I Like to Move it

My number one favorite decorating secret?  Move stuff around.  Shop the house and try it in a different spot.  The process isn’t usually pretty, or understandable (good thing my husband didn’t walk in while I had the chair on the bed). But it can lead to a fun fresh room for zero dollars.

Dresser from the guest room + mirror that was leaning against another mirror in the bathroom + chair moved to the other side = much needed change.


  1. Yes! I LOVE to shop the house. Seeing the results is so much fun, and I love your changes here!

  2. Yes! Seeing our treasures in a new light is the best way to appreciate what we have …

  3. Colleen P. says

    LOL-unfortunately my spouse is of the “it must stay where it was put when we moved in until we either move again or die!” persuasion. It took 3 1/2 years in our current house for me to convince him that the TV would work better on a different wall in the living room.

    • move it yourself. Move the small stuff around and learn what you are doing. yep. if you ask him to help you move every chair and table he’ll stop saying yes.

  4. I always wish this was something I could do, but my bedroom is too small so there’s only one place to put the bed, and my family room is oddly-shaped and so we had to buy a sectional to fit it. Sectional=works only one way. And the TV can only go in one location so that can’t be moved either. It’s disappointing.

    • You are not alone in this! I do not think I get this idea of moving things around because of it. Why take reading lamps away from the only place in the living room you can sit? Are you supposed to put them on a console table in the dining room that is too small for them just to change things up? Put them in a closet I do not have and get new ones? Might be nice if you have a really large house or three small pieces of furniture.

      • My bed and TV and sectional can all only go in one place too, but as our seasons of life change, so does how we use a room. So in this post, I changed out a desk for a dresser in the guest room. I can switch chairs and wall hangings and I even moved the armoire over a few feet to help balance it all. I don’t remove reading lamps, but I have been known to switch them with reading lamps from other rooms for a change. It like with outfits. You don’t always wear the same shirt with only one pair of pants. Different shirts can go with different pants. In my house, I have some chairs that could feasibly work in any room. So if I just want some fun change, I’ll take 4 minutes and switch around some of my thrifted chairs.

        Try it with some artwork or something small and you may get the bug!

  5. This has been a hobby of mine since I was 10 or 11. From that point on I rearranged my room at least once a month. Nearly every weekend my best friend and I would spend time fixing up each other’s room. Every drawer, surface, and corner was arranged and organized just so. On overhaul weekends, we would move EVERYTHING around, throw away random papers etc, and raid the other areas of our homes that our moms said we could use. We only ever got rid of wallpaper and painted once. Other than that it was simple rearranging. Now, I’m not doing things quite that often, but it’s how I give my house regular face lifts with each season.

  6. I am really, really enjoying this series nester, it’s been enlightening and interesting, so thanks.

    But now I am truly coveting your pink pouffe, please, where is it from?


  7. I totaly agree, it’ s so much fun moving furniture around, the result is a whole new room. I don’t even remember how many times I moved the furniture in my old house ‘s living room within 8 years we lived there. I remember when I watch old home made dvds.

  8. Even if I can’t move furniture, I like to shift mirrors, frames, smaller stuff… Swap one single chair for another..or swap curtains or Or keep the same piece but spray paint it ( all ideas I totally got from Nesting Place, btw) :) It’s just a fun way to get somewhat of a new look for cheap to free…
    The comment about the bffs who rearranged stuff made me smile with with memories… My childhood BFF and I did the same thing!!! Sooo fun!

  9. Do you use those sliding disks underneath the furniture legs if you’re moving stuff around without your husband’s help? Maybe your boys help you? :)

    • I have those but rarely need to pull them out, I can move 90% of the stuff in our house by myself so I try not to ask my husband to help. If you ask him to help every time and then you decide you don’t like it there, it’s not not fun for him and he’ll eventually start saying no or not wanting to help. But for me, it’s fun. Plus, most things are easy to move, all that stuff I moved around in our bedroom was just a one person job.

  10. A little new to following you. And I realize that I really hesitate to change anything in case I mess it up. I’m the same with the tech world. I fear that if I hit the wrong button, I’ll lose everything. I appreciate your creativity and willingness to just play around with your house furnishings and accessories till you get a new look you like. Free to play!

    • I’d say this is a great place to start. If somehow you possibly “mess it up” all you have to do is move everything right back where it is. Moving furniture to a different wall in your house is about the least riskiest risk in the world. Start there, then move onto tech stufff!

  11. This is such an interesting perspective. So glad you shared, thanks!

  12. Amen to this post…..change/moving furniture, always helps/makes me avoid buying something new!!

  13. Can I ask what your paint color is? It’s lovely!

  14. Moving stuff: one of my favorite things to do. I generally do it after Christmas when I have already moved some things around due to having a big tree and various decorations. I am limited in arrangements due to having an old house with big rooms but lots of windows and doors (six doors in and four windows in the living room plus a fireplace). Another great trick, which is easier than moving furniture, is to look at your room through a mirror. Hold up a fairly large mirror, at least 8 x 10 at arm’s length and look at the reflection of the room behind you. I have read that Sister Parrish did this when she finished a room. I always see something I need to rearrange. Don’t know why it works, but it does.

    • YES!!! I’ve never heard of anyone else who ever does this!!!! I’ve done this since I was little, LOVE doing this and it gives you a fresh perspective. I always look in a mirror at my room and have always liked it BETTER in the mirror, I think because we see it for what it is as a whole, it’s a great trick!

      • Melissa McIntyre says

        I’ve never used a mirror, but taking pictures helps me the same way! Too funny, kind of thought I was a little crazy! I’m actually in the process of moving all sorts of things around in my house right now.We are used to moving about every 2 years or so, but we have been in our rental for almost 4 years now, and I’ve gotten bored!

  15. I think I have moved something almost every week recently! I asked my husband if he liked the LR/DR swap, and he said, “I don’t know if I should get used to it, or if it will be different tomorrow!” Then he asked me to please leave it, because he really likes it. I find the changes to be (mostly) like therapy for me. And moving furniture is a great way to clean behind stuff!

  16. I couldn’t agree more! I re-arranged the furniture in my son’s room this weekend and I feel like it’s an entirely new space. I’m so inspired that now I want to do it in other rooms of my house, too. I can’t wait!

  17. NESTER! It worked! My brain has been chewing on my living room for the last month, ever since we were given a new-to-us couch. Odd, open floor plan, not the “right” furniture, not enough furniture… Or so I thought.

    I read this post yesterday, my brain went to work, I pulled a desk from my son’s room that wasn’t being used. (Um, he’s an infant…) FINALLY! I AM NOT COMPLETELY EMBARRASSED OF MY LIVING ROOM!

    *sigh* Thanks.

  18. Yay!! I have moved/rearranged a different room every.single.day for the last three weeks or so. :) We sold our house a year ago, put 90% of our stuff in storage, had another baby, bought another house, tore it down except for one wall, built our new home and just moved in October 2. Every day I am finding more stuff I forgot I had, looking for things I can’t seem to find and spray painting most anything not nailed down. I just wanted to say hi and say I’ve been reading your blog for years and it has helped me IMMENSELY with this move and I think of your tips daily as we settle in. Thanks for your help and sharing your talents!!

  19. I totally do this too! I agree… for us who are constantly thinking about all things ‘home’ it helps to freshen things up (for free) this way.

  20. When I was a teenager, I would rearrange my room at least once a month. Used to shuffle things around quite often in our previous home, but REALLY need to do that here. Thanks for the kick in the keester!

  21. I love your phrase ‘shopping the house’ – I too do this! Love your results. I’m in the middle of moving things around as I write this too – soon though, all will back in order and refreshingly ‘new’.

  22. will you please take a picture of that bust wearing the eye patch?!
    seriously, have been considering your term “stuff manager”…i unwittingly have added that to my jobs list too. i’m tired. i love to “shop” the house like you do. carry on.

  23. Hi Nester, so glad I stopped by, you know this is one thing that I haven’t did is move things around to different rooms, I really need to do that! I like the idea because it’s free:) Always read your posts btw!

  24. Wow, I totally love how you painted the wall behind your bed! It is gorgeous! Fabulous! Even with stuff piled on your bed, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful walls!
    And thanks for the encouragement to “move it”, we move things around every once in a while & I’m always like “This is SO much better! Why did I wait so long?” I need to practice moving stuff around more often! In fact, there is a corner in my dining room coming to mind right now, hmmmm…

  25. Susan in the UK says

    As I read your post about moving things around I looked up at the picture on the wall opposite my desk. I love the picture and wouldn’t get rid of it but the colors don’t suit the autumn shades of this room. However, the picture is perfect for the dark blue, aqua and teal shades of the bedroom. A minute later and it was hanging on the wall above the bed, providing a focal point that my eyes are drawn to as I enter the room.

    Now I’m looking for the right picture to fill the gap in my living room.

    Thank you for providing the inspiration.

  26. Can you tell me where you got the wallpaper? thanks

  27. its so amazing i would love to try this, thanks for sharing it

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