1_stissingrdSisse Jonassen‘s Home via Design Sponge. Photography: Emily Gilbert

Invest in these trends that are in:

1. Being content with what you have even the old, imperfect, mismatched and loved on, yes, that is so IN (also, it never goes out)

2. Welcoming friends in your home without apology

3. Enjoying your home, wherever you are now, not waiting on some glorious, magnificent, presentable home of the future. I’m talking to you, renters, I’m right there with you.

4. Recognizing that this home is your next home compared to your last home.

5. Using your home as a place of connection, rest, refuge and fun.

6. Taking that risk to make your home a place you love.


Trends that are totally out, trust me, I know these things:

1. Complaining about what you have, that is so 2010

2. Complaining about what you don’t have, that is so 2011

3. Comparing your stuff to other people’s stuff. Even people you don’t know or don’t care about or want to be like in any way other than thinking you want their cute stuff. Like gosh that’s totally ’80s and all.

4. Green. Specifically Green with Envy.  It looks bad on everyone. For real, I don’t care what anyone tells you.


What uncommon trends are you banning or adopting for 2013?