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blues in the living room

Um, have you been to Rhoda’s house lately?  It’s spectacular. Every room, people.  She even had an open house for locals and I so wish I lived close enough to come. Click around to see all that she’s done.  This woman is amazing.

Glitter Arrow Clips

These quick made glittered arrows caught my eye from I heart organizing. If you have the fancy arrow making machine, that would be great, but I bet you could cut these out by hand as well if you don’t have one.

tree heart

Heart garland, they put it in a tree and it’s charming! via Oh Happy Day!

 arm knitting

I love finger knitting but have you heard of arm knitting?! Wowsa!

dream house expectation reality

I love everything Ashely says about “the dream house”

chandelier drum shade

Old lantern into a pretty light with drum shade? Yes please via Sarah M Dorsey Designs

DIY mongolian stool

Super sweet Mongolian Fur Stool. Reminds me of my fur ottoman from back in the days, this is it’s sassy, cool, younger sister.

How to Strip Vintage Furniture

I have bookmarked this post in every way possible.  Jenny used oil based paint, something I haven’t used in 15 years? Ever?  But the impact on this table is stunning.  The finish on this table is enough to make me try oil based on a few special items.

before after kitchen

I love creative, not-to-expensive kitchen updates and this is a huge one.

kids desk happy home


The Secret to a Happy Home via Simple Mom



31 Days of Forgiveness

My friend Tracie wrote a book on forgiveness. She joined in 31 Days in October and now it’s a book!

Flower Patch Farmgirl Kitchen

Flower Patch Farmgirl’s super on budget lovely-I-want-to-kiss-it kitchen.


Chris changed my life with this tip about a site that lets you see all the fonts that are on your computer and WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE with any words you type in.  Where has this been all my life?

beauty light heart

Lastly, this.


  1. LOVE the arrows, butcher block counter tops, the font app thing {ha} (oh my gosh that is BRILLIANT!). Great links today!

  2. I love everything you have shown here. All of you have such wonderful taste and creativity! I wish you lived next door to me! I would scrub your toliets if you would make my house cute! =)

  3. What a wonderful round-up! That last picture is stunning, I want one just like it with me posing… hmmm… all I need is a plane ticket to paris, an amazing dress, and someone with a fantastic camera and the know-how to use it… that should be easy…

  4. Hey, Nester, thank you for the linky love!!

  5. I liked every bit of that! thanks for the inspire!

  6. Hey lovie ~

    Thank you evah so much for sharing Jill’s story today. I just KNOW that her message will not just change lives…it will save them.


  7. You have given me a great idea for a short heart garland for my secret pal. On each heart, I’ll write something I love about her. Then I’ll sneak over to her house and hang it across the front door. Thanks!

  8. What did I ever do to deserve you?

  9. I am SO GRATEFUL you shared wordmark! You don’t know how life altering that is for me. I started a font book a while ago but only got to the h’s. This is so wonderful! Thank you!!

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