guest room

Last time we talked about the guest room (I think it was September?) Here’s what it looked like.


I am the world’s slowest room put-er together-er.


HGTV magazine contacted me, wanting photos of the room so they could consider a feature. Such great motivation! Want to see the big reveal?


Not even HGTV can make me finish things. Then the over six foot tall 15-year-old’s twin bed broke. And he started squatting in the guest room. And I got smart and quickly figured out that his old room had a huge closet. So I told him I’d trade rooms with him. I’ll make his old room the guest room and he can have this room. We’ve got an extra mattress and he’ll move out the pink bed for me. Deal.

Hopefully this bed will be out next week. (It will look like this next year, won’t it? Tell me it isn’t so!) I even asked someone to stay at my house in hopes that would motivate me to finish it. Ends up they aren’t staying here. Thanks a lot. Don’t you want to come stay with us?!

DSC_0245 2


Meanwhile, this will be the site of my beautiful new guest room. The mattress is ready for you. My only encouragement–the worse the “before” looks the more impressive the “after”.