Have Less Be More


I worried no one would come.

An hour and a half before the sale three brave, beautiful women set up their chairs so they could be first in line.

By 11am there were 100 people in line.  Forgive me for underestimating you.

And thank you for your immeasurable help: Katherine, Tracie, Reeve, Karrie (& Josh) Emily

My cute parents, the the map of children Angela’s family sponsors through Compassion (yes) and my compassion poster.

The facts:

It was supposed to be a 4 hour sale we sold out in 90 minutes.

We raised $500 for Compassion!

And even though we did it at a larger venue it still was entirely too small.

My house feels lighter.  I’m already gathering up more stuff I can get rid of.  And for our next sale, it will be pure housewares, no clothes, no books, no anything  else.  We know what you want.

Thanks especially to the fellas that came–the ones who helped with the sale–Dad, Reeve’s Dad, Josh, Weston–Angela’s husband, my husband (he had to leave for a funeral but helped so much the day before) and our three boys, and for the fellas that braved coming with the wives.  And to my mom for making lunch and coffee and serving us all.  And to Tia and Tracie for the clothes racks and the Huntersville Herald for featuring the story and I know I’m forgetting people.  Thank you!

For those of you who lived close enough to come (or who traveled! ATLANTA!) I hope this stuff will help create memories thank you for being a part of helping us clear out our homes, and using stuff for good!

Want to see more photos? Angela did a much better job documenting the sale, check out her post here.


  1. You thought no one would come? To your sale? Oh, girl, you underestimate yourself. You have the power to convene people!

    I’m so glad the sale was successful. My house is in need of yet another purge. I suppose I need to accept the fact that as long as I’m alive, I’ll have things that I outgrow and should release to someone for whom they’re just the right size! (As long as those things aren’t my jeans, that is. Those I can’t afford to outgrow!)

    Bless you, friend.

    • Richella’s first paragraph. I’ll take it.

      I was just talking with another large blogger this weekend about the business, and you came up as someone who is doing it right. The success of your sale proves my point entirely.

  2. Hip hip hooray! You were on my radar in spirit. I’m glad it went so well.

  3. Love it! With all the cute stuff you & Angela have accumulated I am not at all surprised you sold out so fast. I have been on such a mission to get rid of stuff this year too and it feels SO GOOD. It has been incredible for my girls as well, and I am learning that we are all happier with less. In fact, I just wrote about what I am NOT getting them for Christmas this year:


    Wishing you much peace & joy this holiday season, Nester girl….you deserve it! xoxo

  4. You. Are. Awesome! <3

  5. I read this post and I find myself all verklempt. Not because you sold your things, not because I wasn’t there to own a piece of Nester memorobelia, but because you, Angela, and all those people who helped are so good. For all those nay sayers out there, this is evidence that there is good in the world, and good people who care, are generous, and full of heart and spirit.

  6. BOOM! I adore you.

  7. It was such a fun day and I LOVE my “new to me” stuff:)

  8. I love this! What an awesome success in more ways than one! I am inspired to clean out and sell my stuff for a good cause. Love your heart-you bless me. Happy to see sweet Tracie in there too. : )

  9. was tempted to mapquest how far of a drive it is to your place…

  10. sounds way too fun!

    but, alas, the drive from Salt Point, New York would have been just too long …

  11. I’m so sad it’s over! Can we do it again this weekend!?!?!? Meet you a Value Village in twenty!?!?

  12. I tried to come…. but I got pulled over by a cop…. and he wrote a warning on my forehead….
    {JK. Angela, I need to tell you that story…..}

    GIRLS! Your hearts are amazing. Houses lighter. Hearts full. LOVE you both!!!!!!

  13. I was THIS close to making a 10 hour drive to come to your sale. Then I realized I needed to clear out the space I wanted to put stuff in first. There is an excellent chance I’ll be roadtripping it next year, though (once my “junk room” is turned into a proper “office-library”). It’s pretty much win-win: I get a mini-vacation, you declutter your life, and a great charity gets both a financial and a publicity boost. So I guess that’s win-win-win!

  14. How fun! Super jealous of whoever got your Amy Butler rug!!!

  15. We had an absolute blast with you, Nester! You & Angela are delightful. It’s rare that you get the chance to meet someone you admire – much less to have that person SURPASS expectations of fabulousness. So thank you. And a beaded necklace will be coming your way in the near future… :)

  16. I can’t wait to see pics of your house now! What is it about decluttering that no matter how much you purge, no matter how often you purge it, there is always more to purge! I don’t even bring that much new stuff in!

  17. I pulled your web site up on my laptop just now and my husband asked me “Who is that?” I said “It’s my friend .. oh, wait, I’ve never met her … from online.” I would have loved to come but in the spirit of you sale, I was decluttering my own house.

    PS, your parents are completely adorable and cool with the boots leather jackets and Converse. I strive to be that cool.

  18. Aww man. We are in mooresville for thanksgiving and got into town at about noon Saturday my husband was like we should go to that sale but I had a feeling you would be sold out by then! We went to clines and had a good time though! Glad you had a great sale!!!

  19. What fun! Wish I lived closer, looks like it was an event, more than just a sale!

  20. Your pictures sort of look like Filene’s Basement in Boston. Lots of good stuff and tons of
    people buying it!! Great job for a good cause!

  21. Wow. You girls are amazing. I love that you would sell so much of your own stuff just so you could give the money away to other people. Although the many women who came, came to buy your stuff, they also came to be inspired and indeed that happened. Thanks for the example you’re setting when it comes to how we feel about our “stuff”. It’s a lot of fun to have but it doesn’t have to control us. Love you Nester and Angela. Wish I could’ve been there to enjoy the chaos.

  22. I was planning to come to your sale, and due to my husband working in NY/NJ in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy I couldn’t bring myself to brave the road trip from the Raleigh area with a 2 & 4 year old alone. SO bummed! I know it wasn’t meant to be, and I hope you have another one that I can make.

  23. I love my two new-to-me owl lamps. I cannot wait to put them in my daughter’s big girl room. I still think I should have won by coming from Gainesville, but I will get over it.

    I also bought one PBK dog pillow and one owl pillow from Angela. My daughter insisted on sleeping with them that night. Bringing her total of crib stuffed animals to approximately 35.

    Maybe you can organize a community yard sale. Like an all-of-Charlotte yard sale. Basically a flea market. But definitely when its warmer outside. And definitely after I move back to Charlotte in March.

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