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Slowly, my thoughts on home are shifting. It’s always been that way. I remember once my mom came over after not visiting for a while and suddenly exclaimed in what seemed like a funny accusation, “you’ve changed your style”. And I remember thinking, I sure hope so.

I’m not wearing the same exact outfit that I was 10 years ago. And neither is my house. But I do have a few great pairs of jeans that have stood the test of time–just like my sofa with the slipcover and every dresser in our house, many things can evolve with you. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I want to be mindful of the what and why of things in our home.

My thoughts on stuff continue to change too. Want to go a little deeper with me? Join me at (in)courage and let’s chat?


  1. This room looks AMAZING!!!

  2. I would Never guess that room was yours! Congratulations. I haven’t caught up on your recent posts, so I guess a lot of things have been happening. Read your father’s book, though. Loved it. Ann

  3. PS. Not that you care, but I think your room needs a more substantial, less girly chandelier. Something larger, with more visual weight. Think about it. I’m just knocked out by the room. You’ve made a quantum leap. Ann

    • it was a hand-me-down, I got it for free, it’s tiny, but I love it, and we are renting, and it’s in the middle of the room so any lower and my husband would hit his head on it. So nope, it won’t change. but really, what you said could be applied to every. single. piece. in our room. or home. honestly, everything is all wrong and imperfect and not working. but maybe that’s why it works for us! I have a chair with a broken leg on books!!!

      but I totally agree, I’ve yet to see a chandelier too big for a room!!

      It’s like the island of misfit toys!!

  4. I so luv your style, it is warm, inviting and feels safe. I wish there was a way to help people understand that their home is their safe haven. It does not take a ton of $$$$ It takes knowing how to add the people and places you have in your life (telling a story) It is about making a home, not buying one. It is about using what you already have right in front of you. It may need some TLC (for example new paint, fabric, rearranging, repurposed etc.) Yes many of us have been blessed with this talent and want to share the talent to make their house a home, their home, not someone elses idea of a home. Pat with ROOMS TO ENOY in Chandler AZ

  5. My style has changed, too. And I don’t know what to do about it! When we built our home, I wanted some formal rooms. Now, I want them to be casual, to match our lifestyle . . . esp. since we have kids now. Trying to figure out how to update things without spending a lot of money, or wasting the money we spent making it the way we wanted it before.

  6. Yes, I think your style has changed, too. I actually miss your old style. ;-)
    I agree about editing décor, though. I don’t like clutter. And I do have less “stuff” sitting around than I had in years past, I think.

  7. julianna says

    I am loving this evolution of your room! It’s so warm without all the dank and dark; and, the layered rugs are bee-you-tee-ful!

  8. You’ve done a great job. It looks like a photo out of a magazine, yet it also looks warm and inviting.

  9. very chic, elegant, and sophisticated, yet still warm and welcoming — you have a real gift for pairing beautiful items and colors… and yet, I must confess that I really miss your old style too, as I am a huge fan of simple cottage charm and warm airy colors, etc. … either way, you are a real inspiration for decorating a beautiful home and living a beautiful life in Christ.

  10. Very beautiful! I didn’t notice it at first glance but the stripes and zigzag and polka dot really compliment each other. The different colours as well.

    The way you decorate is daring not many people will do that but it turned out really well

    Great job!

  11. Whatever you call your style, I love it. That room looks so cozy and inviting.

  12. I love reading everyone’s comments…..and your style is AMAZING, and so inspirational to me. I count you (or blame you) for my changes in my home, and love it!!! Every day that you post is like getting to visit an old friend….I talk about you like we know each other and show off your pictures to my husband and kids like we’re sisters! Haha

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