Letting A Room Evolve


I was looking through some photos from the past few months and I noticed that this $25 thrifted West Elm style parson’s desk (previously living in our bedroom) has been paired with various chairs and various puzzles.








And sometimes used for things other than puzzles.


This is the current situation. Thrifted slipcovered white chair with stacked books for a leg across from the black velvet twins. Not the most photogenic but the most useful for today. Sometimes that’s the best design you can ask for.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


  1. Can we talk about those curtains?? I’m sure you’ve mentioned them before but… I love them! Did you make them? Or where did you get them?

  2. I’ve always loved how willing you are to just jump in and try new things. Your home looks so welcoming. I love the shot with the boys in their roller blades indoors! Life with boys, right? :)

  3. Thank God I am not the only one with stacked books being used as a leg on furniture haha! 7 kids here and waiting til tax refund to replace that couch so stacked books it is until it comes!

  4. It’s neat to find other families that have puzzles going in common areas. That table looks like a gem for that purpose especially near the natural light.

  5. Yes, that’s the way we roll ’round these part! BTW I may have missed an article about the chandeler What is it made of and what is the stroy? ( all great pieces have a story)

  6. I love everything you’ve done with the desk. I have the white mini, and your st def gives me some ideas of what I can do with it next!

  7. *oops, I meant post, not st!

  8. i love your style/laid-back attitude. Your house, while beautiful, is actually LIVABLE. SO many beautiful homes can’t even begin to function on a day to day basis while still looking put together! :) You’ve done a fantastic job.
    Also, those rollerblades…i’ve been wanting to bust mine out!

  9. I love to see a family room used by a family! Great use of your parsons desk!

  10. Heather Blair says

    Please please please post how you made that light with the book pages?!!! I cant find anything about it on your blog!

  11. I want to know about the light fixture too. I tried to make one last week and it isn’t what I’d hoped. Going to start over. :)

  12. I love it! And I love that table! Need one for my workroom!!!

  13. Love those curtains!!!!!!! Please let us know where you got them!!!

  14. The chair with the books serving as a leg is my favorite. Honest! So clever.

  15. How about the puzzle in pics #4-6? Those chunky pieces and odd shapes are VERY intriguing! We are puzzle people too! Especially in the winter.

  16. What a beautiful room!

  17. I love a good puzzle! The today’s arrangement is my favorite, stacked books & all. BTW, the first time I scrolled thru these pics I thought the gelato container next to the puzzle was for some sort of DIY thing. :)

  18. I love puzzles and have no place to do them. I love your little sitting spot.

  19. I think you should make a Caption Contest for the past pic.

    “Books. A foundation for a good home.”
    “Rest easy – with a good book. Or, two.”
    “Support your local book seller. They support you, too!”

    Love seeing possibilities of your little puzzle corner.
    ~ Dana

  20. Dana, I like your idea for a caption for the last photo. That one with the books for a leg especially made me love Nester more! :)

  21. i keep my laundry soap in the gelato cup! cute on my washing machine! but mine was a milk chocolate! :)

  22. I love this idea of letting a room evolve.

    My house is… naked. Decorating is… not exactly my forte. But when I consider it, I think maybe my fear is having something set up just so – forever. I think I’ve been looking for that perfect look and so have failed to move forward on anything.

    I like the honesty of allowing a room to evolve to meet the needs of what your family is using it for. And I think I’m going to let it inspire me.

    • Yes, I think you are so right, we all have fears in different areas and often times, it’s the assumption that it should be perfect that holds us back. Go forth and decorate! It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!!!

  23. I’d like to know how on earth you keep the chair up on books with three boys?! I have three small boys and with their rough housing the chair would never stay and the books would be ruined. :)

  24. Amy in Austin, TX says

    I have to know where you got the black velvet twins! They’re gorgeous and I need them to come live at my house! (and i have that same brass lamp!) And thanks so much for always “keepin’ it real”…

    • they are from World Market, they had a HUGE sale (I think it just ended?) where much of their furniture was up to 50% off–I wrote about it a few weeks ago, I always worry ppl will miss seeing the sale posts! But they are SO worth it, they’ve been in 3 or 4 different places in the house already!

  25. You got me with the very last photo! HA! Our little loveseat legs broke off, first one, then the other when my then eight year old did a flip over it during the Olympics. So, I’ve stacked some shelf inserts we weren’t using to make up for it. I might could squeeze enough to replace it with something, but it wouldn’t be the thing I would really like. Plus, we just sold our house that’s been on the market for over two years and we are concentrating on tackling medical debt! Anyways, I rambled on to say…thank you. Thanks for stacking books under your broken chair. You made me feel much better. :)

  26. That’s your son? YOUR SON? Can we talk for a moment about how you are raising giants??

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