Home in 31 Days

Welcome to 31 Days of Home. On Purpose.

Scroll Down to read day 1::

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Day 2: What’s the Purpose?

Day 3: What No One Ever Says

Day 4: It’s Not About The Stuff

 Day 5: The Beauty That Is

Day 6: One Word You Don’t Want

Day 7: Collections

Day 8: Nobody’s Dream Job

Day 9: Question Everything

Day 10: Awake

Day 11: Progression of Thought

Day 12: Taking Back the House

Day 13: Well-Planned Hoarding

Day 14: Picnic Tables: They’re Not Just for Rich People Anymore

Day 15: I Thought You Were Rich If…

Day 16: Home, Purposefully

Day 17: Home, Purposefully, Part 2

Day 18: Good Stuff, Not Just Because It’s Pink

Day 19: Too Much and Not Enough

Day 20: White Space

Day 21: I Like to Move It

Day 22: I”m Having a Big Sale, Won’t You Come

Day 23: What’s On Your List?

Day 24: Less

Day 25: It’s Not What You Think

Day 26: The Myth of the Next House

Day 27 & 28:  No Ruby Slippers Required

Day 29 Thoughts on Home & The Creatives Who’ve Helped Me

Day 30 What I Have

Day 31 Days…How Was It?


This summer I thought about our home, what I write here, and what the purpose of a home truly is.  I thought about my habits and my pull to creativity.  I thought about how that all fits together. And I want to write about it and hear your thoughts.

Let’s talk about the purpose of our homes & being purposeful in our homes.

We’ll talk about home making and decorating and Stuff and nurturing families and money and creativity.

I’m calling this 31 Day Series::

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.  I hope you’ll check out the other 31 Dayers too!


  1. Can’t wait – great topic! Thank you for hosting such a fun blogosphere activity!

  2. I love this topic! Can’t wait to read all month (when I’m not busy writing my own posts!).

  3. LOVE this topic!
    It’s so broad, yet so specific!
    I’ll definitely be following along this month!
    It’s my first time being involved in 31days and I’m very excited! :)

  4. Excited!!! Can’t wait to read more!

  5. I love this! Can’t wait to read your series. So glad I decided to take the plunge as well.

  6. I love your topic…so relevant for me right now as I am home with two young boys all the time. Thanks for hosting, I am a first time participant this year!

  7. Great topic!
    I still use some of your ideas and musings from last year.
    Thank you for encouraging us all to write about what we are passionate about, too!
    Blessings as you make your home (on purpose)!

  8. On purpose. Yes! I love this, and need to be intentional about this. I’m looking forward to reading this series. Thanks, again, for hosting this fabulous opportunity for us all!

  9. Awesome! Love your topic! Mine is all about “Finding Home”. Can’t wait to read as many 31 Dayers as possible!

  10. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be sharing! Thanks for hosting this again! I followed quite a few blogs last year!

  11. i’m so excited to read your series!! And if by chance that owl pillow ever goes missing, it definitely wasn’t me, nope, not me. I don’t think it’s awesome at all;)

    I’m excited to try writing for 31 days but I also think it’s crazy. But I guess that’s what makes you crazy-awesome!

  12. What a great series! You kinda rock for creating this series…you go girl. 31 days here we come!

  13. Looking forward to your series!

  14. I am so excited to do this! Hopefully I’ll get the linking straight!

  15. Yep, I’m so in! Every time my 3 year old builds a fort or my 5 year old wants to have a tea party on our custom-made burlwood coffee table, I’m reminded that a home is for living in! Let’s not even get into the food-throwing our 10 month old does, she keeps it real around the floor situation:)

  16. You always pick beautiful topics and write a beautiful series. I look forward to reading along again this year. Great minds must think alike, because I used a chalkboard-like background for my button, too. I am excited to write for 31 days the first time this year.

  17. Oh wow, what a beautiful topic, and one that speaks right to the core of my heart. So looking forward to sharing the next 1 days with you on this topic.

  18. It’s all about being intentional, huh? Something a lot of us are trying to work on in the midst of this crazy life. Looking forward to reading, and excited to be a 1st-time participant! (31 Days of Saving Money in the Kitchen). Thanks so much for hosting!

  19. I’m so excited about this! This is honestly something I’ve been thinking of for a few years–what does it mean to make your house a home? Does the external stuff really affect your HOME-ness? (Clearly, it does, I just wanna know how!)

    And I am so excited about the rest of the 31 day-ers! Such fun topics! Way to inspire a whole community, Nester! :)


  20. Awesome! This topic is going to be awesome. After a trip to a country in need, we can often feel the pull to ask the question, “what now?” I’ve never been able to answer that. I can’t wait to read how you process that!

  21. I’m decorating my mantel for fall…for the first time in my life! It’s not done, but I’m loving it. Thank you for all the inspiration. I can’t wait to read your series.

  22. Thrilled to read along and to join in this year!! Rooting for you, sister.

  23. Your ideas about home, creativity, stuff etc. are the same as mine. You are so good at putting into words the exact things I am thinking about.

  24. Really excited about your 31 days series this year. And I LOVE your new couch:)

  25. Sometimes owls give me the willies, but your owl makes me feel snuggly. So cute! Anticipating your words of wisdom this month. It sounds great!

  26. New to your blog and jumping right in to the 31 days! LOVE the idea! I also love creativity and home projects. We are currently in the process of buying our first house, so home ideas are about to take place.

  27. This is going to be so much fun!!!

  28. I love that you have a book holding up that chair.

  29. Fantastic idea. Can’t wait to read your posts

  30. I feel peaceful and centered when I read your posts. This already feels right.

  31. I’m loving this topic and can’t wait to hear your insights!!

  32. the topic you choose it lovely, I’am in the mist of another move soon and am looking forward to new ideas. So, perfect timing.

  33. I love the sound of this topic. Like Jim Elliott said, “Wherever you are, be all there!” Home. On purpose.

    I’ve joined up with 31 Days of Kitchen Adventures. Thanks for hosting this. It’s always a fun challenge!

  34. Just a question – of the 10 or so links I checked, not one gave an actual tip or post – just an introduction on what they are going to do?

    • yep, that’s what I did too, here on this post, usually the first day everyone just introduces their topic and that’s it because we all want to keep our posts really short. BUT, I can see your frustration, hopefully the 2nd day will make up for it?

  35. I can’t wait! I was excited to join this year, but the only topic I could think of to do for an entire month is about decorating your home using what you have. I didn’t want to be too close to yours though so I might just read along. What a great thing you are doing to encourage everyone

  36. Great topic. I am all about simplicity and living with intention and purpose! Can’t wait to hear you speak at Allume!

  37. I love this topic! I move around a lot and always rent, so it is hard to make each place a ‘home’ for my family. I can’t wait to follow along!

  38. Thanks for hosting this, I’m really excited and scared! Love your “Home on Purpose” topic. Love the sense of community too!
    Thanks Nester!

  39. Nester, I think about the Purpose of a home a GREAT deal. I think this is because I found MY purpose as a mother. I know that sounds corny and old fashion and not the words my very feminist self should say. But the truth is, if I am a woman and I love creating a family and found meaning in cultivating a home, owning that has power.

    I am learning a great deal from you as a blogger. Thanks for hosting this project. I found out at the last minute, so I’m running by the seat of my pants. You’ve given me ideas today, that I will implement tomorrow.

    Much gratitude!

  40. Glad I found you via another blog. WHAT A QUESTION: the PURPOSE of our homes.

    I love this. Feel so grateful to have found it.

    THANK YOU. Of course, subscribing now, and can’t wait.

  41. Hi,
    I want my little apartment to be a place of beauty, a place where people feel welcome and a place where I connect with and feel God’s presence.
    I think if people came now they would see clutter, things in the same place as last month(!!!). I guess my ideal isn’t happening right now. When I get home I just want to relax and am unmotivated to move anything. I live alone, a missionary over 60, and don’t own a home.
    My excuse is that I would do more if I had someone to help or just be there to make it fun. Any suggestions?

    • Denise,

      That is a really great, heartfelt question. I hope to answer it slowly, every day this month….I don’t think it’s a question that can be answered in a sentence or two. I hope you join us and please feel free to leave comments with more questions, I think you speak for a lot of people.


  42. New and excited. Thank you! :)

  43. Where did you get that owl pillow. It is perfect for my living room. Thank you.

  44. I am overwhelmed with the joy that your blog page brings me. How you enlighten us in how to perceive our homes, your inspirations and ideas, lovely linkys that are often exciting rabbit trails…i could just go on and on. I will never look at ‘things’ the same, and how they can change our space or how we can change a ‘thing’ to be something beautiful. I am truly inspired by you and your many passions. You may never read this but I feel better knowing that I’ve written it. I just want to say Thank You <3

  45. Oh…and, the video!!! The dove video was perfect, every woman needs to see it for many reasons, I quickly shared it with everyone :)

  46. I enjoy your blog enormously, especially the African experience. But I don’t get not making your bed! It just takes a minute and another minute to throw the pillows on the bed. You have gone to all the work of creating a beautifully designed bedroom and you won’t take 2 minutes to make the bed? I don’t get it.

    • I’m crazy I know. I just think it’s really inviting unmade. It’s a sickness. And I’m never up there during the day to see it “made” anyway. Although, our master bedroom used to be downstairs right off the family room and yep, then I made the bed daily. Also, I was just at Ikea yesterday, guess what half their display beds looked like? Unmade?! So funny!

  47. carol jane says

    Hi Nester. I love your blog and your home is so pretty. I just adore your fresh white walls. I love anything white. People tell me its boring, but I totally disagree. Where did you get the pretty plates in your dining room, above the windows? My favorite colors. Thanks.

  48. Ouch! You got me where it hurts today! I will not continue my denial…it is now out in the open! I will try very very hard to keep only what I love and really use! Thank you. You and your sister’s blogs though different from each other are my very favorites!! Love the inspiration!

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