Weekend Links

Melissa’s Kitchen Remodel {The Reveal}


MyColor Paint Party


Simple home, simple life?


How To Make a DIY Wood Beaded Chandelier


“I’d rather walk tall with a crutch than crawl around insisting like a proud and bloody fool that I didn’t need one.”

What Christians Need to Know About Mental Health


Need a Job? Invent It


Our Favorite iPhone Apps Right Now

Raising Digital Families for Dummies


  1. great links today. loved melissa’s kitchen. I need to do a reveal of my kitchen soon! finally got the finishing touches of window treatments up. after having walls knocked down and putting in my dream stove/griddle/double oven unit, plus the massive butcher block island i chop all over, it’s time to show my before and afters. maybe soon! I’m terrible at taking home photos so I really have to figure that part out first. : ) Had darlene (of fieldstone hill’s) help with the wall and ceiling color choices.

    That beaded chandy looks worth a DIY!

  2. thanks for the links… I will check them out :)

  3. Aw, THANKS Nestie :-) …..and oh my goodness on your previous post, who knew so many people live in parsonages?

  4. I’m just now seeing this link–thank you! I guess no one can accuse me of being a die-hard blogger for leaving my computer at home this weekend, ha!

  5. These are great. Thanks for the insight!

  6. I agree, many thanks to the author. Thanks for taking the time to share this,Great blog post. Thanks!))

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