I’m Having A Big Sale, Won’t You Come?

I feel like I’ve been purging for the past 3 years.

And I kind of have.

The more stuff you get rid of, the more stuff you see that you can live without.  And I want to have a purposeful home and really use and enjoy what it is that we use up our precious space keeping and living with.

But also, I’m a creative, I play in my house and I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that having a few things go in and out of my house through the years comes with my job. For the past year or so I’ve changed my thrift shopping ways.    But I’ve also embraced who I am and what I do and have realized it’s ok for me to sometimes buy something just to see.  It’s part of my creative process and it’s kind of part of my job.  Because if I can come up with a good idea and share it, then that’s one of my favorite things.  But it’s a constant balance.

For the past six months I’ve really been going through our stuff.  And you will not believe what I’ve come up with…

Our two younger boys tried sharing a room in the playroom but for reasons I’ll tell you later, we decided not to do that.  For months their old room was a holding area. It started like this and got so full that I could barely walk through it.  A real hoarders room–right before we moved everything to the garage two weeks ago, I had to CLIMB OVER STUFF!

I said I’d never have a yard sale again, and so far, I’m not.

I mentioned it last week, Angela and I are having a Big Sale.  It’s no yard sale with used up kitchen utensils and T-shirts and 1980’s TVs.  Nope, we’ve both decide we’ve got a lot of decent stuff that still has life in it and some of it we are done with.

We are selling the good stuff people.

I’m selling my Amy Butler rug from my office.  It’s been out of there since April but I wanted to make sure I was really done with it.  Also done with the embellished drapes on either side of the door.  I’ll be selling those too.

We are changing how we use this room now that we have a dedicated guest room.  So all of the stuff on the bed is being sold, and the chevron rug and the two Dwell Studio pieces of fabric from the windows.

I have a little bit of a pillow issue. Here are some of the pillows I’m selling.   Some of these are brand new and came with my new sofa but I know I won’t use them.  I’ll be selling them for $2-12 depending on how nice and new they are.  For example those Pottery Barn Dog pillows are $5 each.

You know when you go to a thrift store and you hope to find that ONE GOOD thing?  Everything we are selling is that ONE GOOD thing you hope to find.  We decided to price like our local thrift stores price their good stuff, kind of between thrift store and fair consignment store prices (not the ones that are too expensive).

I’m selling my imperfectly painted bed. And another bed you’ve never seen. And the pillows in this room and the throw.  Two desks, lamps, cute clothes, cute shoes, jewelery, serving dishes, fabric, tchotchkes galore, craft supplies…  All sorts of great stuff.  Oh, one of the pairs of shoes I’m selling is in this picture, Michael Kors like new wedge heel loafers size 8.  I got them second-hand but they were a size too big. I was hoping I could make them work but nope.  Someone’s with size 8 feet is gonna get lucky.

Done with that homework table over there on the right.  Selling that.

I LOVE this coffee table.  Love.  BUT, now that we have the white sectional in this room, there isn’t really space for it.  I already got a new old crusty trunk for a replacement table and it’s about 1/3 the size.  So now, someone else can use this great table because I’m selling it. And I’m selling the blue side table/night stand on the right, I just painted it with Chalk Paint in a new color called Florence, it’s lovely but I don’t want that much color in this room and it looks so pretty that color that I don’t have the heart to repaint it.  I’m selling all those pillows too.

You could basically furnish a small house with the stuff that Angela and I will be getting rid of.  Here’s her post about some of the things she’s selling.  I want all of it already. But I’m not allowing myself to look too closely at what she’s selling or else it defeats my whole purpose.

We rented an indoor space and we are hoping to sell our cute stuff that we no longer need.  A portion of our sales will go to Compassion and I’ll be throwing the rest of what I make at our debt.  Our goal is to be debt free by the end of the year.  I hope you can come. I hope you find something for your home that you can use.

Remember the last yard sale I  had?

Emily and I stood in one place for two hours just running the ‘register’, and when I say register I mean dollar store calculator and a baggie of dollar bills.  We were SHOCKED at how many people came, and from how far–Virginia? DC? Tennessee? All to humble North Carolina?

Well if it was worth it then? THIS sale should be even more worth it. Because we are selling much better stuff. I promise, this is the best stuff I’ve ever sold.  AND, you don’t have to wake up early. This is an indoor sale from 11-3.

I’m so done with this stuff. Well, not the vacuum. I mean, I’d love to be done with that but then if I sell it our floors will be a mess.   Yes, that’s an owl lamp back there.  I’ll be selling a pair of those.  Imagine this closet times 50, and that’s what I’m getting rid of.  Half of my garage is full already and I’m not done yet.

Make it a girls day, come to the Big Sale, go to Ikea (just 20 minutes from the sale) and visit BeBe Gallini and also the Oak Street Mill (they share a parking lot in Cornelius, NC) and eat at Toast in Davidson or the Soda Shop and stop in at The Sanctuary (all on the same street in Davidson) while you are ’round these parts.  Or go to downtown Charlotte to my favorite shop for second-hand finds: The Sleepy Poet.  You can thank me later for that one.

I hope to see you Saturday the 17th 11-3

Wynfield Forest Clubhouse

15722 Wynfield Creek Parkway
Huntersville, NC 28078
Don’t forget, Angela and I have something two weekends in a row in November.  November 10th is the Marketplace (held just a few stores down from Bebe Gallini), so hopefully you can make it to one of these two weekends, the marketplace is all handmade raising money for the Kilgoris project in Kenya!
Will we see you in November?


  1. OH MAN I wish I could go. :(

  2. I’m going to try my best!!

  3. Oh fun!……Tx. may be a little far to come from but I wish you luck! Kuddos for giving a part of the proceeds to charity…you are a great example!

  4. Going, going, GOING!! Marked on my calendar in big letters. :)

  5. How about for us unlucky folks that live too far away you list some of your small stuff on ebay? I would love that and lots of others would too! Please consider this for us far away peeps.

    • ditto! i can’t quite make it a day trip from pa; would love the option to buy some items online, too! hope u have an amazing day!

  6. oh nester! would you be willing to sell me those pottery barn dog pillows? a certain 3 year old boy would LOVE those on his bed!!! I would LOVE to come….hmmm….how long would the drive be from panama city, florida??!!!

  7. CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!

  8. I agree with vickyl, would love to see the smaller stuff on ebay so that we could bid! How I wish that I could be there but it’s 8 hrs from here to Winston Salem, NC, my step daughter lives there that’s how I know:) Have a wonderful sale!

  9. Ohhh mercy I am already getting emails and tweets and such about putting things on ebay or pre-selling. I don’t think it’s fair to pre-sell, even though I love you all, BUT I will consider ebay for a few things that I’m getting a lot of requests about since some of you are so far away. I’ll let you know in a week or so what we can do!

  10. oh, I wish I lived in North Carolina! Or had a house. Or even a permanent address. :)

  11. Yeah, I want to be that person coming from Tennessee. Because my new house could use a lot of your stuff. Mercy.

  12. Is this the new torture section of your series? Because for those of us who love you (and that would be everyone!), this is like a Sotheby’s auction of Jackie O’s stuff. Only a million times better because real people can use your stuff! I hope it is even more of a success than you can imagine.

  13. Are you looking forward to the powerful feeling of peace you’ll feel when it all goes?? :-) What a great, unique sale. Hope you get a terrific turnout!

  14. Dang it! I’m out of town that weekend…and I NEVER go out of town.

  15. Ok, I am growing a bit concerned that this sale is going to get black-friday-ugly… lol Seriously, though. Extra security. ;) I know that the point is to provide these beautiful castoffs at great prices, but since some of the proceeds are going to charity and some of these items have been coveted by many for a very long time, I wonder if some of the items you are getting a lot of interest in might be better auctioned to the one that “loves them the mo$t”? Just sayin. I hope it’s super fun and I envy you your future empty garage. :)

    • considering it! Although I know I won’t be able to ship big items, but for some of the small items I think it could be a fun way to get others involved. But more work for me, womp womp…

  16. I wonder how my husband would feel about me driving from Montana to North Carolina for a yard sale? ;-) This is the sale to end all sales, in my opinion. I hope you make your goals!

  17. I am super excited to come out and see what you girls have!!

  18. Would you be willing to sell some of these items online?


  19. I cannot wait to see your house decor in the coming weeks and months. I’m trying to do the same thing, paring down to the essential beauties to keep in my house. I can just imagine how light you’ll feel after everything is out of your garage and storage room. :D

  20. Nester, I can’t wait to see what you’re replacing your Amy Butler rug with! I have to say…I’ve seen some change ‘a coming at your nest. I’m always excited to see what you come up with!

  21. Well, I’m just a straight shot through Arizona, NM, Texas, Ok, Arkansas & Tenn.. about 2,400 miles away! I wish I could make it, what a dream sale that will be! :-)

  22. P.S. I’m with the online sale idea ;-)

  23. Just checked mapquest. Not out of the question from south Alabama. Will try my best to be there! You have so many lovely things!!!

    • Oh my word! I might need to get a prize for the person who comes the furthest!

    • Lisa-
      We live in Mobile, AL and go to Charlotte (moorseville) several times a year and usually drive to ATL on friday night then the rest of the way Sat. It usually runs a few hundred dollars in gas though! It’s worth is just for Cline’s Antiques! But for the Nester’s sale too? So worth it!
      Nester, I’m going to have to check out the Sleepy Poet the next time we are up there!

  24. Oh, those embellished drapes….. that’s what I would get if I didn’t live 12 hours away. And the blue rug with quatrefoil-like pattern. :)

  25. I just suggested to my husband a road trip from Texas to your sale for our 4th anniversary. ;) Let’s see if he thinks I’m nuts.

  26. Ack!! You big tease! You’re 14 hours from me and having your sale on my kiddo’s birthday! I wish I was closer! Any chance you could move your sale a little north? Or a lot? :)

  27. No fair!!! I live in Canada and really, really want that rug in your office! Its things like this that make me want to move to the south :), well this and the fact that you rarely ever see snow down there!!

  28. Aw man! I am actually going to be in Charlotte that weekend but we are doing The Color Run that day and are in one of the later groups so I doubt we’d be able to make it in time! Boo!! Maybe you should have a small preview sale the night before! (Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge) Or maybe we could just skip the run…shopping is better than exercise right?

  29. that awesome lineup of pillows made me laugh!! girl. your ENTIRE sectional is covered in pillows stacked like books on a bookshelf! you rock.

  30. aw super bummed you’re on the east coast side of the states. I would so go if I could. But happy selling, I am sure it will be a great turn out.

  31. The Sleepy Poet?? Isn’t that where we went in March? OHHHHH y’all, LISTEN to Nester here and get to her house! ♥

  32. I too was hoping this would be an online sale. I live half way across the country from you. I’m very interested in the bedroom linens and the chevron rug that is oicture in the room with the blue sofa. Oh, and the curtain(though I’d need two sets). These items would brighten up my drab basement so much that I might actually not be embarrassed to have guests stay down there!

  33. If it wasn’t for my kids/husband/budget and living a couple thousand miles away I would so totally be there camping out the night before to be first in line!! I’m drooling over your stuff. Best garage-type sale, ever!

    I’m also voting for an on-line sale/auction. In case you’re taking a vote. ;)

  34. right now the west coast has never felt farther from the east coast!! i actually made the cross country road trip earlier this summer but i don’t have the heart to do it again. let’s make a deal – if you email me your real name i will find a way to get there and buy every last pillow ;) (just kidding but i have been scheming on how to learn your real name one day :) )

    • It’s not that hard to figure it out–totally not worth driving :} I always use it in real life when I meet people and any magazine that has featured me uses it and I just saw it used online on a friend’s blog today!!! But I’m not telling which one, yet!

  35. man! I wish I could come! I’m even a sz 8! ;)

  36. Feeling so sad right now that I live in Arizona!

  37. I have it down on my calendar! I live about 2 hours away so I am definitely going to make this a girls’ weekend!!!

    Thank you, in advance, for pricing things fairly for those of us that are pinching pennies! Even though we might not have a lot of money to spend, we still like to have nice stuff so it’s great that you aren’t going to price things at “retail”.

    Looking forward to it!!

  38. Hope it goes well! I can’t drive 3 hours for it, though, so I shared it on my facebook for all my Charlotte area friends. Looking forward to hearing how successful it is :)

  39. Are you selling the black chairs & bench with the black plaid cushions??

  40. Might swing by! Loving what I see :)

  41. I wish I could be there!!! :)

  42. The kitchen sink? Is that for sale? You totally sucked me in with your cleverly written post. Cute stuff. Love the rug in your office but I’ve got no place to put that. Good luck! :)

  43. Blessings on your sale, Nester!!

  44. Gah! I live in Oregon and it just isn’t sensible for me to fly across the country for your fabulous sale. However, I simply MUST have the Michael Kors wedges. Can I make you an offer? I’m serious.

  45. What a free-ing feeling! ~Kim

  46. MichelinTexas says

    I know they won’t be in your upcoming sale, but can you please tell me where and when you bought the pair of white double gourd lamps? I want lamps like that soooooooo badly!

  47. Where did this beautiful lamp come from (pic#1)?

  48. A garage sale that doesn’t start till 11? I love you. I honestly love you. Even though I’m in Texas and can’t come.

  49. Oh, I WISH I could come to the sale and all those cool haunts I’ve heard you speak of before!! ENJOY the day – both weekends!

  50. Oh My Gosh! I’m dying! I love, LOVE that bedding on the guest bed by the sofa! Oh how I wish I could make it down there! You have some fabulous items! I know that you will have such a successful sale! Sure wish it was mail order LOL! Have fun! Hugs, Leena

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