Last night I sat my alarm for 4:10 am but my husband woke me up before the alarm even went off. Our oldest left this morning for Belize. He’ll meet up with a bunch of strangers from other states and then they’ll all use fancy contraptions to go underwater and explore sea life. In another country. With strangers. He’s 15. For 21 days. In another country. Did I mention we’ve never met any of these people before? But it was his dream. And dreams aren’t really dreams if they don’t include a little risk, fear and uncomfortableness. Dreams without risk are for sleeping.


I had Holley Gerth’s book, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream on my bedside stump for months. 

Holley’s been a friend for years, she’s been to our house multiple times and is one of the 20 bloggers whom my husband knows by name. She’s one of the most encouraging people you’ll ever meet. And if you watch my favorite show, Alaska the Last Frontier, Eivin’s adorable wife, Eve, could be Holley’s sister in both looks and personality.

she knew

I was meaning to crack open Holley’s new book but I had a bunch of deadlines and my margin was slim. Then Caroline asked me if I had read it yet. She said it helped her realize what her dream was, and that after reading it she had a lightbulb moment. That was enough to make me scramble to start reading. Caroline’s never steered me wrong with a book recommendation.


Sometimes dream following can seem like an extra curricular activity. Something you take the time to do after all your real responsibilities are over. Sometimes the word dream sounds like a luxury or something we tell eight-year-old girls to do. Oftentimes I forget to dream. I forget to pay attention to how God created me. I forget that the dream I secretly hope for might be the very thing God is waiting to use in ways I’d never imagine. If I’d only allow myself to pursue it.

Our family has a dream. I was nervous, but I told you about it back in March.

 dreamLisa Leonard designed for Holley Gerth & DaySpring

Here at Nesting Place we talk about risk, we talk about imperfection, we talk about hope. We talk about all of that because I can relate to your dream for your house. But I know you have other dreams too. Holley’s book can help guide you to putting words to those dreams in your head. She helps you define your dream and learn to overcome dream’s ugly companion: fear and then move on and realize why your dream is worth pursuing.

god-sized dreams

DaySpring is sponsoring this post and wants to encourage you to take the risk and consider your God-Sized Dream. They are giving away words of encouragement and meaningful beauty for your walls and arm!

Five winners will receive:

Dreamed Up in His Heart Wall Art created by Dee at Red Letter Words

Six inch Dream Canvas

Dream Bracelet created by Lisa Leonard Designs

And TWO copies of Holley’s book You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream (one to keep, one for a friend)


Holley is so amazing that she even has her own department in the DaySpring shop, and right now DaySpring is offering 25% off all of Holley’s items, even if they are already on sale, simply use code: DREAM25 (through the end of June). What a great way to support the dream of a friend, or to take a small first step into believing that you have your dream because God put it there.

Leave a comment about your current dream (doesn’t have to be extravagant or crazy) to enter to win one of 5 gift packs. Reading in an email? Hello! Simply click here and scroll to the bottom to leave a comment.

UPDATE, so far 33 of you have bravely shared your dreams, I’ve read them all, and now I love you all. There’s something about being vulnerable and speaking or writing your dream that is powerful.