I’m smart enough to know that pictures are worth a thousand words and that sometimes I need to just hush and let the photos speak for themselves.  This post is sponsored by the LoveFeast Shop, and it’s a Plush Pumpkin and Acorn Nest giveaway for you.  Three winners. I’ll tell you more after you fall in love…

Vital Information That You Must Have:

1. That pumpkin above is about two inches.  It is sitting in a taper candle holder and is just about the most darling thing I’ve ever seen.  Cuter than a baby kitten? Yes.

2. These Plush Pumpkins will surprise you when you pick them up. They are heavier than you think.

3. Each Pumpkin is different, kind of like snowflakes.

4. There are four sizes of acorn nests and you can see them all here.  I’ve used mine all year around. I also added the shredded book pages, they come with moss but I’m partial to torn up books.

5. There are eight sizes of pumpkins from 2″-17″.

6. There are 35 colors of velvet to choose from for your pumpkins.  I KNOW!!!!!  You can buy them individually or in sets.

7. Last year this was the most entered giveaway at Nesting Place

8. These are handmade, heirloom quality, pass down to your children kind of decor. Little works of art.

9. Real harvested stems, people.

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Prizes (one person will win prize 1, one person will win prize 2, one person will win prize 3)

1. The Cozy Nest Large Set w/Acorn Nest

2. Velvet Acorn Grass Nest with 5 acorns

3.Velvet Acorn Nest Large Trio

Plush Pumpkins

Be sure to visit the LoveFeast Shop and check out the RAINBOW of colors that these pumpkins and acorns are available in–pink. PINK velvet pumpkins!

Also, if you are having a fall wedding?  These would be spectacular. Contact lovefeastshop (at) gmail (dot) com for info on wedding and event orders.

Leave a comment to enter to win, good luck!