I found this macrame plant hanger at the Goodwill for $3. In the winter I had different lanterns hanging from the hook, with a rope and pulley system and I loved it, but I wanted something different for spring. So took it down and just waited. I waited to see something–when I wasn’t looking for it, because that’s always how it happens.


I also have my beloved burro’s tail succulent. I LOVE this plant. I can totally ignore it and it still lives.


Here it is January of 2012. It’s grown a lot. The only problem is it’s super easy to break off all of the little stems.


Here’s the carnage. I put some of the pieces into a bigger plant’s dirt, just to see if they’ll root.

plant hanger

And I know ultimately it’s a better decision. I only had a few months before the plant got too long for the pot. Now it can grow for feet without hitting anything!

What’s s your latest thrifting find?