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It’s official Goal-Thinking-About-Season. And I’m doing it too, but of course, since I wear house colored glasses, my thoughts include our home.

Here’s where I hope to head this year when it comes to our home::

Handmade items–from my hands or other people’s hands, it doesn’t matter, but I’ve noticed that the things that seem to finish my rooms often are handmade items.

Look for Contrasts–black and white, sparkly and rustic, masculine and feminine….

Using what I have in creative ways

Investing in pieces that will serve us for a long time

Having fewer things in our home, but I don’t want it to be empty, I just want the things I have, to have a voice. Focus on larger, more purposeful, items instead of lots of tiny dustibles.

Plants, and being ok with learning what plants I’m good with by killing off the one’s I’m not (I wrote a series about using plants in our homes, here’s the first post if you want to read all about what I’ve learned so far about being planty)

Unfinished woods, I just like ’em

Pay attention to how we use our rooms and be willing to adjust accordingly.

So there’s no specific goal this year like “Add a 48 in rod to the guest room for the drapes I’ve bought but yet to put up” although that’s something I do need to do. This year I have more of a general direction and I’ve learned I don’t really need to write out a list of directions when it comes to my house to lead me where I want to go. But I may change my mind and write out a 20 page proposal next year of my 2014 goals for our home.

What about you? Do you actually write specific house goals? I certainly have in the past and I think it’s been really helpful. But this year I like the simplicity of stating the overall ideas I’m after. If you want to write down your specific goals, Melissa created a printable that is just the right amount of goal setting that seems really doable.

Past Home Goalie Posts::

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Need direction for how to think about your home? Here’s a 31 Day Series about the purpose of our homes, it’s a great place to start!



  1. I love the “using what I have in creative ways.” That’s real creativity to me—when you can reuse items to create completely new looks. Great list! :)

  2. I finished my curtains and ottoman cover between Christmas and the New Year! I’ve had those projects on the “list” for almost a year. Now to focus on other areas. (My daughter bought me frames and a promise to help with my gallery wall that’s been talked about for too long.) Thanks for the little push I needed to get focused.

  3. We are essentially new empty-nesters, 2 girls married, 1 boy in college, and we’re now trying to figure out how to effectively use all this space! First on the agenda is new paint…everywhere! Beyond that, a chair for my new office. Wait, and curtains for the family room. Hmmm…maybe I do need to write these down. =)

  4. Love your thoughts! I think using what you have in creative ways is a plus! Have a great week.

  5. “Pay attention to how we use our rooms and be willing to adjust accordingly.”

    A few years ago I had this idea to put a table in our living room for doing homework on. Guess what? No one used that table. The kids sit on the couch or the floor or their beds to do homework. I had some idealized Norman Rockwell image of what homework time would look like. We got rid of that table yesterday. The open space is kind of delicious.

  6. Make do or do without, I am constantly trying to make creative pieces with what we already own and I agree buying pieces of furniture should be a well thought out process and they should be strong and sturdy to withstand the normal wear and tear of ones household.

  7. I don’t write out house goals…I write out a To Do List…it doesn’t mean it will get done….but it’s a start! I think our home has adjusted to us…we’ve lived here for 29+ years, raised and exported two of three sons, one still at home, and we use our house so much differently than we used to 20 years ago. Seems as though our home has evolved as we have changed. And hopefully it will serve us for another 20! ;)

  8. I have a paint project or two this year. A bedroom that has been abandoned (mostly) by our college son needs paint. It’s bright green right now. I want cream or something subdued with black and/or wood accents. I also need to clean carpets right now. That should do for a while.
    I like your goals.

  9. As always, inspiring. I love the way you thought through your home goals (the home-made touches + textures you love). I just posted some goalish content as well. Still fine-tuning…but I definitelly feel the (blog) pressure to set me some goals. Have an amazing week!

  10. Peace. That is my main goal for my “house” this year. We are currently in an unusual and unexpected living situation. And I want peace to reign. (Maybe next year I’ll again have my own space to think about paint, furniture and other fun things.)

  11. My favorite of your goals/tips is to use contrasts, especially the masculine/feminine.

  12. LOVE your goals. I LOVE contrast, especially in the winter (dark, bare trees against snow or a light blue sky)…or maybe it’s because I have ghostly-white skin and darkish hair? Any way. One of my goals is to “do” at least 13 NEW things in 2013 – not your average, run-of-the-mill try a new recipe or buy a new outfit or pillow, but more like learning a new skill set, or totally changing the way I do something, making new friends, etc. I want everything in my home to reflect who we are, or evoke a treasured memory, or just be something we really love…the rest is truly clutter. Happy New Year!

  13. wow, I agree with that all and can’t wait to read your 2013 posts… did you discuss the white sofa being back yet? I may have missed it but was waiting to here about the “change”

  14. I know this is off-topic, but love the white sofa back in!! :) ~Kim

  15. Hi Nester, I’ve got the plant goal going on also. For the life of me, I can keep them growing, but they always look sickly. Brown edges on the leaves, growing in 5 different directions. dropping leaves, the whole sad story. I’ve tried watering a little, watering a lot, using fertilizer, changing rooms, temperatures, direction of sunlight they receive…no response. They just look at me and say, “Now what?”. Do you think a person can truly have a brown thumb? Am i not sending nurturing, caring vibrations to my plants. The final straw was last summer when I finally managed to kill what had been a lovely braided trunk fig tree we received 4 years ago. I so want to wash my hands of it, but I just love having gorgeous green plants in the house.

    • oh to me, keeping a tree alive for 4 years is a WIN! I don’t know the average age of houseplants but anything that lasts over a year makes me feel like I did a good job!

  16. I love the idea of less stuff and letting what you love have a voice. I am struggling with that now. After taking down Christmas my house feels fresh and light. I love it. I love stuff but I tend to over do it. My goal for 2013 will be to dejunk my house. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  17. Great home goals! I think I’ll be striving for many of these myself! Happy New Year! Hugs, Leena

  18. really inspiring post :)

  19. I’m digging the handmade! It is so important as a society to appreciate authentic handmade stuff!!! Love it!

  20. I make resolutions every year, and keep them all. But they are very vague and directional. I have three this year, and my biggest one is about making our house into a home, after 3 years of living here. I wrote about it here:
    I love your list. My favorite is using contrasts. I’ll try to work that into mine, too.

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