Yesterday astonished me.

I completed two, yes TWO housey type projects that I’ve been procrastinating for a while. I’ve been putting off one of them for months. MONTHS I tell you!

Tomorrow I’ll share the first one with you but today, I just want to tell you that I owe it all to one thing. The 30 Days Without Accessories Experiment.

Who would have thought that removing accessories would somehow motivate me to finish a few little projects?

It’s because I could finally see them enough to let them bug me. Without all of my pretty things sitting out, I could see what was undone, and for whatever reason finishing up my two little projects didn’t see that daunting AND, when they were done they made a huge difference in the spaces! No one is more amazed than me!

Today? I see my next victim. See that plant on the table on the right in the picture above? Look underneath the table. There’s a cable wire that comes out of the wall. And the cover isn’t screwed on. And there is a huge gaping hole that shows behind it. I think it’s been like that for the past 3.5 years. And I’ve always had something there in front of it so I never cared to take the 97 seconds needed to fix it.

Even if I end up putting every single item back (I kind of doubt that but who knows?) it’s been so great just to see my house with a different perspective. I’m already thinking this accessory-less practice might be an annual event for me.

stump smile


Even the furniture seems happier. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how happy it is.