Welcome Summer

welcome summer

Happy Monday to you!  Today I’m joining in Gina’s Summer Tour of Homes, be sure to check out here home here she is amazing and nothing in her home has gone untouched.

family room

family room

disco ball

disco ball

breakfast area


transformed grandfather clock




family room


gallery wall


dotty wall

duct tape wall

our bedroom wall–the white diamonds are duct tape

New here? Here are a few things you should know:

1. we are renting, this is our fourth year in this house

2. I move stuff around all the time, so you might see the same thing in all different rooms

3. our home is here to serve us, not the other way around. we are not afraid to use it fully and make messes and live within the imperfect

4. my house doesn’t really look like these photos today why? I’m doing a little experiment: 30 days without accessories. we’ll talk more about it tomorrow, you are welcome to join in and give your stuff a break.

home tour

I hope your home is feeling summery too, you can link up at Gina’s blog with your summer home tour on Friday.

There are five other home bloggers with summer tours today too, time to move on to the next one: Mandi at Vintage Revivals–I LOVE her quirky style.

Have a question about my spaces? click here to find out more specifics about our home and the simple projects we’ve done.

Follow along for all the homes on the tour:

DAY 1 (June 3rd)

2 – The Nester @ Nesting Place
3 – Mandi @ Vintage Revivals
5 – Ashley @ The Handmade Home
6 – Kristin @ The Hunted Interior

– – – – –

DAY 2 (June 4th)

1 – Beckie @ Infarrantly Creative
3 – Chris @ Just a Girl
4 – Brooke @ All Things Thrifty
5 – Karen @ The Graphics Fairy
6 – Emily @ Decor Chick
7 – Roeshel @ DIY Show Off

– – – – –

DAY 3 (June 5th)

1 – Melissa @ The Inspired Room
2 – Wendy @ The Shabby Nest
3 – Donna @ Funky Junk Interior
4 – Marianne @ Songbird
7 – Brittany@ PrettyHandyGirl

– – – – –

DAY 4 (June 6th)

1- Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality
2- Traci @ Beneath My Heart
3-Stacy @ Not Just a Housewife
4-Jen @ Jennifer Rizzo
5-Lindsay @ Makely Home
6-Sandra @ Sawdust Girl

– – – – –

DAY 5 (June 7th) – Link Party at The Shabby Creek Cottage


  1. Love your house tour and your style!

  2. Just lovely!

    And I love what you did with the adhesive dots! Perfect!

  3. I’m still smitten with the disco balls. Ever had to replace any of the squares on yours? I have one that is in a bit of need of love and wondered if you have any tips.

  4. I love your home- I hope you show us some pictures of it “undressed”, too. It gives a whole different feel to your life, when you pare down, doesn’t it? xo Diana

  5. Your lovely, whimsical home makes me smile. Love the inclusion of laundry pics. You completely model your motto! :)

  6. oh, i love the cuckoo clock!

  7. Seriously you have my dream home!!!!!!!!

  8. Love that mirror on top of the fireplace! Where did you get it?

    THANKS :)

  9. Oh my goodness…everything is just beautiful! I’m so glad to see it all in one place. Now I want to come for a visit and just sit on the little pink pouf in the hallway. :) Lisa~

  10. I love your home! I REALLY love that chandelier over your dining table.

  11. Pls tell me where you bought the Swedish Mora clock? I’m trying to find one!!! Thank you

  12. It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much for joining the tour – it wouldn’t be the same without you!

  13. Love this post! Love what you say about your home! My favorite picture of your (beautiful) home … the one with the laundry in it! One of the things I enjoy about you is your “reality” … it gives the rest of us hope, too! I enjoy following your blog and your pins and everything else you do. Thanks for being a bright spot in each day!

  14. Beautiful! love the pops of coral. Did you move your tv?

    • we moved it upstairs before Christmas, along with the leather sofa, I need to put some photos up of that room–click the bottom home tour link and I think there are some during photos! xo

  15. Christie says

    I took my accessories out, and it wasn’t as much trouble as I’d thought it would be. I can see that its going to be a help in knowing what I want to put back. :-)

    I love your master bedroom. Perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

  16. Your rooms are great as always. I love the dots too clever, clever and I’m still looking for my own disco ball find. I feel guilty saying that with the skinny down theme going ;)

  17. I’ve been a fan and loved your beautiful, goofy (this is a compliment) style for many years. I’m a lover of home too. I’ve started taking away my accessories. – I’m not an over accessorized kind of girl – and wow! I can’t believe how delightful my rooms feel. I can breath and enjoy the summer. I do have a 4 year old, so lots of crafts and dolls and toys. Certainly I won’t take these away, but it makes picking up so much easier. Great idea. Keep em coming.

  18. I have loved watching the transformation of your home over the years. I loved it before, and I love it now

  19. I love your home and I love your heart for the home. I was just watching one of your sister’s videos where she talked about doing less and being more and it immediately made me think of you. I so much appreciate this mentality that you both have. There is so much more life to live and to give to others that is sometimes suffocated by our need to do more. I sometimes feel like doing home stuff is not enough when in fact it speaks to my inner most being. I really appreciate, admire, and am encouraged that your passion is the home and to see you use it to serve and encourage others. It is a unique calling and it may not appear like much to the outside world but it is a real thing. I want to do less and be more. And it is okay to do it within the walls of my own home. Thank you for being true to the calling on your life in this space. It is a huge encouragement to me.

  20. You know I love you!! And that disco ball shot gets me every time.

  21. Please tell me where you found the “Come thy Fount” piece?? Love it AND your gorgeous home!

  22. Can you tell me more about the black pillow with the appliquéd flowers? The flowers remind me of a set of sheets I used as a little girl.

    That is all. HUGS! ;}

  24. What a treat taking in your home, Nester! It’s so vibrant, fun and absolutely beautiful! What I adore most about it are the quirky, unexpected touches, like the sprinkling of dots falling down your wall. Thanks for the inspiration and smiles all in one fell swoop!

  25. Your home is lovely! Thanks for the tour!

  26. Your home has always been one of my favorites… I love your wall collections!! Thank you for sharing!!

  27. Nester, I would love to see a ‘through the years’ post on how your style has evolved year by year, and what changed your thinking. I was just remembering all the tassels you used to have, and they were so sweet but they’d be foreign in your home right now!

  28. Your home is so beautiful, welcoming and amazing. I loved seeing the spaces all together. That sprinking of dots at the end of the hall is incredible.


  29. You have an amazing talent for pulling together gorgeous spaces. I can’t decide which is my favorite. Every room is makes me smile.

  30. That gold polka dot wall! And the mirror ball. And those peonies. You nail the extra, unexpected touches. xo

  31. Beautiful!!! I love your curtains..both brown/white and all brown. Where did you get them or did you make them? Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

  32. Oh I love your home tour!!! And I like how you keep it real and its not all staged… that you guys are living in your home!

  33. I have toured your home before …never fails to leave me inspired. Love the fun spirit of your home and my favorite is your family room with the wall of pictures and such. Thanks for sharing!!!

  34. Looking so lovely, Nestie! Thanks for inviting us in for the grand tour! Those DOTS? How fun are they? Got to find me some of those.

  35. I would love to know more about your painted stump end tables. Did you make them?

  36. I love to see how your houses has evolved over time. Even though you’ve changed homes, your amazing style has shown through!

  37. You have a lovely home – love your picture and plate collages. Your bedroom is gorgeous. Thanks for the tour!

  38. You are rocking that marlin in that space. Love it! Thanks for opening your home..

  39. OMG I am sooo glad I found your blog today. Your space is so perfect. LOVE all the white and bright goodness! Feels like home. Now following.

  40. Simply gorgeous!

  41. Your home is beautiful, casual, unique and fun! I love it : )

  42. This is my first blog comment to anyone! First off I love your design style and your home AND your blog. Second, I just had to chime in on the minimizing of accessories. I recently sold my home and moved over 630 miles away. We DID NOT take all of our “stuff” with us. It has been a very calming experience, besides now that I’m 58 I have more time for me and less time dedicated to dusting and futzing with “accessories”. I found I can be much more selective in what I do put out, and enjoy it that much more. Just my 2 cents of a “been there, done that” older viewer. Besides….just look at how much room your “accessories” are taking up in your spare room (not to mention all the things you already have away in closests, attic and basement). SCARY isn’t it!! LOL

  43. Your home is beautiful, inspirational, and real. I read your entire blog (ok, skipped the giveaways b/c they’re over) over the course of several days…just couldn’t stop. I was so curious to see what was up next. Of course, finding someone who shares many of my viewpoints on decorating satisfied my need for some self-validation (trying to get away from that) and gave me more confidence to try new things. I, too, believe wall decor should relate to what’s below and not hang too high, thrifting rocks, and hydrangeas are heavenly.

  44. Anonymous says

    Wow, what a beautiful home! Your bedroom, especially, is just gorgeous! And I love the gallery wall you have in your family room!

  45. Elizabeth says

    Hi, can you tell me where you found the large horizontal striped curtains? Did you buy that fabric somewhere and make them yourself? I LOVE them and neeeed those in my house!

  46. Wait. Was that folded laundry in one of those photos? Forget your beautiful decorating style, any blogger that posts stacks of folded clothes in her home tour is my instant BFF!!! You my dear, rock in so many ways. Thanks for keeping it real it’s so refreshing and I loved the photo of all your guys at the table. I have two big boys and a big hubby and its nice to see how real men look inside these pretty homes of ours.

  47. I really love your sign that reads “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing…where can I find that?



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