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It’s no secret I’m a huge Lisa Leonard fan. Yes, I adore her jewelry and her shop and love giving her items as gifts, but even more, I admire her as an artist. Lisa knows the art of risk. Every time I visit her blog or her shop, I find something new.


She started out stamping jewelery and now she offers silver, pewter, brass and gold.

Also, I love everything about the photography at her site. The staging, the lighting, the artistry, the attention to detail. You know how I’ve talked about how over time, I hope my house changes? Because that means I’m growing and changing too? I feel the same way about Lisa’s shop. It changes over time in all the right ways. And lucky us, the fact that her shop is ever-changing means that our wardrobe can always be assisted by a little bit of wearable meaningful beauty.



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I hope you enjoy this special discount from Lisa right in time for Mother’s Day!

use code: nestingplace15 for 15% off your order

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