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Shelley & Cason Planked their walls and it. is. stunning.  Go read all about it and remember, don’t Pin from here, be kind, Pin from the source.

Like my polka dot wall?  I’ve been a little obsessed with dots since I saw this and this on Pinterest.  A company called Walls Need Love sells them in a variety of sizes.  These are the 2 inch dots (144 to a sheet for $22)  I used less thank half a sheet for this wall.  And you just peel and stick and they are removable.  Just fun little vinyl dots that you can put anywhere and restick.  I didn’t even measure for this wall, just eyeballed it.  I told Walls Need Love how much I loved their dots and they created a coupon code just for Nesting Place readers.  Use code: nest25 for 25% off your entire purchase (expires on Thanksgiving).

 silent auction

 The Big Sale is Saturday November 17th here in Huntersville, NC here’s all the info, you are all invited, it’s from 11-3.  And we have SO. MUCH. STUFF.  That it is embarrassing.

Here’s a little peek.

Our local paper even did a write-up on the sale.  The sad part is, our homes don’t even look empty.  Also, I am on four different meds for my dumb allergic reaction so if I start singing Buffalo Gals really loud and eating fabric just ignore me.

Congratulations to Marla, Samantha, Kristin, Dawn & Amber!  You have won a copy of Miss Mustard Seed’s book Inspired You! You have already been contacted via email earlier this week.



  1. I’m glad to get a how-to link for wall planks. Thanks! I’m off to check it out. And those dots … so fun.

    I can’t wait to see your new style with less stuff. It will be inspiring!

  2. I checked out the site, and this might be my answer to having horizontal stripes, without trying to tape, and make sure the paint doesnt bleed under the tape and me having a meltdown! lol

  3. Love the dots! I have a room that I’ve been wanting to do dots in, but they always seem too busy – yours don’t. Nice placement!

  4. Gabe Aldridge says

    What type of payment are you accepting for the big sale?

  5. Loving the planked walls! Been seeing that lots and am itching to do this :)

  6. I am preparing my sackcloth and ashes outfit for tomorrow, since I will be mourning my inability to travel from Texas to NC for the sale. Hope my wailing doesn’t disturb your fun day! Something tells me there might be a whole choir left behind and wailing from the Lone Star State.

  7. Dear Nester, I know you like to stay anonymous – please note you can see your name in the paper clip. You will want to blur it or something.
    :) Erin

  8. I think this is her “coming out”, Erin.


  9. I am pouting inside today because I can’t make it to the sale. That mirror! I have the perfect spot for it. I had a little (medium sized) fender bender Thursday so we’re short a vehicle. Bummer. I hope you find your cuckoo clock and sell lots of stuff!

  10. Kimm at Reinvented says

    Must. Have. Those. Dots. They are divine. And I pretty much loove anything Shelley does, so will check that out too. Good luck with your sale today!

  11. Buffalo Gals and eating fabric – that almost made me drop my coffee! Too funny. Have fun at your sale!

  12. Yay! I’m so excited to win the book! Thanks again for the giveaway! I am bummed that I live no where near NC to come to your sale! :) Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  13. “singing Buffalo Girls and eating fabric…” Haha! That was quite the mental picture. :) Hope you sale is going splendidly!

  14. What is it about decluttering and it not even making a dent!

  15. We have a very nice collection of mexican´s paintings.
    I think they would look great as a very original decoration. :)

    You should take a look if you like colorful and original art.

  16. Love the dots! Such a simple way to create an unexpected twist of fun and whimsy!

  17. Your dotted wall is just the cutest!~ I love that you are doing a garage sale with a purpose. I think it is is a bit easier for me to rid myself of “stuff” if I have motivation, a purpose. Like the “stuff” is not being wasted. I have definitely begun the living with less but have a way to go yet…

  18. I was so excited to see the lovely curved mirror with the seashell at the top. I have that mirror in my house in the exact same color and I adore it. I got mine at a garage sale for $10.

  19. LOVE, love, love the dots! :)

  20. I love your dotted wall! And those planks are always a favorite.

    And I’m loving my MMS book! It arrived yesterday and I’m just thrilled to have it. Thanks so much!

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