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What Pinterest has shown me via Pioneer Woman

jennifer lawrence

Imperfectionism. Why the Cult of Jennifer Lawrence Matters


DIY Polka Dot Wall

I Want to be Awesome at Humility


The Lovely Aroma

When the Days are Long and the Minutes are Longer


Walgreens app, print out Instagram Prints in a hour!  Caroline has changed my world with this info! Here’s the app.


  1. I adore your weekend links!

  2. Always love going through your links! That’s a great article about imperfectionism and Jennifer Lawrence. Really enjoyed the “awesome at humility” post this morning, too. Thanks! :)

  3. That Jennifer Lawrence article is the best! I love her. Because of this.

  4. Love the links! I am super stoked about the app!

  5. Ya know, after reading Ree’s post and the J. Lawerence article, I found myself back to this recurring brain rut I keep falling into…..that being, if I didn’t have a blog, would I still be motivated to (decorate, craft, parent, cook, etc.) in the way I do? And I struggle to answer it….instead, I try to find ways to lumber out of the rut (with say, a Little Debbie oatmeal cream). But then I just do an awkward J. Lawrence back into it.

    Ree talks about defining her dream style (with the caveat that her real life home doesn’t measure up), and the J article tells us we love reality….messy, unpredictable, oft-times humiliating, but totally relatable reality. I suppose I’m learning that I just like me better when i spend time froufi-fing or cooking, or being nice…whether I tell the world about it or not. Whether my pinterest pandimonium ever becomes my reality. Whether my ‘reality’ posts are read or not.

    Thanks for the weekend links. Much healthier way to dissect the brain rut than the afore-mentioned trans-fat.

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