31: Question Everything

I’m a decorative pillow-aholic.

I love a great pillow.  Some women spend their extra money on shoes, I want decorative pillows.  And lamps.  And iced coffees.

But the scales fell off my eyes this summer and I saw our bedroom as if for the first time.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m no neat freak.  Some people who I’m married to even call me messy.  In my defense, I wake up about two hours earlier than my husband, I’m an early bird, so coming back upstairs just to make the bed never crosses my mind. But one morning I walked back up to our room to grab something and I noticed it.  I’m a self-proclaimed messy bed promoter.  I’m okay with not making up the bed. BUT.  Our room always looked messy because it almost always had SIX decorative pillows on the chairs and the floor.

Why am I doing that to myself?  The bed looks pretty good to me, even when it’s unmade.  I’m a girl who appreciates an unmade bed and its come hither call.  But those pillows all over the floor made the room look downright unkempt.

So I packed up the pillows to see if I could deal with life without them.

Here’s the room a few days later.   Yeah, it wouldn’t kill me to tidy up the bed but that’s not the point.  The point is, I know myself.  And most likely I’m not going to be making our bed every day.  But the room is so much more inviting without a bunch of pillows on the floor.  And I feel like less of a bad wife for not tidying up the room. WIN!

Packing up those extra pillows was so freeing to me.  I’d rather them find a good home where someone can enjoy them. And over the past few months I’ve wandered the house looking for other things that I’m not really using to their full potential.


This post is part of a 31 Day series.  Find all my posts here.

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  1. I’m at the same point in my living room. Throw pillows are literally thrown around frequently and decorate the floor more often than the furniture. We do use the pillows when we sit on the sofa, but picking up pillows all day long is tiresome. I think its one of those things I need to train my kids to pick up after themselves.

  2. LOL…we had the same issue at our home of pillows on the floor, all the time and in more than just the bedroom. I finally compromised with the family (husband and 2 teen-age boys). Pillows can be quite the irritation for men. So, we have pillows on the living room couch for mom, but not on the manly tv watching room couch. When we have visitors, I have decorative pillows on the bed for their initial welcome, but I make sure they mysteriously disappear into a closet before bedtime, even though we would just throw them on the floor, guests are polite and they never know what to do with the nice extra pillows so I make sure to eliminate the uncertainty for them :).

    • Ottomans or a large basket are great for hiding pillows that aren’t in use, they still offer easy access to the pillows for napping and relaxing when needed.

  3. Nester you are so on the money and crack me up all the time and you do it by telling the truth. I have two take back pillows right now to Tues Morn and it’s a killer cuz they match family room couch really well. I had a party recently and I told my husband we are just going to have party pillows tucked away, kinda like your Sunday clothes :). That way don’t get messy and give that decorative pop a color for when company is coming over. Anyway just had to tell you our bedroom totally does the same thing! It cracks me up :)

  4. I only have ONE throw pillow that does not say on the bed when we sleep. It’s so liberating!

  5. Pillows and lamps are my weakness too! Last year, I rounded up all the decorative toss pillows I wasn’t using and either gave them away to family, or vacuum packed the life right out of them! (You wouldn’t believe how many toss pillows you can vacuum seal in one medium-sized bag!) Ooops, sorry, I shouldn’t be an enabler here, should I? Great post. Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  6. I have actually been known to make my bed just so I can get in it…that’s how much an unmade bed drives me crazy. I blame my OCD on the flylady. Gotta love a gal who keeps it real! That’s you, Nester always keepin it real!

  7. i did this same thing last month! i hate making the bed and don’t mind it undone, but once we squeezed my hubby’s desk into the corner of our bedroom, it drove me crazy how messy it always looked. i took away all the little pillows and made a great pillowcase for a body pillow that strethches all the way across the bed and its so easy to throw it up there and then the whole bed looks made! even my hubby does it!

  8. What a simple change! And your already lovely room looks just that much nicer when it’s tidy. I don’t make my bed either, but I need to have at least one extra pillow in the room. Otherwise I can’t read in bed! My husband doesn’t look too kindly on someone who steals his pillow ;-)

    We’re contemplating a cross-country move sometime in the next year, so to prepare for that we’re already re-evaluating everything we own to decide whether it’s worth moving. If we don’t love it, it’s not coming!

  9. Ooooh…I like the diference! Such a simple, but beautiful (my 31 days theme!)change. You’ve inspired me. I have been thinking that we’ll be downsizing soon. In the next year or two. And I’m going to take some plastic bins and start to take away some of the tchotches I have around. Just too many makes things look messy.
    I do make my bed however…every day. I just can’t not. But your bed doesn’t look as unmade as ours’ usually does.

  10. I got rid of the pillows on our bed a year or two ago for the same reasons, and we haven’t looked back. I love it without all the extra pillows. It really is freeing!

  11. I like the bed a little messy, so you know it’s actually a room that people live in. And for the bed itself it’s better, so it can air during the day ;)

  12. One of your other commenters mentioned flylady, I highly recommend their system for getting your house cleaned too. I love the idea of blessing my home, the fact that you cannot organize clutter, and most of all, that you are never behind. Took me several months to ” get it”, but it is amazing in sort of a weird, circle of life kind of way, how a few routines can set a whole new tone in your house.

  13. I totally agree getting rid of those unncessary extras can be so liberating. I love your bedroom by the way. It looks so calm and peaceful.

  14. One of my points recently in my FOCUS campaign is to know yourself. You said, “The point is, I know myself.” Knowing yourself and accepting yourself is one of the keys to a happy life. I’m messy, too.

    The room looks better without the pillows. Can you have a wall of pillows hung from hooks? ;-) I think the pillows have been functioning as art for you.

  15. Colleen P. says

    I do like the room better without the pillows everywhere, but I feel compelled to say that a good rule in any household is that he who leaves the bed last is the one that makes it! I have it on good authority that no man has ever been shot while doing simple household tasks, especially those that mean his wife does not have to go back upstairs to make up the bed he was just standing next to while scratching himself.

    However, he who makes the bed should also be the one that decides how many pillows belong on it. Gotta be fair, after all!

    • That’s a great plan Colleen…although these days I’m the last one out of bed. I should start making it and see whether I like my bedroom better.

    • love that!

    • Haha, “standing next to while scratching himself.” Are you watching my bedroom? That is exactly what happens in my house, 2 hours after I’VE gotten up and gotten three kids out the door for school. That is why our bed is usually not made – I don’t get back up there to see the carnage until bedtime usually.

  16. Hubby and I made a rule a long time ago. Last one out of bed has to make it! Great to see you recently, Nester, Twice in two weeks. Lucky me! PS Read yesterday’s post to my Financial Peace class full of teens. They loved it! Great insight, as always.

  17. Ah yes, the bed messies… at our house, the last one out of the bed has to make it! Admittedly, hubby doesn’t attempt ‘hospital corners,’ but I am totally charmed by his sweet efforts none the less.

    Enjoy your pillow freedom!

  18. I did the same thing a few months ago. I’m so glad to know others have as well. I’ve been feeling a little guilty, like it’s just too simple. Or I broke a major design rule. Now I’ll just enjoy it. Somehow knowing I’m not alone in this decision makes me feel better.

  19. Oh yes…all those pillows that look so great ON the bed really do make the room look messy. I feel like I go to be in a messy room just because of that. Zeesh! All that being said….if you don’t have clothes lying all over…I don’t really think that pillows makes for calling someone a messy. Really.

  20. No joke. I just had this thought today. Not to mention I have this little three-year-old boy who ONLY likes to play with ALL the pillows on the days that I actually make the bed. I’m going to be looking for another place for those suckers for sure.

  21. Easy peasy.

  22. I have often thought the same thing. Why have a throw or duvet cover at the foot of my bed solely for decorative purposes? If we aren’t using it, there is no need in it creating more work for me when I have to make sure it’s straightened every day. (I love to crawl into a nice, made up bed. I think the sheets feel better.) My husband is a wild sleeper, so I have to always pull the fitted sheet back on his side of the bed when I straighten it, so something like a throw would be half off in the floor every morning.

  23. oh my. I am NOT a bed maker either and I have to tell you that the idea of getting rid of all those extra pillows is very liberating :) ours also spend most of the time on the floor where my two toddlers make “pillow submarines” out of them. but when they’re not playing with them…the clutter makes me feel a bit uneasy…and there have been more than one occasion when i tripped on them in the middle of the night.

  24. Sorry… you will never break me of my pillow habit. They are my crack. I proudly have a closet full of pillow covers that I switch out seasonally and I will never get rid of it. I love letting my boys make all the pillow and blanket forts they want on a daily basis. And I love the commenter who said that your pillows were functioning as art for you, maybe they are and so what? Pillows are colorful, cheerful, and expressive of our overall design tastes. You’ll have to take my pillows out of my cold, dead hands. Maybe I could even be buried with them LOL!

    • oh hilarious! I love pillows too, but in our room, they spent 95% of their time on the floor, I only made our bed on special occasions, such a waste of a good pillow!

      not to worry, I have lots of them in the rest of our house!

  25. So why can’t the hubby make the bed when he gets up? I guess I don’t need to ask since I have a McMessy spouse… But if you are the messy one, shouldn’t he be able to pull up those blankets? I love your pillows, so I guess I’m bitter. :)

  26. you zinged me. . my bedroom look just like yours. . .clean except for an unmade bed and 5 pillows on the floor. . .I am wasting those pillows cause I never make my bed. . . . so do tell, do you make your kids make up their beds?

  27. I got rid of the decorative pillows for the bed long again for the same reason. I no longer find myself tripping over them when trying to sneak into bed after my spouse has gone to bed. My sore knees and twisted ankles have thanked me many times over.

  28. Haha! I love that your messy excuse is the exact opposite of mine! I wake up an hour later than my hubby (because I’m a night owl and stay up late blogging!) so I”m in too much of a rush to make it while I”m herding children. ;) And then, really, what’s the point of making it half way through the day? Right?! ;)

  29. I have 2 decorative pillows on my couch. The rest are the pillows that came with the couch. Every time people come over, I have to pile all the pillows on the floor, because there’s no room for people and pillows on the couch. Part of think it’s just plain crazy to have all these pillows. We cannot use them all. It only looks nice when people aren’t in the room enjoying the couch. How do we get to the place where pillows get better treatment than people? lol.

  30. hahaaa! I love that reading your posts makes me feel like I am sitting with you.
    Each post in your series has been golden. :)

  31. I can so relate to stuffism. For the past two years I have been sorting and rearranging and moving and storing stuff. It is exhausting and definitely not my dream job. I am currently on a hiatus from working and have time to manage stuff, but I still can’t face the daunting task of purging, which is what I know needs to happen. Thanks for your blog – I always find inspiration and sometimes, like today, I am challenged to be a better manager. :)

    • oops! this comment should have gone with Day 8 – I read both day 8 and day 9 today and was a little confused. I blame it all on the stuff – or is it too many pillows – either way it is all stuff! And either way you always inspire me :)

  32. You made my day! I’ve also wondered why people put fancy pillows on chairs…. you can’t possibly sit without moving them…. seems so senseless huh? Thanks for your post. Now I feel inspired too :-)

  33. I have 2 decorative pillows on my bed that make me feel the same way! That’s it! They’re getting packed up or moved to another room! Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. I’m a new follower, and I’m LOVING your blog. period.

    And can I say that I am also a ‘messy bed promoter’ and proud of it. We shall simply OWN IT!

  35. Oh man I’m also one who prefers a little bit of mess in the bedroom (OK anywhere in the house except the kitchen and bathroom!) My partner on the other hand….
    Well I believe that the bed is meant to be a bit messy sometimes, and with a kid on board, there’s nothing much we can do about it.

  36. I just read an article today that said , “Don’t make your bed. A made bed traps the moisture dust mites need to thrive.” Now you have a good reason for an unmade bed.

  37. My teenage son who is away at university just now would be delighted to hear about all the moms who are getting rid of cushions! Only disappointment – not his mom! I love the colour and warmth they bring to a room. I must admit that the bed here doesn’t always get made, but the cushions are usually picked up and gently tossed alongside the pillows before I make my way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, so at least the floor is clear.

  38. where did you get your monogram picture? loooooovvvvveeee:)

  39. I totally get this!! It’s like looking in a “pillows on the floor mirror!” Thanks for the inspiration to free ourselves of the extra pillows!

  40. Oh, man, I hope my husband doesn’t see this post. ;) I am the same way. I NEVER make the bed. And we also have a pile of decorative pillows that are always on the floor. My husband doesn’t understand why we even have them, and I guess he does have a point. I’m not ready to get rid of them yet, but… I might be willing to put forth an effort to make the bed every day. Or maybe every other day. Or maybe at least once a week. :)

  41. Yah. I like throw pillows for their cheapness + impact, though I can’t say I’m obsessed. Our house is too small to allow for that! Our bed has four standard pillows on it, two each in the sheet color and the throw color. I’d love to add a finishing touch with a square toss pillow stacked against these, but I know it will never ever be used, and will only get in the way and be annoying as we throw it on the floor every night. We do use the four standards most nights, though sometimes one of those ends up on the floor too.

  42. Haha, I love this post! As someone who has been contemplating investing in some nice throw pillows, I am happy to read your post. I don’t want to have to dig to climb into bed every night (whenever I actually do make the bed), nor do I want to have to spend part of my morning jeuging the extra pillows.
    Now, since I’m relatively new to your blog, I’m on the hunt to find where you got your:
    1. rug
    2. dressing table
    3. dressing table pouf (AMAZING!)

  43. Oh my…I cannot imagine not making my bed every morning…I would be late to work before I left the house with the bed unmade. I think Im in the minority here! I want to come home from a long day and have it all picked up and looking nice. I have lots of decorative pillows, and they’re on the floor at night…it would drive me crazy to see them there all the time, so I understand your post….but seriously, it takes 20 seconds to make the bed and put the pillows back on! :) I wish I was a little less uptight, but I think it has come with not vaccuming every day, but will never happen with not making the bed!! (Now my girls on the other hand…they see absolutely no reason to make it if you’re going to get right back in it in 8 hours…and I try to not push my ocd on them :) )

  44. donna white says

    Hi Nesting Place…my name is Donna and I’m a pillow-aholic too. Where did you take your pillows, as I would like to get them…place them in my closet where I hide aka store my pillows from my husband. ;-)) He hates them…he is an engineer and he doesnt understand pretty..just functional. I need a 12 step program. Donna :-)) Good day!!!

  45. Love the post. Your room looked great either way to me, and I AM a bed maker. I have a little secret though. My husband now makes the bed because he knows I like it That’s a win in my book.:)

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  47. Thank you for sharing it. I have done the same with my living room. There is nothing better than white pillows. BTW: Nice blog! I will check it out. Best Regards

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