World Magazine interviews Ann and she talks about where she writes (her husband built this for her), creativity… “I don’t think we mine creativity from within. It’s bestowed from on high, from God”…reading books and writers block… “it’s important to be reading—three or four different books at a time, so those books begin to have a conversation with each other. Then I begin to engage what that conversation is about, and words come out. If I don’t have words, it’s a sign I’m not reading enough.“…and so much more, read the article here.


A Summer Kind of Faith via Caroline TeSelle, I love how she recognizes that both rest and risk take faith, and that most of us are more comfortable with one or the other but both rarely come naturally.  I love this post.

I can’t read enough about how people get creative, stay creative and define creativeness.  Centsational Girl gathered the thoughts of six creatives on creativity and I’m thrilled to be included but even more interested in learning how others view creativity, it’s fascinating.

Lastly, my in town friend, Maria wrote a book for parents of girls called Your Daughter Needs a Hero and my friend Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer is giving away some at her website.  Read what Sandy says about the book and be sure to enter to win.  Maria also has a blog where she talks about True Worth and how that applies to women of all ages here’s a good starter post :The Problem With the Bikini Debate.