Book Page Pendant Light

book page pendant light

Many of you have asked about the book page light so I wanted to give you some closeups and photos of it without the book pages. I ordered this pendant lamp last year from Joss & Main because I’ve learned that if I have a great hanging light in the room, I don’t need to have as much decorative stuff.  A statement piece like a pendant light can really take a space far.  So basically, I ordered this light because I’m lazy and I knew it would do a lot of the design work for me.

book page lighting

It came with a real light kit that can be hardwired but I wasn’t ready to commit so I just popped an Ikea cord/socket set in and made sure that the bulb hung at the same place that it would have with the light kit.  Because of that, there’s a big white cord hanging from the light up and over the curtain rod and then against the wall and then finally behind the drapes.  It’s something I told myself I’d fix later but, later never came because for some crazy reason, the white cord hasn’t bothered me near as much as I thought it would.  I can tell, I’m getting older, maturing, mellowing out with age. Five years ago that cord would have made me a crazy person. It was even like that when the magazine came to shoot the house.  I don’t even know who I am any more.

book page pendant light

pendant light

pendant light with book pages

book page light

book page light with disco ball dots

Here’s the light with pages of bird paintings I cut out of a book.

book page light

If you DIY or Hack this, I’d love to see what you do, be sure to tweet me or email me!


The closest I’ve come to hacking this light is the poster board and book page cover I made for an existing pendant.  I made it 18 months ago for my sister’s book signing and I’m still using it. It’s been moved around to different rooms and once again I’m shocked at how much I like it.

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If you must know, current sales I’m into at Joss & Main: I’m crazy about this sale (here’s what’s currently in my cart that I’m considering) And love this one too

painted house sale

tired pendant from urban outfitters

Lastly, I found a light with a similar feel: the Tiered Pendant Light from Urban Outfitters. It’s much smaller but still makes a great statement. Or, you could make your own stacked drum shade pendant light.

Have you made a great pendant light?  Leave a link in the comment section~


  1. I love your light and have been thinking about hanging something similar in the corner of my room but I was always bothered by the fact that I would have the cord showing. Since you said it doesn’t bother you too much, I might have to give it a try ;)
    (I have been eyeballing that Urban Outfitters pendant too, love it)

  2. I love the one with the bird pages especially. I’m off to hunt for a bird painting book–who knew?

  3. How fun is that. Love that you can change it up so easily. Hugs, Marty

  4. I’m also loving the lamp with the bird paintings. Such a cool and unique idea! That herringbone rug in the first image is stunning! I would love to have one of those in my home.

  5. I love your pendant! I made a chandy out of a vintage wire basket last week. Here is the link:

  6. Paper is my favorite decor! :) Good find on that pendant light!

  7. PS, someone asked about the book I used for the bird pics, the title is Audubon’s Masterpieces, there are different sizes and qualities but, I’ve seen them at thrift stores, here it is on Amazon:

  8. I love those! I’ve always thought it would be adorable to take kid paintings/drawings and make one with one of those color pop cords – sigh.. but mine aren’t little enough to pull that off any more :(

  9. I know what you mean about it being a statement piece. I bought the wine glass chandelier from Pottery Barn, hung it in my dining room and put my wedding crystal in it. I love it and it’s such a conversation starter.

  10. Oh my goodness the possibilities are endless what you could hang on that pendant, right? I love my things (not people, too stressful) to have multiple personalities.

    And, can I just say, yeeeeeeesssss, that someone other than me likes the hand candleholder? It makes me adore you even more that you get it. Thank you for the mention!

  11. I made a pendant light for my kitchen out of handmade paper from Anthropologie:
    And the cord…it ain’t right. Oh, and mine was published, too. sssshhhhhhh……….

  12. I love it with the bird pages! I’d totally put a bird on anything :)

  13. Do you just plug in your Ikea light each time you use it? Or did you put it on The Clapper to make it easier? (I had a friend who used The Clapper for her Christmas tree for years. Cracked me up!) I have a couple of those cord and bulb things from Ikea, but I don’t want to be crawling on the floor with my fanny in the air every time I want the light on!

  14. Where did you find the stripped curtains in this room? I love them!

  15. Totally going to do my best to hack this today!!! Thank you for the inspiration. xx

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