Yesterday I introduced you to the pair of lamps next to the bed.  Today, I want to tell you about the smallest, tiniest thing that I finally did that made a huge difference.

Ever since we’ve moved in–even with our old bed, our box spring, bottom mattress thing has been bare nekkid.  Usually I cover it with a fitted sheet at least, but I forgot to when we moved and it always seemed like SO much work to take the mattress off and put a sheet on the box spring thing, so I just lived with it… for THREE YEARS.

Even when we got the new bed, I realized that I didn’t have the kind of sheet I wanted (a subtle pattern like the one I now have in the photo) and I was in a hurry and didn’t feel like running out and getting a new sheet so I put the bare nekkid mattress thing back on the bed AGAIN.  Finally, when I knew our bedroom was getting a close up (how annoyed are you at me for linking to that, yet again, but it had so many ramifications!), I went and found a sheet.

It only shows just a bit but it’s a fun little hint of pattern.  I ended up buying a sheet set so I can use the flat sheet and pillow cases on the bed and mix those around with other patterns.  Since we have a neutral room, I like to add texture and pattern in neutral ways.

I just wish I hadn’t waited three years to finally cover up that old box spring.  I’m surprised at how finished something as small as that, can make the room feel.  I feel like a grown up!  Kind of.

Is there one little thing that you haven’t done that quietly drives you crazy?

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