Valentine’s Day Craft Party

valentine craft party

My sister brought some senior girls from her small group to Charlotte on Saturday and I knew they we going to stop by our house and before I knew what was happening, I had streamers and crafts and iced coffees ready for their arrival. It’s a sickness, when I know girlie folk are coming I can’t help but pinkify things.

valentine s day crafts

valentine s crafts


We had such a fun time together and I had the supplies for a few different Valentine’s crafts:

valentine crafts

We made pinwheels from Lisa Leonard’s directions (I made them for the big girls slumber party too)

 Glittered feathers

 Embroidery hoop art (remember all the different ways you can use them?!)

And embellished gloves as seen in this pin

embellished gloves

valentine s day crafts



crepe paper garlandcrepe paper garland from this tutorial at Oh Happy Day

Many of the little decorations were left over from the Girls Weekend Slumber Party thing, lots more inspiration like a Ballon-dalier and paper dot garland back at that post…

valentine's day crafts

valentine's day crafts

valentines day crafts ideas

After everyone left I threw together a little hoop art display with thrifted embroidery hoops and 4 minute or less art on them. I used little command hooks so I didn’t have to make a million holes.

valentine crafts

valentines day crafts art ideas

I’m not a huge, let-me-pull-out-my-red-and-pink-plastic-bins Valentine’s decorator. But I’ll take a few minutes and gather up what I have that’s in the red and pink family and be happy to display it.  And now I have a few more little objects to use year around, and gather together during Valentine season.

Come back tomorrow and you can see how I got addicted to making cupid’s arrows all weekend too!  No need to run to the craft store unless you want, you can probably shop the house.

What about you, do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. I never really have decorated for VDay until this year. Went all out in our “Coffee Room” and got a lil cheesy! BUT LOVE IT! Having computer issues, so I can’t provide link…but I posted it last week.

  2. No, I don’t decorate for Valentines Day unless its something the girls have made at school. We’re going on a snowy field trip on Thursday and wont be home until 5 pm with a bunch of little kiddos. I’m suspecting my Valentines Day celebrating with hubby may involve jammies and the couch this year:)
    *Love your HELLO pullover. I snagged one when you posted about their half-off sale. Thanks!

  3. Love the embroidery hoops!! How fun. I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, unless my mother in is town and makes me decorations. Which I then dutifully hang. But, after seeing some of these options, I’m open to reconsidering my stance.

  4. I’m like you- I try to pull all the pink and red stuff in the house together to look like “decorations”. I’ve also been known to cut out a million paper hearts and do something with them, like make a wreath or stick them all over the back door. OH, and I do have some Valentine’s day window clings that I pull out some years. My husband surprised me with them several years ago- when I woke up, they were all over the house :)

  5. I do, I do! Well…this is my first time to have my own house and some free time, so THIS year I do! For a big ol’ dose of cheesy, you can check it out:
    I love the pink mustache! Where on earth did you find that?

    • OH my word, that doily with the roses and leaves! I got that mustache at Party City a few months ago, I used it on the head planter for awhile but I LOVE it on the hoop, it’s sticky on the back.

  6. Such cute ideas! I realize this is off topic, but where did you get the striped curtains in your living room? We recently moved into a new house and those are JUST what I’m looking for!

  7. love love LOVE all the hoop ideas. What a great way to decorate for vday, or any holiday:) Glad the sequin hello ended up on something…cause I love it as well as you;)

  8. adorable!
    girl, this glitter thing is getting to be a habit.

  9. Fun. My girl tribe and I are doing this Thursday! Shh….don’t tell them!

  10. Love it all! I have 4 boys so I was getting a little giddy with all the pink!

  11. I may have an unhealthy addiction to command strips and hooks…it’s like a perfectionists dream because you can move them AND NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW THEY WERE THERE!

    We need another slumber party, soonest.

  12. Those “hello” gloves are so cute! I wish I had friends I could convince to come over for a craft party ;)


    Kristina does the Internets

  13. F-U-N! I am so giddy over the sequins. I just don’t know how people could not love a good sequin. Looks like you all had an absolute blast. :) I do some decorating for Vday. I haven’t let myself buy anything over the past couple of years–I just reuse what I have and stick it up in different ways. :)

  14. This is my first year EVER decorating for Valentine’s Day. It just seemed an appropriate pick me up to the gloom outside my window. Pinks and reds just make everything more cheery.

  15. love the embroidery hoop art! i’ve got so many of those thrifted hoops with the intention of doing something with them. i will have to break them out! thx for the inspiration!

  16. I love the decorations. Quite beautiful! I love decorating for Vday, how else can you express how much you love your family and friends. Check out my decorations
    Happy Vday everyone!

  17. I always enjoy decorating for Valentine’s Day! It’s not about gifts. It’s about love and friendship. (I’ll send cards to relatives and friends too.) I love the pink/purple/red color combination. I saved all my childrens’ preschool and elementary Valentine art and hang it around the house w/family pictures.

    I still have the Valentine’s from when I was a kid. Weren’t they so much better than the commercialized ones of today?? I’m trying to decide how to decorate w/them. I want to still be able to look at the backs too so I’m thinking garland….or placemats…..

  18. What a fun party! Your projects are so simple but so adorable, I am sure those girls just loved it! Every time I see some of Emily’s students I imagine how lucky and amazing they are to have her in their life! I mean, none of my leader’s were authors!!! I am sure they will look back at being part of Emily’s life and be truly blessed! And to also be able to come to YOUR house?! Women all over America would die to do such a thing! ;)

    On another note, I love Valentine’s Day and always decorate! I have paired down quite a bit over the last few years using lots of hanging paper doilies for high impact (and less Target purchased knick nacks)! Here is my blog post on my decorations this year:


  19. Oh my goodness. Could you just pop to the SW Louisiana area and help decorate for my daughter’s 16th birthday in a couple of weeks? I spent hours last week adoring the decorations you did for your sister’s book-signing party…we’re doing a “literary” Jane Austen theme…
    Looks like SO MUCH FUN y’all had.
    Thanks for sharing the girly pink prettiness with us!

  20. Until this year, I never decorated for any holiday save Christmas. (Sad, but true, but read on for happy ending.) The more I see on blogs this year, the more inspired I have become. So, I decorated for “back-to-school” a little, then a general “Fall” overhaul to bring me through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. I haven’t done Valentine’s Day (I know, for shame..), but in January, I decorated with a snowflake/snowman theme…. Reform is so lovely.

  21. adrian fencl says

    I have followed your blog for a long time and have alway wondered the name of the paint color on your kitchen hutch and kitchen table legs! Beautiful and would love to paint my table that color–thanks!

  22. I’m not a huge holidaisical decorator either (vday, st. patricks day, etc.) but this makes me want to come to your house and wallow in the girly glory. LOVE LOVE LOVE! How fun! ;}

  23. Awwww, this made me moan a high-pitched, but happy sound. I only have one sister, but have many, many friends. It is a shame I do not take time to do things like this because I love to do themed parties. It looks like a total blast. Thanks for sharing your decorations and ideas. It has been terrible weather here in south Mississippi for the last few days, including tornadoes, so this made me smile. Thanks! Love it.

  24. I too love the pink mustache! We did paper hearts, that you can see here. and created a string of hearts across dinning room.

  25. I did something simple with what I had around the house…

    (love your style — and the arrow obsession? So fun!)

  26. I was wondering if the bust statue is David? If not who and where did you find him? I have seen a few here and there but really like yours and want to hang some jewelry on him too.

  27. um, just a confidence booster? i couldn’t tell you or your sister apart from the high schoolers. beauties!

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