31 Days :: What’s The Purpose?

The purpose for our homes change with each season of life.

But in order to have a home that serves your family well, it helps to think of the overall purpose of your home.

Right now, I want our home to be nurturing.  A place of learning and learning how to learn.  A safe place to practice taking risks.  A place to come back to.  A place for laughs and for connection.  A place where you don’t have to pretend you are perfect.  A place to let your guard down. A place to just be.

Words like cozy, warm, inviting, playful, loved on and lived in describe what I want our home to feel like.

All of those words and purposes play a role when it’s time to decide what items should be in our home. They play a role in helping me figure out what I should or shouldn’t purchase and what I could sell or give away.  Creating a beautiful, meaningful home doesn’t start on Pinterest or at the furniture store.

Creating a beautiful, meaningful home starts in your head.

It starts with your goals and thinking about the atmosphere of your home.


“that’s all your house is, is a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff…”

–George Carlin


He’s so funny. But I hope he’s entirely wrong.

Take a few minutes and think about these questions.  Write  down your answers. Leave them in the comments or just think of one main word and keep it to yourself:

What is it that you want to happen in your home in this current season of your life?

What words would visitors use to describe your home?  Are you happy with those words?  Do they describe the home you really want to create?

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  1. Chris Butterworth says

    Home, a haven, a safe place to fall…

    • A launch pad, a training ground, a safe place, where you get support, encouragement. Warm, friendly, where friends wants to sit and stay awhile, where friends & family never hesitate to drop by. Home: a place of comfort and cozy feeling.

  2. The word that immediately came to mind for me was growth. Maybe that sounds weird, but I want our home to be a place where we can live and grow together. A place for my son to grow in knowledge and spirit, and a place for relationships to grow and deepen.
    I would hope that visitors would describe our home as warm, inviting, comfortable, fun, relaxing, cozy. I want everyone to feel welcome and at home while they’re here.

    • I too, thought of GROWTH as my first describing word. At the current my husband and I are in the stages of “trying to grow our family.” So, growth seemed like the most obvious of choices.

  3. My word is “Relationships”. We want our home to be a place for relationships – with each other, our kids and other people. Some time ago we asked our kids if our home was serving our purpose – it was interesting to hear their answers but most importantly it gave us an opportunity to share how we saw our purpose. It was a blessing to see how quickly they jumped on board with us.

  4. safe haven are the words that come to my mind when I think about my home. When the red door closes I feel safe and able to exhale from the day’s events. Its the place I can’t wait to come back to after being away. I would hope that others would find my home first and foremost comfortable, my husband says that he is most complimented when family and or friends can fall to sleep on our couch while visiting. I want our home to be stimulating and lively too.

  5. Safe. I want my home to be safe – emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have been so convicted lately of my use of sarcasm with people in my life. I don’t feel like I’m mean, but maybe a little biting. I’m working on making my words be more gentle. This will contribute to the “safe” in my home. :)

  6. oh wow i never thought of home like that…safe, creative, playful, warm, loving,exciting, laughter filled.

  7. I haven’t really put that much thought into this before, but what a great way to be intentional with our home and family. My words would be: Relax. Refresh. Reconnect.

  8. I want my home to be a relaxed and nurturing environment. A place where we grow as a family. A place where we come to relax. A safe haven – as another mom put it.

  9. Beautiful post… May I ask where did you get that mirror in the first photo?? I need one like it.

  10. Heather Douglas says

    Cozy. Safe. Inviting. Relaxing. Inspiring. I want my kids to enjoy big home & always be happy to come home again.

  11. I want my home to be a place to teach my children about God and how to be kind. I want it to be a place a fun and a place friends and neighbors to stop in, and I want it to be a place of peace and rest for my husband. Just found your blog and looking forward to reading the other posts in this series!

    LIndsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

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  13. Upon reading this post it became very clear I need to devise a plan to achieve a “purposeful home” My husband is very big against “clutter” as am I but our definition of clutter is very different. :)

    “What is it that you want to happen in your home in this current season of your life?”
    I would like for my home to encourage growth, feel cleansing and safe, have a sort of controlled chaos that enables its inhabitants and visitors to explore, learn and be open with oneself and others. Ever evolving.

    “What words would visitors use to describe your home? warm, interesting, consistently changing
    “Are you happy with those words?” yes, I enjoy changing up the way the house looks and functions. I guess I do change my home feel every couple months, not necessarily “geared” toward the seasonal change but more so with the vibe I feel the house gives off.
    “Do they describe the home you really want to create?” Our home changes because our needs and life situations change. I welcome change and growth and wish to always evolve and promote positive encouragement to my friends, family and those who aren’t friends yet. Love should be multiplied NOT divided.

  14. I’ll be starting my first home, in about 5 months, in an apartment, after getting married to my best friend Jimmy. He will have a job in ministry, and I’ll be working hopefully as a nutritionist. Our home will be a place of safety, comfort, exploration, fun, and unconditional acceptance, Lord willing.

  15. I just came across your blog and feel like I’ve met a friend :) I was just sitting down with a “in person” friend the other day having this exact conversation. I realized that when we renovate or decorate our homes based off of what it “should look like” we are missing something. I started applying something I learned from years of leading college students – vision comes first! Otherwise you are just chasing after things that worked for someone else in some other context. All you are left with is disappointment and frustration. I’ve been journaling through this topic for about 2 weeks now and have started inviting others into the process as well. Needless to say, your blog series was a timely stumble. :) Love it! It’s also why my husband and I started our blog a few weeks ago. Anyway…love your words and your blog.

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