A few things I’ve purchased while thrifting over the past few weeks…

thriftd lamp

I’m always willing to adopt a large shapely lamp. For now, I’ll just turn it so you can’t see the gash in it, but he’s also a candidate for a future DIY. $4.99.


Ever since seeing this frame at Lindsay’s I’ve been on the lookout for thin wooden frames. I found some at Target and kept them in the back of my mind but you underestimate my cheapness if you think I’ll dish out $15 for a wood frame that still seems a little perfect. Pottery Barn carries a more refined version. Again,  too much, too perfect. I guess I could have asked her, Hey Lindsay where’s the frame from? But I was too lazy to email and I like the thrill of the hunt. Plus it wasn’t life or death.

wood frame

When I saw this little frame I knew I wanted to try it,  it’s not quite as imperfectly perfectly knotty like Lindsay’s but it was just a few dollars, I’m hoping to use it in a gallery wall I’m working on in the upstairs family room/bonus room/whatever that room is currently called.

magnifying glass

The other thing I’ve been on the lookout for is a magnifying glass. Purely for decoration so it feels like a luxury.  I’ve seen them all over town in the past few months, I almost bought one from Old Time Pottery for $15 but again with the cheapness and it not really being a need.


Lucky for me, I waited and found this really interesting imperfect second-hand glass at the Salvation Army. $2.99. It reminds me of this magnifying candle sconce from Pottery Barn, now I’m considering what I can do with it besides sit it on a stack of books.


I’ve found that if I just keep on the lookout about half the time I can find what ever it is I’m looking for second-hand if I’m willing to wait. Sometimes I’m not willing. Sometimes you need the extra wine glasses by Friday no matter what the cost. And often times I never find an item that I’m looking for because I’m not willing to pay retail for some things. But when it comes to accessories, I love seeing what pops up at the thrift stores.

What’s your latest thrifted find?


  1. Great finds! I’m off to thrift today, hope I can find some goodies as well!

  2. Great finds, I love the lamp and the magnifying glass. They are super. Hugs, Marty

  3. ohmyword, I’ve been drooling over those frames at target too. Thrift success.

  4. Only because you have brought up the subject…I love to go to Thrift Store, Salvation Army stores Etc! When Doc and I are traveling and we see one of those stores, we almost cause a wreak making our fast stop an U-turn!

    I think one day we might make it a traveling blog…My Thrift Store/ Salvation Army tour of Stores!

  5. It looks like your magnifying glass found some treasures with those good reads! I just started Bread and Wine by Niequist… I can hardly put it down! Nourishing in the way of recipes for food and holy moments…

  6. sweet little floral mismatched saucers :) Love your glass piece and Have a wonderful week.

  7. It’s almost like you took the words out of my mouth, talking about cheapness. So nice to not be alone in my thrift. :)

  8. Love this lamp especially!! So big and curvy. I buy almost exclusively thrift stuff. Rarely do I bring home even new clothes, LOL so I must ask you… have you heard the Thrift Shop song?? It’s kind of our new theme song around the farm. LOL
    Greta post, thank you! : )

  9. I’m DYING over that magnifying glass. Because of you, I will now be on a mission to find an equally as cool one! :)

  10. I have that same magnifying glass!! Its part of a sconce set from Bombay & Co. I bought them about 14 years ago. How awesome to see it on a book like that… Love!!

  11. I love your thrifting philosophy, and I Love your taste in lamps! I think I’ll just copy you for awhile, see how it fits in my own house :)
    I found a beautiful wall-mount coat rack at my favorite thrift shop about a week ago that was taken out of the old elementary school nearby. It is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever thrifted! You can check it out here:

  12. Oh my…too funny. I just did a whole my thrifting finds and what I look for post today too. :) Wish we could have been on the treasure hunt together. Miss you.

  13. I have been on a major blue-and -white kick lately so I was thrilled when I picked up two petite, vintage dragon chinoiserie bowls for my hallway table. I paid $1.89 for both at my local Sal. Army!

  14. I just posted on my recent finds too! I’m most excited about some watercolor type prints of Paris and a cool umbrella stand I found…I’ve been on the hunt for that one! Love your lamp, I always keep an eye out for those too.

  15. Last week, I found a couple a set of alphabet stamps and a magnetized fridge organizer. I love a good thrifting find! I’m so like you – if I think I can find something at a thrift shop, I’ll generally wait to see if it shows up before buying new (even at Target!).

  16. What great finds! I love the magnifying glass. I will not have to be on the lookout for one as well! Can’t wait to see what you do with the lamp!

  17. On my recent trip to the Salvation Army, I picked up an ironing board, a cute upright jewelry box , and some assorted crockery and my favorite find was a pretty little crystal cordial all I spent $20 and change.

  18. Stacy in Oregon says

    My husband and I went thrifting this weekend. We discovered a new thrift store and revisited the Teen Challenge thrift store. We spent about $7.50 and bought a racquetball racquet (now we can go play because we both have one!), a big blue glass bottle, and a white ceramic candle holder with a tree painted on it. I also spotted some adorable coffee mugs, but resisted the urge to buy them…I’m waiting until a few mugs from our set get broken so that I can replace them. Love the lamp you found!

  19. I love thrifting and uncovering great finds. I recently took our 8 year-old with me because he really wanted to buy his own personal hand vacuum. And who wants to spend $100 on something you know your child will only use for one week? He loved the whole experience of looking through junk to find something magical and worth saving! Love your finds!

  20. Hang on to that magnifying glass…a decorative luxury at your age becomes a needed aid at mine! Ha ha.

  21. I love thrift store shopping! My mom and I used to go together all the time; now that way too many miles separate us, we compare notes via skype and email :)

  22. Marci Pratt says

    Hey I love the stuff you found. but you can you tell me where you got those cute curtains in the first picture. i have been looking all over for curtains and quite honestly, you and i have the same “savvy” (or cheap) idea! :) thanks!

  23. Great stuff! Hubby and I went thrifting today and one store had all clothing and shoes for $1!
    I got a great pale yello linen duster-style jacket from the Loft, a swingy skirt(also Loft), pinstripe pants by Liz Clairborn, and 7 other great items! So thrilled he talked into actually leaving the house today, when all I wanted to do was stay home and clean!!

  24. i’m still torn up over your disco ball light reflecting on the ceiling!

    you’re such a rock star!

  25. Saturday, we found a groovy old bakelite (spelling?) radio. It has a bit of red accenting it….Super cool, and it works. :)

  26. My goal is just to make it to a thrift store without the wee ones (1 and 3). Although taking them might make the thrifting experience fairly funny. When I do get out, I’m hunting for some wool blankets to make a winter wreath for next year and vintage sheets to make a duvet cover.

  27. Off topic a bit but wanted to thank you for the Hobby Lobby pillow cover tip. Wanted linen button flap pillow covers at Pottery Barn but they were $25 each. Found almost same style and better color at HL for $5.99 each. Without your tip, wouldn’t have thought to look there. Thanks.

    Love thrifting. Sometimes I leave the price tag on if it’s hidden so I can secretly enjoy my success all over again.

  28. Great finds and nice choises!!! I love the lamp and its price was awesome too….!

  29. Goodwill find: Four matching prints, 16X20, matted and framed, of buildings in Colonial Williamsburg. The drawings are done in pencil, mats are a dark rust color, frames black. Love the old architectural renderings. Great find!

  30. So happy I founf your blog, love it!

  31. $25 Ikea slipcovered sofa at the Goodwill! Score!

  32. I love your “finds” – they are inspiring!

  33. I usually only buy frames at yardsales or thrift stores, but Michaels had a sale this week on frames for 40% off, plus an on-line coupon for an extra 25% off. There were some great barnwood ones on sale, too, so they were as $ as a thrift store. Does that justify the $40 I spent on frames?! :) I bought a bunch for gifts though for the coming year for sisters, mom, and a friend. I also got a few of the shadow box ones for my husband’s military medals. His birthday is this week. I hope to ad some painted texture to the very plain plastic surface of those…why can’t they make pretty shadow box frames? :S
    I have been picking up old wool clothes/coats/whatever at thrift stores and yard sales for a braided rug I’m making for my daughters room…purples and pinks are kind of hard to find, but it’s been an adventure I’ve been on for almost a year now.
    My most recent thrift was a little platter with a bird on it, and an old bird knick-knack. My mom loves the old bird knick-knacks, but they are pretty pricey at antique stores. I found one for $2 because it had a tiny chip on the beak. I used some Martha Stewart gloss paint to touch it up, and the chip is gone! :) Now I’m all set for Mother’s Day. :)
    Love your fun finds. I have a lamp waiting for a Do-over, too. Does the line-up of potential ever stop?! :) Love your blog. You’re always so inspiring!!

  34. love your finds and totally agree if you can wait the thrill of finding something you need at a thrift store is so worth it. I love donating great things to the thrift store that I no longer use so someone else can make that amazing discovery.

  35. I found your site while looking for the magnifying glass you posted, I purchased a pair so many years ago, and last week when I was about to hang in at my new place I accidentally broke one. What are the chances of you selling it to me?

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