We Have A Dream

litte white housecountry living

It’s been ten years since we’ve house shopped. Six years since we lived in a house we weren’t renting. And now that our debt is paid off we are saving up for our next house. We love our community, the people at our church are dear to us–my husband works there part time, and after six years we have those deep friendships that only come with staying in one place. We’d prefer not to start over.

mulberry farmmulberry hill

But we also have a hazy dream…

It has to do with having a little gathering place. To me it’s a place to have the a Big Sale with Angela without having to squeeze you all into a little rented clubhouse. It’s a place where we have a swap meet, a place where we bring Mandie in and she teaches us how to paint furniture, Kristi comes and teaches us slipcover making, we get together and do crafts. Reeve can come sing and there’s room to listen.  I’ve done most of this at my house already. But I’d rather have a dedicated place for people, for you to come so we can hang out. And maybe have a white peacock or two roaming around. And in my dream it’s in the mountains which is not where we live currently which completely contradicts another part of my dream. Like I said, the dream is hazy.

To my husband it’s a place for all that but also a place for him to do a little more intensive listening, a place where he can teach a parenting series or pastor people without having to work for a church, a place for our family to be together, a place with a pond so he can duck hunt.

To both of us, it’s also a place to live.

barndelight by design

My parents have a similar dream. So we’ve been wondering if maybe we can combine them. We’re even hoping my sister‘s family could find some kind of use for something like this one day.


Our dream location would be somewhere close enough to where we currently are, north of Charlotte, NC that we could still be a part of our community, somewhere close enough to an ice rink that it’s less than an hour drive, somewhere with more than five acres, with a house or two, with another structure on it so we can use that for gatherings. All of our criteria is barely possible to find together so we know we’ll need to be open to change and our dream has changed a lot over the past few years and I’m guessing it will continue to change. The only difference now is we are nearer being in the position to make it happen

Lastly, as I get ready to hit publish I realize I’m nervous. I’ve been nervous all week with all the stuff I’ve shared but this one surprises me. Why would I be nervous to share this? It’s tells me how near and dear this dream is to me.

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Now it’s your turn, what’s your dream?


  1. i dream i can come there! or you move to chattanooga, tn. wink, wink.

  2. My pastor and his wife and 4 kids, who are really too down to earth to not be our friends first and pastors second, had a similar dream. They and her parents bought a property together that has several acres of fenced land and a large house. They added walls in one part of the house to create a hallway that ends in a door that separates Grandma and Grandpa’s “house” from the rest of the house. They just planted about a hundred fruit trees in the back yard. He built a chicken coop, half-inside the old barn, and they have about 15 hens and a rooster. They’re loving it, and while it’s in process it’s the meeting place for all our church’s breakfasts, baby showers, and other parties. It’s about 15 minutes from town at most. I want to simply live somewhere that I can have hens and a few goats and not have neighbors driving right past my bedroom window and honking their horns for their kids to get in the car early in the morning when my kids are trying to sleep. We currently live in an old house in town and have a separate mother-in-law suite that our friend rents cheaply from us. We love community, and our pastor’s new home has proven that a little distance can make community easier, not more difficult.

  3. How wonderful and exciting!! I say dream BIG. We are shocked sometimes to look around us at how many big dreams have come true, even more beautifully than we ever dared imagine. So happy for your new chapter. Enjoy every step. xoxo

  4. LOVED hearing about your dream! I too have a dream to one day live out on a gorgeous farm, but already squirm at the idea of leaving our downtown city life and the community that comes with that. What an amazing vision to have a “gathering place” of sorts. The possibilities are endless. And who knows, your dream (though specific) may not have to change. God can do the seemingly impossible!

  5. What a beautiful dream! And equally beautiful that your husband shares your vision:)

  6. What a lovely dream. Many years ago, I used to take quilting classes from a gal that was part of a co-op in an old church building by the ocean in California.

    She taught quilting, but there were many others who taught their crafts like stained glass, pottery, calligraphy, rug hooking, weaving, leather-working, beading, etc. I think about this a lot and one of my dreams would be to have a studio, gathering place to teach different crafts and bring in other people to teach what they know.

    I also think about a family gathering place where family and friends from all over can come and stay and visit and vacation.

    I really enjoyed hearing about your dreams.

    Best wishes.

  7. I love this! My dream is to live in NC and to have all my girls there too someday. Really! But I also have a crazy dream to live in England for a year, just to get a real sense of what it would be like to live there.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Love it, Nester! How wonderful to begin moving closer to this. Glad for you and your family.

  10. That sounds amazing! My family doesn’t get along, so that would REALLY be dreaming for me. But, I do wish we had our own home that we owned (been renting for 5 years, paying off debt too)…that had extra bedrooms for possibly more kids (we have 3 now) without having them squished into rooms. I would love a reading nook with nothing but books, a comfy sitting place, and a coffee pot (and the coffee fixings, of course)…and a kitchen area large enough to put a learning stand for the kids to reach the counter, without being in the way….and a playroom/school room (we do have that in our rental)…and a backyard big enough for a huge trampoline, room for chickens, maybe a couple of goats…a large grassy area for the kids, along with their playground…a planned out garden bed…an outdoor sitting area (probably covered) to host friends and family. And maybe a full sized “transitional” apartment for the kids, as they leave home, while they are still in college. And then, in many more years, more houses can be built to accomodate them and their families :0) It’s a big dream.

  11. My dream is to spend a year (or at least the summer) doing something amazing with my boys – just take off a la Kasey Buick (though it doesn’t have to be Hawaii). I AM scared to talk about this, because logically there is NO way it could happen… what would we do about hubby’s work? Who would take care of things here? All I know is my boys are growing up FAST & I want to do something totally out of the ordinary for a short time before they’re too old to do it!

  12. dream girl! dream!!! love this post…

  13. Ohhh, I LOVE your dream. Originally a Michigan girl, now in In Asheville with family spread all over the country expect here, I often dream of a “family estate”. It would make everything so much sweeter! I love the Ruthferton area…. it would be nice to have you closer. I could use decorating help, maybe even a counselor/parent coach ;)

  14. OMG! We’ve been having a similar dream! Two homes (one for us and one for our daughter’s family) on a few acres. Shared gardens, grandsons close by, and somewhere to host sewing classes. However, after two years of searching, God tweaked our dream. Instead of acreage with two homes, we have bought a new home in a rural-ish area and our daughter’s family bought one there, too. We will still have trails, fields, and lots of country moments ~ it seems to be the best fit. I applaud you for moving forward with your dream ~ you never know where you will end up.

  15. You have a beautiful dream!! I pray that it would come true!! My dream is hazy too…it lies between being able to be creative and encouraging to others, all while being able to be in relationships with my friends (old and new). My husband and I always dream about this little “farm” by us and what it would be like to live there. They have a big old barn like the one above where they have parties too!! Thankyou for sharing your heart!!!

  16. Thank you for being brave enough to share this precious, personal dream. I connect with what you say about it being a scary thing to do so. That is how I feel about my dream to start my own re-design/organizing business. It’s what I love to do more than anything in the whole world. Yet to admit it and dare to act on the dream terrifies me. Why is that? There is something encouraging in just hearing the dreams of someone else though…it’s a reminder that we all have them and the only regrets to be had are when we don’t allow ourselves to dream and to try to make them reality. As always, thank you for sharing your heart! :)

  17. I love the white peacock reference!:) and I can so picture you living in this dream too…..I too am dreaming of adding a “Gathering Place” to our lil farm here…I affectionately call it “my party barn”, it’s still a hazy dream. Hope we both get what we are wanting/ needing! ~Kim

  18. I can’t wait to see it when this dream comes true–it will be wonderful!

  19. I sure hope you will take us with you on your house hunting trips! Say you will!

  20. You need to check out what Hickory has to offer. An hour’s drive to Boone and you have an ice rink. An hour back to Charlotte to visit your friends and former neighbors. Try it and you’ll never want to leave.

    • My sister in law lives in Hickory, BEAUTIFUL, I didn’t know they have an ice rink? Actually, we need more than an ice rink, it has to have a youth ice hockey league, I’m thinking Hickory doesn’t other wise it would probably be on our list of places we’d look if we had to move away. thanks for the reminder!

  21. Oh yes, my family has a similar dream but it’s in the mountains of Colorado.

    And I’m sorry I don’t know anything helpful about finding a location in NC. Nonetheless, I have a strong feeling your hazy dream will become more focused soon. I’ll be praying!

  22. You will know it when you see it, and I have a feeling that it won’t be what you anticipated.

  23. I love your dream. I have really enjoyed your revealing posts. I have been following your blog for a while and your last few posts have really been captivating. Thank you.

  24. I dream of Guatemala and helping my husband as he listens to God’s call there. I dream of a young woman named Rosa whose life will change forever – in a good way.
    About your dream – my aunt and uncle had a similar one 40 years ago. The family all pitched in to build a house in Newland, NC (40 minutes from Boone). It remains my absolute favorite place on planet earth. Beautiful beautiful memories there.

  25. This post pinched my heart a little. We, too are renters paying down debt with the dream of building a home on the water in coastal NC when my husband retires from the Marine Corps. A place to live the life we want and to build memories that last forever!

  26. I loved reading about this! And seeing all your beautiful dream pictures. We have a dream to buy some property and build or renovate a B&B one day. Somewhere in Appalachia. Enough land for a few horses, a big enough home to provide respite for folks in ministry who need a break. The hubs would tackle the renovations and maintenance and I would get to cook cook cook and revel in hospitality. I love hearing about everyone else’s dreams too…great post….great comments!

  27. Nester can I just say how much I love knowing you…even from afar?? Every time more of your heart is revealed in each and every post I love and enjoy you a little more! And what an encouragement for all of us who are afraid to be real and put it all out there! You inspire us towards discovering the person who God created us to be by learning to share it in a community who can love, encourage and even challenge us beyond where we would go on our own.
    A real gift I tell ya! And I can’t wait to read the book version ;)

  28. That’s a wonderful dream! The more clear your vision becomes, the more likely it will become reality. Pray until you reach clarity, and it will come…

  29. Girl – our family is living that dream. and I can’t wait for you to do it too. :)

    Start practicing now – it’s HOMESTEAD, not compound. :)

  30. can we all come live with you??? :))

  31. Sounds wonderful. We have been planning for years to put up a couple buildings and have a fall and spring sale and this year it is finally coming true. It is so exciting!!!!
    Wish you the best but remember sometimes it takes years to get it all figured out!

  32. We have a super-similar dream. It’s always been in the mountains. For me, since I was 4 years old. Then, I married my husband and he had the dream of the mountains, too. We want land. Like, a hundred acres of land. With lots of woods, a pond, and plenty of space for a garden, fruit trees and animals. But, most importantly we want that gathering place you do, except we call ours “The Party Barn”. We dream of a place where we not only live and enjoy, but where others can come and enjoy it, too. Only thing is, we live in Indiana. Not a whole heck of a lot of mountains ’round here. And, for the first time in 18 years of marriage and living in several states, we are finally feeling rooted and connected to a place. So, I guess we’ll have to see where God thinks would be a good place to park our Party Barn one day. :-)

  33. I think your dream is perfect and lovely! I have the same dream. My husband is a pastor so our lives are centered around our church, which is located in the suburbs, so we’d have to live within a reasonable distance of the church. Unfortunately my husband and I are the only ones in the family that share our dreams LOL so we are waiting for our girls to grow up and hoping it’ll become a reality when we are the grandparents and they are the young families. I can wait. It’s a dream worth waiting for!

  34. To JESSICA – If you leave near Florida or Wisconsin, I could be your first client! I have many dreams; but I can’t go forward until I organize and sell a house. I can’t organize a closet to save my life. I’ve tried and tried.

  35. I dream about 40 acres of land in the mountains of Colorado with a house for my family and a guest house. Of course, when we needed it, we would actually have guests stay in the guest house, but my dream is that it become a free retreat for weary ministers and their wives to get away and reconnect…no strings attached and no money required.

  36. Patti Sarette says

    Wow, my dream is very similar…only in my hometown in Missouri!!! I Love the offering of community!!! So Exciting!

  37. Follow your dreams and plan well. My dream is to one day to get my online stores of the ground and get a small piece of land and live on it. I want my family to get out of the big city and find us a small town.

  38. Dear one, aren’t dreams beautiful/scary/exciting?! We kept saying “one day…” Our dream was similar to yours. We wanted a place to call home, that beckoned others to come linger. Some thought we were crazy, but we took the plunge a little less than a year ago and moved to 10+acres and built our dream farmhouse. I was scared I’d feel isolated, but that has proven to be the haven that others were looking for. Don’t be afraid to follow your dream if the Lord is prompting you AND your man to go for it. We have been blessed a 100 times over… and we’re still pinching ourselves.

  39. Starr Haigler says

    Your dad has shared a piece of this dream with me and I love seeing things unfold in the path for your dreams :)