30 Days Without Accessories Linky Party


Welp, I packed them all into the guest room. The last two things to go in were the disco ball and the pale planter head–that says something.

If you are wondering what I’m talking about read this and this. I’m packing my accessories away for a month as an experiment. Not because I think they are wrong or ugly or I don’t like them, just the opposite.

why not?

cute junk

That dresser has stuff in it too. It’s not full. It’s not empty.

unadorned family room

Here’s the family room when I was almost done de-accessorizing it. I almost kept that planter right there, I had a great excuse, it DOES have a plant in it and plants can be allowed. But I knew I’d appreciate it more once it came back if I removed it. I was surprised at how quickly I could remove all the accessories from our home, it only took about 30 minutes and that was with me messing around trying to get everything setting out so I could get a few decent photos.

30 days

I can tell this exercise is going to prompt some more writing and photos, we’ve got a whole month to talk about it. I’m already really glad I’m doing this. If you are one of the brave ones and  joining in and want to write about it on your blog I’d love for you to link up, I’ll leave the linky open for a few days. Even if you don’t have a blog, if you are doing this challenge I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

i'm in!



  1. I don’t know if mine could all fit in ONE room! What does that say about me??;) Good for you Nester! ~Kim

  2. is a pouf an accessory? I would call it auxiliary seating. I am always fascinated by how you move stuff around. There’s this little, slightly horrified reaction I have every time you change stuff up — this sort of “WHAT? She just GOT it like that!” thing that reflects my decorating philosophy, which is get it looking decent and then stop thinking about it for 5 years. Every time you sell a beautiful rug, I swear I get palpitations on your behalf. When you repaint something (again!) my palms sweat. And yet, I love how your rooms look and you have made me think about my rooms more often than my personal 5-year cycle normally would. I have to say, I am really intrigued by this no-accessories thing, but also I may need to go take a Motrin.

  3. thanks for the kick in the butt , dear Nester … i so badly needed to deal with those old kitchen friends!

  4. I want to jump in and join the experiment of no accessories, but I have been reluctant to go around and collect everything and put it all away somewhere. Knowing that it only took you about 30 minutes, makes it sound doable for me. I am just not sure where I would store all my accessories. My office is the only space and I am not sure that I could live with it being completely overtaken or not as I do use it daily to write my blog posts and do paperwork. I think I am just trying to come up with more excuses not to do it. I will try to break down those walls of excuses today and get it done. I am sure I will learn a lot from this experiment.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the word DESTUFFOCATE! My family is getting ready to move. I’m going to keep that word in my vocabulary when we land in our new home. I do feel like I’m suffocating from stuff. We will be downsizing (not by choice, but that’s the way it is) so destuffocating will be the best idea ever! Thanks for giving me good thoughts today.

  6. I totally get what you are doing and why. I’ll watch with interest, but won’t be participating Because we are justing finishing the main floor of our total house renovation and I am Finally able to put things in place and have it Clean with a minimum of dust and construction. We still have more rooms to go, but I am applying your philosophy to my decorating. I am putting out only treasures and a lot of stuff is moving from the packing boxes to charity, sales, etc. I’ve had so much stored for so long that looking at it with a fresh eye has been the bright spot in all this…..like I don’t really like this or what was I thinking???…or the worst, I forgot I had something and bought it again!!!! I’m leaving some walls with nothing so the eye can rest or until I find something perfect. I love vignettes and will have those, but am a lot pickier than I used to be. Good luck with everything.

  7. I haven’t gone fully “nekkid” yet, but thanks to your nudge last week, even in preparation for a party at the farm this past weekend, I de-accessorized pretty brutally. Just removed most all small “items” but added more wall art. So it kind of lifted the feeling of the downstairs rooms, and I love the effect. Clean, artistic feeling, nice.
    I’m thinking the colors you’ve painted help with the clean feeling, too. Not sure if my dark beige paint lends to such a crisp feeling as your gray, but it’s still tempting.
    Enjoy the experiment!

  8. I’m going 6 mo with no accessories…we’re building a new house and everything is packed away while we’re in the rental. It’ll be so amazing to see all my stuff with fresh eyes when I get to open all the boxes. Like Christmas!!

    • Wow~!!

    • I’m in much the same boat- but moving cross country instead of building, and living at my parents’ house with my toddler and husband in all my parents’ stuff. It’s making me want to clean through and donate half my un-unpacked boxes to goodwill!

  9. All this “nekkid” talk makes me think of “A Shot in the Dark” when Peter Sellers is at the nudist colony. Absolutely hilarious! But we all feel this need to have something cleverly hiding certain areas. Way to be free and let it all hang out! I am going to remain behind my shrubbery a bit longer!

  10. Anonymous says

    I love your family room right now! It looks fresh, clean and beautiful. Now your room with the accessory storage…gives me palpitations! It is my house! Full of items, cluttered, more stuff than space! I need to do this! Kudos! I feel like if our house can ‘breathe’…so can we.

  11. Christie says

    I thought it would be too much trouble to do this, but it was fast and fun. My two-year-old said it looked “pretty” after I took things out. Kids speak the truth!

  12. Have you thought about removing the rugs and just enjoying the hardwoods? I know you’re going to love the ease of dusting without accessories, and it would probably be easier to just use a swiffer on the hardwoods without rugs. Your boys would probably even clean them for you by sliding around with their socks:)

  13. Is it bad that I just figured out from your photos what to do with my metal bathroom accessories that are pink & white striped that my daughter has out grown. Oh, I am so giving them a little black & white chevron… :)

  14. I don’t have an over abundance of accessories anyway.

  15. Agreed, Heather’s comment is awesome!! (LOL @ ‘Motrin’)!
    I have to say that I love that you are doing this and would love to do it with you but June is not a good month …i know, i know, sounds like an excuse (because it is!). I JUST finished styling my mini-makeover in my bedroom, and getting my accessories out of the closet and finally into the room! I can’t imagine taking it all down right now!
    (you can snoop here: http://julieloveshome.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/master-bedroom-retreat/ )
    I am looking forward to seeing how you do with it though!
    Good luck!

  16. Way to go Nester! It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

  17. I am accessory-free in my living room and master bedroom as of is morning. I immediately knew I’d have to bring back a couple of pillows for comfort. I was pretty proud that I only took 6 items out of the master bedroom. I put all of my accessories together on an almost empty shelf in the office. Looking at the shelf brought to mind a quote I recently pinned: “When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”

  18. You always amaze me. Love you.

  19. So your accessory-less living room still looks more complete than my accessory-d living room. You have a gift of layering to make rooms feel textured and warm without needing the stuff. I mean, truly. The way I feel in my own house is how I think I’d feel walking into that living room. Simple, warm, quiet. Which is why when I see photos of your house with all of the amazing accessories (?!) I think, “She’s a wizard. A beautiful house wizard who freakishly looks like Joy from The Civil Wars.” And for the love PLEASE will you put a brown wig on your husband and dress in a black dress and put him in a suit with a bow tie and go as them for Halloween? I’ll buy you a pillow. A reeeeeally pretty one. (But you’ll have to tell me which one is really pretty because my taste in pillows is at best suspect.)

  20. Wow – im impressed that all your stuff fit in that room!! I guess when i think back to when i did this too, all my stuff did fit in one corner of the basement and i even took out furniture!

  21. Amanda S. says

    I’ve been almost non-existent with accessories since I moved into my first home in December 2011. My intent was to decorate purposefully and not go crazy just putting things around. Every wall has needed paint, and I have been doing everything alone so it is taking time. I have one print on my bedroom wall, and a painting my aunt gave me is temporarily on the kitchen wall until its home is determined. I have a few candles on the mantle, and 3 little items on dressers. That is it. I fear guests think it isn’t homey, but feel comfy taking my time. Being sparse has given me an odd perspective of feeling overwhelmed when viewing some blogs. Everyone has so much stuff! :)

  22. Good job and it doesn’t even sound like you are going through withdrawal- xo Diana

  23. I’m so glad that I jumped in with both feet without really thinking first. Spontaneity is NOT my middle name. I’ve NEVER been first to start the linky. So, I’m guessing God has a big ole plan for me in this whole Nekkid June experience. Thanks for giving the challenge!!

  24. Teresa R says

    I’m going to accept this challenge. People like to gift me with knick-knacks and, while I appreciate the thought, finding a place for it is a challenge. If I start with an empty palette, a nekkid room, then I can decide what, if anything, I want to put back

  25. Newbie Alert! I linked up incorrectly (this does not surprise me one little bit) Is it possible for you to edit so that it links correctly? I was all proud of myself and everything.

  26. Nester, I gotta admit … the minimalist Nest looks kinda awesome in its own way right now! :) Inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  27. I’ve been thinking about rearranging my living room for a few months. I like the idea of hiding everything for a month it should make it easier to decide what to get rid of. I attach too much sentimentality to my stuff then have a hard time letting it go, but it’s time for a little decluttering.
    Chris =]

  28. Just heard about your no-accessories challenge. I love the idea, although I won’t be playing along this month, I’m seriously considering it for the future.

  29. I will not do it! I love my things and change them from time to time, making new vignettes and putting some things away. When it is time to take the Christmas decorations down, I love to see some of my “regular” stuff again :-)

  30. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw your de-accessorized room because that is pretty much the normal state of my house! I am completely accessory-averse…..I love them so much in in theory, and yet anything that clutters up my nice smooth surfaces for more than a few days gets me feeling all crazy and OCDish, like I need to start straightening the tassles on the rug or something….

    I’m really not sure how I feel about this little challenge of yours, to be quite honest. I like living vicariously through your clutter. Er, I mean, quirky accessories and clever vignettes. What will I do if you go all minimalist on me?!!

  31. This nekkid house stuff makes me nervous. I always thought of us as nesters, not hoarders, but nesters. I think most of us change or edit so much it stays fresh and not cluttered. Just sayin’!
    I’m with Anne. And I love seeing all your great decorating ideas, thanks for the inspirations!

  32. I feel most men think how women decorate is like having an Armandi suit covered with lots of “golden girls” jewelry & doodads. They prefer more negative space. My husband is like this, for sure. So I’ve been balancing my growing need for negative space with my desire for pretty for a couple of years now.
    Additional upside to purposefully displaying a very few accessories, dusting is easier.

  33. This post is priceless. Where can I find out more?

  34. My husband and I just downsized our house in order to be completely debt free. I’ll give birth to our 11th child in a few weeks so this was a major decision for us. Our 4000 square foot house was packed with beautiful furniture, a TON of accessories, not to mention our many kids and everything that goes with them. We decided to GIVE (almost) everything away, rather than storing it. Let me tell you: I had some moments. I come from a long line of decorators.

    We now live in a little house with our children, minus ALL THE ACCESSORIES and less half the furniture. WE LOVE IT. My kids love it. My husband and I love it. After 20 years of needing a maid to help us keep up with the dusting and vacuuming, we let her go and our house is staying CLEAN.

    My husband did not get a pay cut or lose his job, this was just a prayerful decision to stop living so gluttonous. Thank you for your encouragement and example. Here’s to living the simple life with my “little” family.

  35. I just found you recently, and started my 30 days without accessories last week. It IS calmer
    which surprises me, as it was spare to start with. Now I am pulling furniture out, and storing
    it on our back porch for now. And you are right,even without the accessories it still looks like
    me. Thanks

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