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Yesterday I was suddenly in need of a quick change in our family room but I didn’t want to go buy something. I had that wood frame that’s waiting for photos to be printed out–wait, who am I kidding, I haven’t even taken the photos yet. It’s gonna be a little while until I get around to it. I grabbed another small wood frame that I bought for the upstairs gallery wall, again, they are doing nothing for me now but waiting to be used upstairs. With 5 minute art, even if I just use something for a week, it’s worth it.

5 minute wall art

I quickly painted white odd-shaped dots on the paper that was already in the thrifted frame. Back there behind it is another 5 minute wall art I did ages ago–a spray-painted white sea fan hot glued to a run-of-the-mill chalkboard.

super fast wall art

I usually have a few spare canvases (canvi?) around the house. I painted this one black a few weeks ago. Why not just quickly brush on some white paint? For now?

inexpensive wall art

inexpensive wall art

And some Ikea fabric and my last frame…

easy wall art

Here’s the hand, next to some 5 minute water-color I did last year.

5 minute wall art

I always hesitate to publish posts like this for fear that everyone will simply think “but I don’t like those dots and lines, this blog is dumb, I don’t like that style”. PLEASE know, this post is not about style. It’s about ideas. It’s about shopping the house and using what you have in a creative way. Dots and lines worked for me today because they are easy. Maybe in your house it’s letters and numbers or stripes and plaids or moons and rainbows, I don’t care. The point is to stop waiting for perfect and just do something for fun with what you have.

spotted chairs

For funs, here was a little of my inspiration. Caitlin Wilson used a sharpie and spotted her ikea chairs with this fabric in mind.

les touches

Les Touches

 whitlock & co



whitlock & co


Kelly Wearstler

For my next trick I’m hoping to hack this Kelly Wearstler fabric. I saw it at Angela’s and demanded the name. She suggested I DIY it and as usual, she’s brilliant. I like it because it’s classically imperfect. Also, Angela is the queen of pairing quirky combinations.

Do you have any 5 minute wall art?


  1. So neat! Thanks for posting it. Cheap, easy, and fast! I never would have thought to do something like that. I’ll have to try some random art now!

  2. Really???

  3. I think the white dots totally work grouped together with the others! Very interesteing…and easy. I really like the black canvas with white lines…sooo gallery looking :)

  4. I love your 5 minute art! I think the dots works well with the grouping, I particularly love your black with white lines and your water color you did last year (I’m into lines!) I have done artwork for my house too however, it took more like an hour then 5 minutes! I’ve done subway art, favorite numbers art and some landscape paintings. I also love the artwork you did on the canvas on your gallery wall in your family room!

  5. “The point is to stop waiting for perfect and just do something for fun with what you have.” -This is why I love your blog! You’re not afraid to just try something; seeing your great results encourages me to do the same :).
    My own 5 min art is usually sticking something random-yet-meaningful in a frame. I do a few here: http://www.asimplehaven.com/meaningful-decor-on-the-cheap-frame-everything

  6. Yes! Right on! Just do it! I “made” this easy piece of art for my sewing room and it’s one of my favorite things: http://plumfieldshop.blogspot.com/2011/02/quick-art.html

  7. That’s what I love about art, it can be anything you want it to be! The funny thing is, I’ve seen similar pieces for hundreds of dollars. What a great, inspiring post!

  8. Love your b & w abstract! I did one recently with fabric ~ just taped it to the back of the frame, quick & easy & the modern touch I was looking for! That pillow is fabulous!!

  9. Another inspiring post from The Nester! You are fearless in your decorating, as we all should be.

  10. There is just something really fufilling about just getting something out of the “to do” pile and you are so right, it may not be the original intention for the item, but sometimes I have suprised myself and really felt a sense of accomplishment that I just did something with it quick and loved it!

  11. How could anyone not love this?! Last night I just switched up all of the art in my gallery wall, but I was stumped on what to put in the very last frame. This is just the inspiration I needed! Thanks!

    • I for sure don’t expect anyone to love all the same things (but yippie you and I have a lot in common!!!) that’s what keeps it interesting. Now you’ve got me thinking about just adding these into my gallery wall as is–thanks you!!


  12. I’m having to do the same thing: shop around the house.
    $$ is tight and yet there are things that i really need to change, so it requires me to think outside of the box. Great ideas!

  13. Look how well those work together! And 5 minutes? It doesn’t get better than that.

    Can’t wait to see you DIY the KW.

  14. I love the spirit of your project and I love the outcome! A few weeks ago I did my own 5 minute art. I found a high end painting that was simply black flowers on a texture looking background. I used a frame I had and cut some blank newsprint type paper to fit. Drew similar flowers using a black Sharpie and then crumpled up and smoothed my finished “painting” and stuck it in the frame. It makes me happy hanging on a previously blank spa style bathroom wall.

  15. Yes on so many levels! I’m the worst at having ideas that I never do, fearing that it won’t be perfect. You inspire me to be more daring and try something! Thanks Nester. :)

  16. How about some 20 minute wall art? Taping book pages to your wall >> http://www.gussysews.com/2012/10/creating-a-book-page-wall-diy/

  17. hey nester.
    here’s what my 16 year old son and i did.
    nothing fancy…but it fits us.

  18. http://welearn4fun.wordpress.com/2011/11/12/art-kandinsky-circles/

    It’s not “5 mins” but it’s DIY art and it’s hung on our wall ever since.

  19. Thank you for all the great ideas, Dawn!

  20. bethinthecity says

    Well I’m not good at making my own wall art, but I DID inherit my grandfather’s fish. Ever since you got yours I’ve been wondering if I could pull it off. It’s about six feet long I guess, and is hanging above my mantel in my living room. I’m still wondering if I can pull it off, but I love it! Particularly because it’s a childhood memory come to stay. Thanks for sharing.

  21. i just framed some old alphabet cards a friend sent me last wk. and am loving the look of them~
    also. just empty frames too. with some old hymn pages sticking out of them..

    thanks for once again letting us know it sure doesn’t have to be PERFECT. and “art” is still exactly what it was in the 1st grade.. whatever we common well choose to come up with!!!! there are no rules. amen!

    • “’art’ is still exactly what it was in the 1st grade.. whatever we common well choose to come up with”
      Amber, what an awesome thought. You’re so right. Just look in the museum. :D

  22. Yes, I do have 5 minute wall art! My husband had purchased a t-shirt for me that celebrated a feast day in our church. It was a bit big, but I didn’t want to return it. I had worn it for the feast day. So, it was sitting around on a rocker. I finally thunk to myself: “Anne, frame that puppy up in any frame that you have. Just see if you like it!” I did. And taped the shirt down with Scotch tape, hahaha. You would not know. It is wonderful. It probably took ten minutes, but hey, you get my drift. Thanks for the inspiration to shake off that Perfection Paralysis, as always!! :)

    • I just pulled the shirt over the foam board that was already in the frame, which I inherited. You might not even know it was fabric until you got up close and personal or turned the frame around. :)

      • Anne!? this is my favorite comment, I LOVE that so much. I think the magic words are “just to see” that is such a turning point if we just tell ourselves we are allowed to “see” and then get rid of it if it’s crazy and no one has to know. Well done!

  23. Anonymous says

    Canvi?!?! Oh you crack me up and inspire me at the same time!!!!!!
    Love you and this blog!!!

  24. 5 minute wall art!!! MY kind of art :) Thanks for all the inspiration.

  25. I love it! And I’m so encouraged by your philosophy : ) I will often put off a project until I can ‘do it right’ and will end up living with a blank wall for months! I am trying to get into the IDHTBPTBB mindset and I’m loving it! Just redid my entryway and thought I’d share what you’ve inspired : ) Thanks for sharing!

  26. I totally get it and love your spontaneity. I’m glad you don’t listen to that voice telling you not to publish. :)

  27. Oh, this is my kinda art! Your art reminds me of my own. If I pass it off as art and tell other people I love it, they tend to as well:) Of course there are the off times when the husband gives me that look that tells me he KNOWS it took ten minutes and wasn’t sure if I did it or our 2 year old. Ha! Either way, I am a lover of the 5 minute wall art happiness.

    Here is my latest 5 minute wall art accomplishment. LOVE YOU MADLY. Stenciled letters.


    Thanks for inspiring us Nester Woman!

  28. Fabulous!! I love it!

  29. High Five and Cheers to Five Minute Art. I was too lazy to wash a paint brush yesterday so I used tape. Love what you made, girl!

  30. I like to frame special cards. Always brings a smile to my face and keeps the special cards in the forefront.


  31. That chalk / black board my solution =). My kids always draw everywhere.

  32. This is exactly why I love it here… you show us some new “hows” and perspectives, not so much the end product, although your end products are so lovely. We all need quick solutions once in a while!! xoxo And that Ikea theme is super fresh for springtime, love it too. And the coral on chalkboard. And canvii. haha Funny girl!

  33. This is super inspiring! I have a few frames without pictures, and a lot of bare walls. Maybe this will be my weekend project :D.

  34. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration. I am thankful for another perfectly imperfect post! :)

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