t always full of killers.

When I called Sears to cancel my order and tell them why they were amazed and practically congratulated me. I admit, it’s kind of sad to not get a brand new, shiny stove, but I have a special place in my heart for loved on items and this Viking will serve our family and friends so well. AND I LOVE IT.

my new old viking range

In a perfect blog world this last photo would be of me wearing a super cute, perfectly ironed and spotless apron cooking a delicious meal in front of this range all happily installed in our new kitchen. But that photo won’t come for months. And none of my aprons have ever been ironed. Do I even have an iron? Lucky for us, Wes Priddy our contractor from was willing to take the time to help move this 3 million pound hunk of metal to our porch. (Looking for a contractor? Email me & I’m happy to share our experience). Notice the cast-off appliances in the back of the porch giving the Viking the stink eye? We even have another refrigerator on the other side of the porch! Four appliances on our porch, people. Four. It’s like the island of misfit appliances out here. And I have none in my house.


Viking Ranges that might be Available Currently just for fun:

Charlotte NC area

Houston (60 inch)

Houston (30 inch)

Chicago area (48 inch)

Chicago area (36 inch)

Seattle area (36 inch)

if you see or know of any listings in your area, feel free to leave a link in the comments!


  1. I am so excited for you!!! I’ve been practically waiting on pins and needles for this post after your instagram teaser. I LOVE a good craigslist find, and since we are redoing our kitchen right now on the ultra ultra cheap, kitchens are totally on my brain 24-7. I think feel as excited for you as I would for myself. You totally deserve it!

    • Plus forgot to mention that I have been stalking craigslist (viking, wolf) like a madwoman for the last few days. Your appliance is just SO beautiful. I cannot wait to watch your kitchen unfold.

      • be sure to check surrounding areas too, I was surprised at how wiling my husband was to drive! Or maybe you could buy one a few hours away and go pick it up at a later date.

  2. We bought a similar range (48″ Dacor) off Ebay for our kitchen remodel. We love it. We found it tricky to find one set up for propane — most of them were set up for natural gas, and no conversion kit available.

    • that’s the part we were most concerned with, especially buying used, I’ve heard it’s hard to convert back to LP once it’s been used with natural gas–but maybe I dreamed that. We got lucky and the previous owner had LP too.

  3. What a find!! Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  4. So envious! I don’t even have gas anywhere close to me…. I’m skeered of propane, so that’s not an option.

  5. Just too cool, my friend! Truly one of those ‘more than you can ask or imagine’ moments, yes?


  6. OH, how lucky are YOU!?!?! Definitely FIND of the year!! Congrats!

  7. GIRL! You are TEMPTING me with that Houston link! I will just have to remember this when it’s our turn to gut our old, builder grade kitchen. :)

  8. I grew up using a propane stove/oven. Worked fine. Make sure you (and your kids) smell the little scratch/sniff card so you know what it smells like if there is a leak, and tell your kids what to do if they smell one. When ours was installed, the installer gave us all a little safety lesson. :)

    What a find you have!!! Praise God for his provision! :)

  9. No luck involved. Karma, plain and simple. It was meant to be. It became available exactly when you needed it. Meant to be.

  10. We have the liquid propane tank (can’t even get cable in my woods and don’t even get me started about my internet connection) and have not had any problems with it except for the time, 3 years ago, during our first winter in this house when we let it run out on the weekend when it was freezing outside (gas also heats our house)! Luckily, we were able to get someone out to fill it up that day. Now we are on the automatic fill up schedule so it never runs outs. I highly recommend that!

    Congrats on your house and that great deal on the gorgeous stove. So excited for you and looking forward to all your AFTER pics! :)

  11. I just LOVE a story like this!! I have a similar one but it was our kitchen island. The new Viking will be a gorgeous, amazing centerpiece of your kitchen. The black and gold is awesome! Thanks for the Chicago link, I take a peek once in a while even though we are not ready to buy just yet.

  12. I left you this comment on your Instagram, and I leave it here again for you today : 12k. This is what we spent for a 36″ dual fuel Viking range (I am in Canada, and as soon as you cross the border, everything costs more here). 6 burner, one oven. This price was a SALE price (apparently rare for Viking as they, not the dealer, sets the prices). This astronomical, frightening amount does include tax and extended warranty. It did not include the 1k on the range hood. What is priceless: cooking and baking on this amazing range, it is a showpiece in our new kitchen, and it has improved our house value by at least 12 k (according to our realtor who says that high end professional appliances hold value in the real estate market). If you want to see my range in our new kitchen, you can check it out here: http://willowispandrea.blogspot.ca/2013/07/modern-farmhouse-cottage-kitchen-reveal.html
    Maybe my range and yours can be bloggy buddies :)
    Ps please feel free to think of my range, and its scarey price tag whenever you feel like you’ve overspent on something. This deal you got will get you huge mileage in that department ;)

  13. I can’t wait to see that beauty in your new kitchen! What a great find! Here’s the link to one I found in souther MN if anyone’s in the market: http://rmn.craigslist.org/app/3987465719.html It looks well-used, but the listing says it works. Hmmm, may I can convince my husband we need a new range… and a kitchen remodel to go along with it!

  14. What a fantastic find! :)

  15. You are adorable and I couldn’t be happier for you! Congrats on the gem!~K.

  16. awesome that you could borrow a trailer and had help to move it. you’ll love having all those burners at thanksgiving.

  17. Wow! Awesome find. I love to cook, bake, and feed people too. :) I think my stove is the same as your castoff. We already had a Jenn Air so the down draft, etc. was already there when we renovated a few years ago. :) Looking forward to following along with your kitchen reno! :)

  18. WOW. This is like a craigslist dream. It is gorgeous! I am obsessed with the brass. I have always been such a fan of the color vikings. Can’t wait to see it in your new home :)

  19. I am so excited to see your remodel. Craigslist is great! I would much rather buy on Craigslist than sell on it though! I own a ferrari red, 6 burner Bertazzoni stove. It is from Italy and we had a time getting it in working order, but now that its here, I love it. Her name is Bertie. Will you be naming your Viking? (I name everything – my stove, my big van – Large Marge!) With such a beauty, I think it needs a name!!!!

  20. Wow what a great deal. I’ve never used a Viking before but I hear they are fantastic. I can’t wait to see how the kitchen comes together.

  21. Congratulations on your find. That’s so exciting!

  22. the viking is just beautiful. love it x a million. i can’t wait to see her in all her glory playing in your kitchen. love your hubby too. how many guys would just roll their eyes and give a list of reasons why you should just keep the sears stove? you are so made for each other.

  23. debra goerner says

    In case I missed something PLEASE tell me you are not going to put IKEA cabinets
    next to that beauty! Don’t get me wrong I love IKEA, I practically want to marry it, but
    lets be honest….that is a stove that will be timeless and beautiful in 25 years. The IKEA cabinets -will look like everything else from IKEA. The cabinets are great for apartments but not for a forever house.

    • pretty sure I am! :) I love a good challenge! Unless you’d like to fund my cabinets, I’m happy to change my mind!! xo

      • One of my absolute all time favourite kitchens, which was on the cover of jan or feb Style at Home magazine is…..Ikea. It is gorgeous, high end looking, and even I was shocked it was an Ikea kitchen. Wish I had a link….it’s all over Pinterest too

  24. such a great story! Can’t wait to come try out your new stove!! I mean, you do want souf chef right?

  25. I have kitchen envy! Love the story. Some things are just meant to be. Alas, we’re probably replacing the windows in our house (32+ windows on a one-story house, truly amazing with three sets of custom French doors, clerestory windows all around, gorgeous. Sadly, the old dual pane ones were not very efficient and our a/c bill is through the roof. Luckily in California we have relatively mild weather compared to much of the country, and if we lived in NC where my sons and their families do it would be prohibitive. Thanks for the good-news about Craigslist. I used to sell concert tickets on it but have heard so much negative I’ve been reluctant to list quite a bit of far-better-than-thrift items. Your kitchen is beautiful. Hugs and blessings!

    • I also love Blowing Rock and came close to buying a place in Asheville. It was just too far from the boys in Charlotte. Thankful we bought a small place on the lake as I’m headed back for 3 months or so starting at Thanksgiving. This blue-blood pinkneck from NY will immerse herself in all things Southern starting with learning how to fry my first chicken :)

  26. We’re currently gutting our kitchen after buying all new stainless appliances, plus adding in a new gas line. It was my huband’s idea (I KNOW!) when he said “hmmm….we should probably just get a new counter top and new floor, too” which led to me saying “well, then, let’s just tear out the ugly bulkhead and rip the bricks off the wall and do everything!” I drooled, literally, over a Wolf range when we bought ours, but it was waaaay too big for our kitchen. I still stop and shed a tear every time I walk into the store. Now, my husband is talking about buying it for “his” kitchen at our other house in the mountains. I don’t think so!

  27. OH so so lucky. My mom needed a new range/ fridge so we went to the appliance store. I fell in love with VIking. Even 6 years is still a great deal.
    I am not sure when the time comes to buy/ build if the Viking line will be in our budget but man, I hope so.

  28. I LOVED this story! I don’t usually talk about fate, but I can’t think of any other way to describe what happened to you. That stove was meant to be yours ;)

  29. NICE! Congrats, that is going to look great in the house, especially with those wide plank floors. Wait. Everything looks good with wide plank floors right? :)

  30. Oh my! You are one lucky woman! Your house is going to be gorgeous! Have you written up the complete story of your journey to this house? If/when you do, I want my husband to read it. He doesn’t believe there is any value in selling your home and renting for a while while saving up for your dream.

  31. This is an amazing stove story! We went with a Thermador range when we remodeled our kitchen, but I was always envious of the black and gold ranges that I saw in the Viking line. We still did gold accents all through the kitchen and I just love the way it looks. Can’t wait to how you put it all together!

  32. UH-mazing!

  33. What a great deal! Every so often I look on craigslist for a gas stove because I’d like to replace our wall oven and cooktop. Glad you found it.

  34. Linda Patterson says

    I am so happy for you. This is my first comment on any site and I just have to tell you that your story inspires me. Thank you for being real and honest. Christ is surely honored by your willingness to speak about values that make a difference.

  35. Lucky, lucky girl!

    We try to be as “budget-conscious” as possible, but we don’t have any qualms about spending a little (or a lot!) on a quality piece that we will use every day. Good for you, Nester!!

  36. How exciting for you! I’m sure it will completely ‘make’ your kitchen.

  37. The Viking is fabulous! Very excited for you . . . and that your Craigslist seller wasn’t a killer. Seriously….that line made me laugh out loud!

  38. What a neat story! Congratulations on your Viking!

  39. So glad you got your stove! What a find. I love cooking with propane too (although right we have an electric one – it is white and almost brand new which is a step up from our last one in our rental. It was green. So I am happy :)

  40. This is a great story! I am so excited for you , about that lovely range. I have a dual fuel 48″ Dacor, and so I can really realate to the, “WOW, I can’t believe I get to cook on this”, feeling!
    (I am posting about our kitchen in a series and the finished kitchen should be up today, or tomorrow.)
    You are so lucky to also get the professional hood/draft system. People do not realize how important they are. You might need to open a window, slightly when it is on for any length of time, because it removes air from the whole house, not just the smoke from the range area.
    You will just love those 2 ovens and the look of it in your kitchen ! :-)
    Congratulations on such a great find!

  41. This is the best remodel story! How sweet of your husband, you lucky dog :)

  42. Love it! So excited for you! We’re building a house, and high end appliances aren’t within our allowance. But I checked eBay and Craigslist and got brand new high end appliances and came in under budget! And a farmhouse sink on eBay for $400! Love eBay!!!

  43. What a great story!

  44. Melanie Miller says

    This is a great story, Nester. When we built our house 8 years ago, we plumbed for gas in the kitchen, but I have never cooked on a gas stove so we went with an electric. Now, I’m sad about that choice but unless the current stove dies, it is way down on the list of “would like to replace someday” which comes after “need to replace” and “the kids need ____”. You know what I mean.
    Congrats on the Viking! I agree, you should name her!

  45. Lynne in NC says

    You’re cracking me up! Love, love, love that you and Mister got a “new to you” Viking range. It looks HUGE on your porch. Then again, your new kitchen can certainly handled it.You will definitely have your dream kitchen now! Just a bit green-eyed over the Thermador hood, I’m not gonna lie about it.
    Thanks for another great post from the homestead.
    Hugs all around xoxoxoxo

  46. You are my hero.

  47. That was definitely your lucky day! So happy for you. And, I might add, just a tiny bit jealous.

  48. We have propane! :) Purchased the house and it was already installed. Two large tanks sit (secured) outside the house. We’ve lived here for five years and the first tank is finally empty. (No idea how long they had been using that tank) Just had to move the handle in the proper position to begin use of the second tank.

    Now I’m considering having the line sliced (or whatever it takes) to make our fireplace propane too. :)

    So looking forward to spending this year with y’all in your wonderful new home!! Geez, that sounds stalkerish…I mean READING about the adventures/projects you’ll bring to life.

  49. Rejoicing with you! I mean, SERIOUSLY!!

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