It’s back. The Haute Hides sale at Joss & Main. I promised I’d let you know so this is just a friendly reminder. Ignore this post if you are not in the market for a cowhide or leather rug.

cowhide rug

My rug is the grey herringbone 8 x 10 ish I’m 99.99% sure it’s the exact same rug they call the Artesia Leather Rug in Gray.  Did I tell you that my son spilled red soda on it?  It cleaned right up. I was shocked. Shocked I tell you.

Here are some other beauties:

white cowhide

Geneva Cowhide in Ivory

leather rug

Alameda Leather Rug

Agora Leather rug

Agoura Leather Rug


There are lots more to choose from!


Here’s the post about my cowhide rug, here’s a post where I talk about how I use Joss & Main and other flash sale sites & how I know what’s worth the $$. I’m also using a referral code for Joss & Main, if anyone joins as a new member from clicking from Nesting Place I get a $15 credit when they make their first purchase, if you are a Joss & Main member, you have a referral code too, use it if you talk about your great finds on facebook & at your blog if you have one. (When you are logged into your Joss & Main account click on the left upper corner where it says +Invite Friends to get your unique code).