31 Days…How Was It?


It’s the last day!  I don’t know if I’m happy or sad.  What about you?  Did you write for 31 days?  Did you read for 31 days?


I’m so happy for all of you (and me!) who dared to try this.  And if you wrote 31 posts?!  Cruises for everyone, just check under your seat for a key to your cabin……..if only.

Anyway, I was stunned, shocked, flabbergasted and other words that show I had no idea what to expect at the number of participants (1239) in this year’s 31 Days. I was sure after people did it last year they’d figure out how much work it was and no one would want to do it this year. But, since you did, Caroline and I are talking about ways to organize the link up.  But that means some of the work would be on you to organize yourself and link up under the right category.

Does anyone have any great ideas about how to organize this monster?  I’m in over my head and never planned on being an organizer for something this large, if you have any advice let’s talk in the comments.  I’ll be referring back to them all year!

If you loved it, you can thank me, and if you hated it, you can blame Darren from Problogger, because it’s his fault we started all this in the first place.  I loved writing this year (I love every October and this was my fourth year writing for 31 days) and just want to say thanks to all of you who read, wrote, or otherwise put up with us 31 Dayers.

Also, I’m not counting this as today’s post, you can find the last-ish post to Home. On Purpose. here.


  1. I loved it, and was thinking about the need for categories. What I loved the most was finding some awesome blogs. Thanks for this!

  2. LOVED it … even though it turned out to be a bigger challenge than I had ever dreamed with the death of two beloved people in my life … I just had to keep on writing and honoring those awesome relationships.

  3. Thanks, Nester for this opportunity. I can’t believe I was able to blog for 31 consecutive days on the same topic. I had lots of feedback from readers. Someone even asked me to turn my posts into a eBook.

  4. Sparing an illness of my oldest son, I *almost* did it…{a few days shy here and there…but motherhood comes first}. I wrote about Halloween, but expanded it to encompass everything from honoring dead relatives, to crafts to costume wrap-ups of my kids. It was great fun…

    As far as organizing, I think into year 5, it would be helpful, because finding what interests me in over 1,000 links is a bit overwhelming. Judging by what I saw…five major categories stand out…

    I think breaking it up into:

    Thanks for hosting, Nester! I’ll be back again next year.

  5. Well I had to combine the last two days…as we lost power here in Narragansett, RI and I am low on sleep but high on kerosene lamp oil! Power resumed for me today so wrapped up my Day 30-31 with a special Hurricane -ish post spiritually rooted! Thanks for hosting.

  6. Collapsing at the finish line, but I made it. Assuming that posting 21 times counts. ; ) At least I didn’t give up. I’m glad for that. And I’m thankful for what I learned doing this and for how it helped me get past my fear and hesitancy about blogging in Spanish. I am, after all, living as a missionary in Peru so getting over my fear of blogging in Spanish for the sake of my friends here and not just for the sake of my friends back in North America is a good thing indeed.

    If it were up to me, I’d say NOPE not gonna do it next year, but that’s what I said this year too until God gave me the nudge. So I guess I’ll have to see if He nudges again next year. Thanks Nester!

  7. I loved it. I am sorry it ended and that it’s only in October!!!

  8. Well, except for an ER visit and a day of recovery I did all 31 days! Thanks so much for hosting. I was so busy writing I didn’t get to visit all the ones I wanted, but I can pop over every now and then now.

    I would probably put things under stuff like DIY, Decorating, Budget/Finance, Homemaking, Reflections, Humor, Parenthood…..etc. It’s hard because there’s so much and so diverse. Or you could just leave it as is! Whatever is easier for YOU.

  9. I was never so happy as when I published my 31st post -which honestly I can’t believe I did! I met some fun new readers, realized a new thing about myself, and will be continuing the series weekly or bi-weekly for awhile ’cause people didn’t get tired of me, they were sad it was ending, lol. So thanks, Nester for the push and opportunity…no promises about next year, though. :)

    As for organizing the list, I feel for you – it was so hard to find time to scroll through so many, and a few I went to weren’t really participating, they seemed to just link their blog. Sigh. I would like to go through periodically to look for great content, so I’m looking forward to what you come up with. ;)

  10. Hi, I made it, I wrote all 31 days. I decided to write 31 letters to my mother as October was the second anniversary of her suicide. I needed to do something about that, about all the emotion stirring around inside of me. It was brutal and beautiful and a huge challenge.

    I am sure that catharsis in grief wasn’t something you expected from this challenge but it’s where I ended up so thank you for challenging me with this. I am grateful as is my family.

  11. Thank you! When we began this challenge, I had only a few blog posts. And I don’t draw. Nevertheless, I committed to a drawing each day and completed 25 drawings in 31 days!

    What did I learn?

    Don’t wait until you’re in pajamas at 11pm to think about what to post; plan ahead. No second guesses. Keep the pen moving; do not erase. Speak in your own voice; let your authenticity lead you. Communication doesn’t require perfection.

    Thanks again to you, and to everyone who participated!

  12. I have absolutely LOVED this year’s series! I was ridiculously busy this October (way more than I planned or realized when I signed up) so I am way behind in the series, but I feel passionate about finishing it! (It seems all of my readers have gone bye-bye, but for perhaps that one person still reading, I’m going to keep going until there are 31 Playlists :) (on number 14 currently :) Thank you for giving us such a wonderful forum for community and writing! (And it was a joy to meet you and ProBlogger at Allume :) Writing constantly is so hard, but then once you get going, you’re so inspired! Thank you so much Nester!

  13. I am not a blogger, but I LOVED reading so many of the amazing 31 Day posters and discovering so many inspiring, thoughtful, brilliant blogs through this series. I cannot imagine what it takes to keep up with this tremendous project, but I appreciate you’re hard work. You’ve sparked a fire in many people’s hearts! YOUR “31 Days Home on Purpose” project has revolutionized some of my thinking. I am deeply great-full.

  14. Thank you for doing the 31 days blog link up! This was my first year doing it and I’m really glad I did. I challenged myself to do the 30-day shred workout. Even though I didn’t stick with the program every single night I ended up working out 20 times in one month! I wouldn’t have done it without this blog challenge! So thanks again and I can’t wait to do next year!

  15. I did my 31 days all about organizing… goodness gracious was that a lot of posts about organizing! :) thanks for having it.

    on my last day, I did a round up of all the posts- maybe we could all do that and then link here, instead of linking to categories? we could all have one page on our blog with links to our 31 posts, and on the link up I could, for example, just label myself as “31 days of organizing”

  16. Oh my gosh…everyone did so good! I did terrible. I missed nine days in total and I’m a day late on my Family Room Reveal. However I am still terribly proud that I decorated my entire family room in just 31+1 days! And I love it! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the challenge! I’m already thinking about what to do for next year.

  17. I didn’t link up to your site – mostly because I couldn’t figure it out – but I managed to post all 31 days for both my blogs, minus that one day when I got lost in Chicago (see http://addmoms.com/2012/10/21/the-best-laid-plans/).

    I would love to link up next year!

  18. I just want to say thank you for this opportunity. This was my first year, I totally expected to not make 31 posts because I’ve not been real regular on posting – ever – and for sure not every day. But I did it! I didn’t know how much I enjoyed writing each day, I cheated and just said “31 Days of Life” because I knew I couldn’t hang on to one subject all month. Gives me room to grow next year :-), and I’m looking forward to it. I also am looking forward to continuing to work my way to new blogs and reading more in the months ahead.

    I have no suggestions on organizing – I don’t even know how to do linky’s. I greatly appreciate your hosting all of us though. Thank you.

  19. It was totally challenging but a great experience. Writing every day kicked my butt… in a good way. ;) It almost feels weird to take a break today! I think next year I will go for a topic that lends itself to shorter, yet more pensive, posts. Thanks for starting and hosting this awesome challenge!

  20. Loved Loved Loved It!!!! Thank You so much! Focusing on one thing for 31 days is extremely therapeutic, good for the soul. Thank you so much!

  21. You are brave and wonderful to allow all of us to share in your blog. wow. I wrote a short novel, short chapters every day for 31 days about a woman in transition, accepting change, and handling it gracefully. Like we would all like to do. Feels kind of sad today to leave her behind, to go on living her life while I have to go on and live mine. Through this I added a few amazing blogs to my blog-roll, but reading all of them? Impossible. I’m sure there were many, many great ones I missed, but there is only so much time. And I do have a life to live…and a blog to go on writing myself. Thank you, thank you!

  22. Considering that a year ago at this time, I was lucky to post 2 or 3 times per month, I consider the 21 posts in my series to be a personal success! Thanks for the opportunity to link up with so many other amazing people.

  23. Thank you so much for doing this! The series brought a LOT more traffic to my blog so I will be forever grateful to you for that :) That’s not why I did it though. I’ve never blogged every day before (I only had just over 31 posts in 4 months when I decided to do this!) so I wanted to see how committed I could be to blogging and thought doing this series was a great challenge for me. I’m very proud of myself for doing it and I know for sure that I love blogging! I definitely will do a 31 days series again next year. I’m actually writing a post today on what I learned so I can remember for next time. I’d love to do this more than once a year – maybe March or May?

    I was only able to keep up with reading a few other 31 days series, but I plan to pick a few each month to read through. There are so many great ones to choose from!

    As for organizing the links, it would be very helpful but I think it would be hard to go back and do it now. For next time though you could have 8-10 categories based on common themes you see in this year’s links (including several that have been suggested here already).

    Thanks again!

  24. Thanks so much for hosting this! I posted 30 out of 31 days. I wimped out on day eleven and didn’t think I could do it, but I did. And I found so many other wonderful blogs. Didn’t have alot of time to read, so that’s what I’m doing the next couple days… catching up on reading! Thank you again… great experience…

  25. I loved it more than I did last year! Of course, maybe it was that chocolate is so much fun to write about (and eat) every day. :-) Categories would be helpful, because I didn’t make it through nearly everyone that I wanted to, but there’s still time, even though the month is over. Thank YOU for sharing this amazing opportunity. It’s been a blessing!

  26. Heather Bivins says

    I look forward to the 31 days all year (probably mostly because I don’t blog, I just read-I’m lazy like that). Anyway, what if you hosted three times a year and categorized by season: house and home in the fall, family life and cooking in the winter, and health and fitness in the spring? I remember the Reluctant Entertainer blogged every day in June one year and it was a super fun surprise. I guess the bottom line is that everything here is awesome and amazing, so do whatever you want-I’m sure it will continue with its awesomeness.

  27. Heather Bivins says

    I look forward to the 31 days all year (probably mostly because I don’t blog, I just read-I’m lazy like that). Anyway, what if you hosted three times a year and categorized by season: house and home in the fall, family life and cooking in the winter, and health and fitness in the spring? I remember the Reluctant Entertainer blogged every day in June one year and it was a super fun surprise. I guess the bottom line is that everything here is awesome and amazing, so do whatever you want-I’m sure it will continue with its awesomeness.
    P.S. If anyone is looking for a topic suggestion for next year: Knocking off Starbucks drinks at home gets my vote.

  28. I loved this. I post everyday, but I still found it to be a huge challenge to post on the same topic every single day for a month.

    And, since I wasn’t willing to let go of some of my regular features, I double posted at least 2 days of every week.


    But it was such a great experience because I was pushed and stretched as a blogger and writer.

    I was also blessed to find some new blogs to read and gain some new readers. Thank you so much for hosting this event. I know it’s a ton of work. I can’t imagine the back-end logistical mess you worked through or what the added load was on your server. Thank you so much for making this happen. I can’t wait for next year!

  29. I did it! Thank you so much for hosting this. It was the push that I needed to finally kickstart my blog. And yes, it was a lot of work, but also a whole lot of fun and inspiration as well. Now…where to go from here… ;)

  30. I absolutely loved it Nester! I was so sad when I realized that October 31 meant no more daily posts. You’ve helped me think about my home in some new ways, and I also loved all the new blogs I’ve found as well. I also can’t believe how many ppl signed up to join you- way to start a movement!

  31. I want to thank you for doing this! It was awesome and I had a lot of fun with it!! it really helped me figure out the direction I want to take my blog in. I didn’t get as much readership as I thought I would, but hey, there is always next year :)

    Thanks again!!!

  32. I have loved reading all of the 31 days posts that I came across. I wish I was blogging at the beginning of October, but am looking forward to next year.

  33. I loved it and felt so proud of myself for doing it! I don’t know that anyone else other than my best friend read all my posts, but it was a great personal accomplishment for me! :) I think categories would be great! It was so overwhelming scrolling through so many options and not having as much time as I would like to read through them all, it would help to have it narrowed down a bit. Anyway, thanks for the great idea!

  34. I totally enjoyed being a part! It’s possible I only wrote maybe 20-22ish (I havent actually counted) posts, but part of that is because I kept inspiring myself to let myself off the hook because I was writing about margin and the last thing I needed was one more thing to NOT provide margin . . . Anyways, I enjoyed it nonetheless and feel like I learned (and am still learning) a lot about creating space in my life and home . . .

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