My 31 Days Topic & Other Thoughts

I wrote a guest post for the (in)courage Bloom book club.  They are reading one of my favorite books, 7 by Jen Hatmaker.  I’d love for you to go join in the conversation.  And I also happen to mention my 31 Days topic for this year if you are wondering.

Happy Friday!


  1. Loved the honesty of your post over at (in)courage. I can’t wait to read your series…I always look forward to it. :)

  2. I am so excited about this. I love all your 31 day series, but this is so timely for me. I am in the process of cleaning out my garage and it has been my goal to make the trash man hate me and the Goodwill people love me. : ) It has been hard work, but is going smoothly. I am planning to tackle the basement in October and have been dreading it. This will be the motivation to keep me going. Thanks!

  3. I would have gone over to see anyway but the additional temptation of a sneak peak for your 31 days has me running!

  4. Looking forward to your series!

  5. I’m so excited about the 31 Days series coming up in October. I’ll be posting 31 Days of Busy Bags and Quiet Time Activities! Perfect for this busy mom of 4 kiddos under 6 :)

  6. Thanks for your excellent post at (in)courage. The book is now in my must read pile! I’m looking forward to the 31-day series on stuff. When we moved, I simply, blindly packed everything. But during the unpacking I discovered so much stuff I didn’t use anymore. Confession – gave some of it away, but boxed up alot of it “just in case.” Must stop the madness!!

  7. I also read 7, but have yet to really act on it. I need a good kick in the pants. I have moved more than once a year for the last 12 years and still have STUFF. Hobbies and planning for the future (ie camping stuff, clothes for growing kids, book making, sewing, bla, bla, bla) are my biggest culprits. Looking forward to seeing your perspective on this first-world problem.

  8. Oh Nester, I am so excited about this series! I also loved 7! Our family started a year long journey to be more intentional and to own less STUFF, we are on day 55. If you’re interested, we’re blogging about it at

  9. love your heart and your take on her book.
    i got through a whole two chapters and put it down. wimp, I am.

    i’ll pick it back up….you make it seem a little more doable.

  10. I read that yesterday! I loved that book and have thought the same things that you talked about over there. I was hoping that as a cute design decorator who went to Africa would be able to find the balance and the equation and get it all figured out and tell us. Just like the Pharisees wanted. That would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

  11. Your lovely sister lent me that book, and I’ve already tried to figure out my seven foods. And that Jen is hi-larious.

  12. Mercy, girl. Speak it like you mean it. Love this, love you…and I hardly know you. P.S. God’s been doing major pulling on my heartstrings lately, too, and in so many ways, I hardly know how to respond to His grace–all I know to do is fall on my knees. I’m quite humbled these days. Can’t wait to follow along your 31 days.

  13. I loved your words and honesty in your post. Excited to read your 31 days.

  14. I am so looking forward to taking part in the challenge this year! I’m also looking forward to reading the many many other bloggers taking part as well!

  15. Thank you for being so honest and true with us! Love your blog!

  16. Oh my, yes! ‘Live only with what you love’ has been our mantra since our family of five moved into our new 665 square foot home early this summer! Yes. Six hundred sixty-five square feet. And? I’m hoping to/planning on joining up in October, writing about what life is like in 665. Thanks, Nester, for the invite!

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