“One must maintain a little bittle of summer, even in the middle of winter”

–Henry David Thoreau (also I’m totally going to start using the word “bittle”)


We’ve only got a few weeks left of the official summer break, for moms and kids, summer ends when school starts.

As I think back over the summer about my favorite summer memories I’m reminded of::

  • Traveling to Tanzania
  • Sitting on the back deck at the Cottage with my husband and Caroline and her husband and laughing entirely too loud in a restaurant
  • Chatting with neighbors watching our children play outside
  • Going for a swim at night
  • Long talks with Angela in our room at the Haven Conference
  • Maria’s 30th birthday party and laughing with friends
  • Sitting at my sister’s pool watching our kids dive off the diving board
  • Cheering for Mr. Bean during the opening ceremony at the Olympics
  • Working hard and finishing a risky project that was looming

It’s true what Caroline said, a summer kind of faith is about rest and risk. I hope you had plenty of both this summer.

Our family has one last road trip, a few friends and I are going to this on Friday night (join us?) and every year, this mom and her boys have a tradition.  We set our alarms (or stay up late) for this.  It’s not too late to add a little bittle of rest and risk into your summer.  And why not continue it for fall and winter?

What are your favorite summer memories, is the theory right, do rest and risk define what you remember most?