Every October for the past four years a bunch of us have participated in a 31 Day challenge to write on one topic for well, 31 Days.  Consider this your invitation to join in this year. Nope, it’s not until October but this is the time of year I let my brain start collecting data. I just kind of pay attention to what I’m thinking about and let a topic naturally come to me. Usually by the time I’m hanging out at the pool in July I can start to title a few posts. I always have dreams of writing every post early and taking the entire month off but never do.

So, begin to consider the kind of topic you might want to write about, you want it to be broad enough that you can write 31 posts about it without getting sick of it, but specific enough that it feels like a series. It’s not easy at all but it’s been a fun exercise that I enjoy one month out of the year, and then recover from for the other eleven.  There are no rules, feel free to look at the past posts and see how we each approached 31 days in our own way.


Participants from last year (over 1200!)

Here are my 31 Day Series from the past 3 years:

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