DIY Arrows

diy arrows












I can hear it now “But what do I do with them?  How do I dust them? Why?”  There’s no Complete Guide for Decorating With Arrows (wait, actually there is) they’re just fun, no more, so stop looking at my arrows and rolling your eyes.

Materials you can use for life-completing, Nobel prize-winning arrows :

  • paper straws
  • sticks
  • kabob skewers
  • feather picks from craft stores
  • feathers
  • felt
  • scrapbook paper
  • glitter
  • hot glue
  • washi tape for taping them up around the house like a hillbilly
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  1. um, heller. ya just offended all the artsy fartsy hillbillies of the internets. me bein’ one of ’em.
    (will tape for food)

  2. I like it. Made me giggle.

  3. LOL to the comments! I love it. What a fun, creative take on V Day.

  4. I shall never roll my eyes at your arrows, but make some of my very own. Also, you are a funny lady and I like it.

  5. I just did a post today talking about valentine’s day crafts and how I don’t really “get in to it”…but this is something I think I would really embrace. It is cute and quirky—but not too Valentine’s Dayish. So funny. Love it.

    • Yes, I so agree! I NEVER decorate for V day but this year? I went a little crazy, I got high on glitter or something, I think I just needed a little creative outlet! These little arrows were so rewarding!

  6. Lol! :D

  7. The pink/red and the gold sparkle ones are my favorite. So cute!

  8. Seeing that dark wall just makes me think…”Guurll, when are we going to see your finished guest bedroom?!?” ;) Love everything you do, you have such a fun and quirky style.

    • It makes me think that too! And you know what? Some 15-year-old boy just took over the guest room, I should totally take a picture of it! He grew out of his twin bed (also it broke a few weeks ago) and then fessed up he had been sleeping in the guest room bed for a few weeks (mother of the year here). So I told him to move in. So now there’s a big American flag and dirty laundry every where.

  9. Where oh where do you get your guinea feathers? I have them because I own a farm with 9 of those funny birds running around my yard, but I have always wondered where your feathers come from!
    Just call me Curious (or nosey) Kim :)

  10. I love the last part. Undoubtedly someone will ask about dusting them…. The number one question I get about our open kitchen shelves is if I worry about dust. Nope. That’s not on my long list of things to worry about :)

    • I know, I sometimes wondered if I missed the day about dusting in how to be an adult school. it seems like worrying about dusting things is one of the top reasons people don’t do stuff.

      “your window treatments? but how do you dust them?”

      clearly my house needs to be dusted!

  11. completely fabulous. the end.

  12. You had me at hillbilly. ;}

  13. who knew my bowhunter husband would some day be so hip in decor choices! he has his real arrow resting on his elk trophy just like the arrow in your pic! now if only i blogged…he would actually be featured!

  14. I would never make fun of those arrows. I love them too much! Valentines decor that the boys will love too?! Genius.

  15. Bon Jovi was right about you: you give love a bad name.

    (Your scope and range of arrows displayed here indicates to me that you were lost in creative craftiness–and I love seeing that zeal here.)

  16. I am lovin’ the arrows without purpose scattered about your house. It looks like while you were out, Cupid came in, tried to do his thing, and then left before you returned. If it were me, I would not say a word, nor point them out to anyone in my family, and just see how long it takes to be noticed. Hopefully someone will notice before the “white coats’ are on the front porch!! Enjoy your V-Day.

  17. Fun idea! I have to say as I was scanning down through the photos, the one of the arrow on the white clock…it looked like a toilet lid at first glance. That would be a whole ‘notha level of Valentines Day decorating! Ha!

  18. So cute and fun!!!! I would never think of this!

    sandy toe

  19. Love! You are too funny btw. Where did you get the wood bunny footed cake stand from? Love that.

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