Tomorrow, I’m beyond thrilled to open my ragamuffin, imperfect, loved on, rental home for a six-room Christmas photo shoot for a beloved magazine.  (I think I can say which one, I’ll double-check and if so I’ll tell you in my next post, because don’t you want to read all about the shoot?).  We’ve had all our Christmas stuff out for an extra three weeks, and I’ve even been playing Christmas music.  It helps get my Christmas creativity flowing.

I really hope the photos are inspiring and motivating and show that it doesn’t take a bag of money and 15 red and green Christmas bins to have a Christmasy home.


I believe in mismatched sheets and unmade beds, trying to figure out how that translates to a photo that also represents us as carefree, creative artists but doesn’t embarrass us by screaming “people, she’s just too lazy to take 30 seconds and  make up the bed!”.  Not that it would be the end of the world if we made up the bed…


Out with the old, dead, BROWN tree, in with the new, Colonial, old-fashioned tree that I am now addicted to.



Mom helped me clean. I think it took her 45 minutes to sweep.  And she’s a fast sweeper. We have lots of floors.


I think I’ve wrapped more pretend gifts than real gifts this year!


PS, remember the last photo shoot we had in May and how I wrote all about it?  The magazine is out in many places now, and should be out this week everywhere it’s the Spring 2013 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine.  That day was one of the most fun days of my entire year.

If you are new here, a great place to start is our home tour.

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In other news, did you see this?  I did it last year, along with thousands of other women.  YOU should join in this year!