A Light Bedroom Adjustment

master bedroom makeover

I’ve made a tiny change to our bedroom.  I switched out the pair of lamps that were on each side of the bed.

master bedroom makeover

We used to have a big tall white sleigh bed (a Big Lots find that I painted) and the lamps on either side were fine.  A little high but fine.

Then we got a new bed (from Joss & Main are you sick of me talking about them yet?) and it is a much lower bed.  See how tall the lights are? I had to practically get out of bed to turn mine off and if I looked up I could see the white-hot lightbulb.  Not good reading light for a low bed.

master bedroom makeover

I even tried shopping the house for a mismatched pair of lamps but nothing worked.  Also, for the record, that shade on the right is black pure black, but it reads purple. Moving on… The tables I have are really high so I had a few choices–get new lamps, get new tables, or get a lower table for in front of them and put my old lamps on.  So I shopped around for a few weeks and figured out new lamps would be the easiest to find.

master bedroom makeover

I found a pair of lamps from HomeGoods that can be adjusted and hinged and turned and even though they aren’t super pretty, they are perfect for this situation.  I can use the old lamps in the boys new/old room and now I don’t have to be blinded when I read.

PS, I took this photo minutes before I started a fun wall treatment back there an OH my word you won’t believe how it turned out!  Promise to show you soon!

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  1. I’m loving the disco ball on your husband’s side of the bed. ;)

    The lamps – where did you find them? I think they would work perfectly in our bedroom. My husband reads with a headlamp since the bedside lighting is so poor! He’d love it if I changed the lamps out for something like this.

  2. My mom has a lamp like that – she found it at an antique mall!

  3. Looks great! I have this weird fear of hanging things over the middle of my bed – fear of it falling on me in middle of the night.

    Confession done.

    • SAME here! It kills me to hang that wood mirror over the bed but I have checked it a million times. But you know, if we get a big earthquake here in NC, it could fall. But then I’ll probably have bigger worries. Plus, I moved the bed away from the wall a few inches, if the mirror falls it should slip right behind the bed.

      • If that mirror hits the floor while you’re sleeping, you will be scared to death. Literally.

        And I love your new lamps. I think they’re very pretty and stylish.

  4. This looks GREAT! Very chic! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You are such a tease! Love the new lamps and all their adjustable options.

  6. Oh, but those lamps are pretty. I love them! I can’t wait to see what else you’ve done!

  7. LOVE the pink touches!!! That puff footstool is adorable! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  8. I really like it! But I think what works is that the lamps *aren’t* the focal point. Instead I notice the two round objects on each table beside the bed and the pink touches. Wow! You went from super to super duper! (okay that was corny) And the camera angle. You are just plain getting fancy now. Love it!

  9. Oh, the old lamps were so pretty, but I can see the dilemma. Love your new look!!

  10. I think they look and work great! Don’t say they are not pretty. I really like them! The brass is a good accent with all the grays and silvery metals.

  11. I LOVE the new lamps – they add a touch of something different to the room, and the effect is perfect!! We just bought a new house and I want our master to be grey (gray? which one is it) with touches of pink. I’m totally pinning the first pic for inspiration :)

  12. You’re bedroom is so ridiculously adorable! Love all the pink! I wish I could get away with a girlier space! And LOVE your blog!

    • you can get away with it, just slowly sneak a few items in that you can easily pull out. In 30 seconds I can get that room back to neutral!

  13. I love your new lamps! It adds just enough masculinity and vintage touch to the room. They look beautiful. I love the antique brass look, too.

  14. “Even though they aren’t super pretty…” Say WHAT? Pretty is overrated. I love them.

  15. I am new to blogging and still trying to get the hang of it. I love your bedroom. I especially love your color palette for the whole house. I am also the mother of three boys, so I get the not perfect part. Thanks for sharing such great ideas.

  16. I loooooove the first pic. It’s all wonderful and I see that the neutrals are a great backdrop for the noncommittal. You can change out 3 (pink) things quickly for another color for a whole new look.

  17. Bedside lamps ARE a toughie – finding the perfect height, style, amount of lighting… We have been planning a redo of sorts for bedside everything: table, dresser(?), lamps, chair. I’m tired of thinking and talking about it. Ready to make the switchover! Your pics help greatly.

  18. I actually think the lamps are super pretty! I love your whole room.

  19. Your room is so pretty! I really like your new lamps.

    Our master bedroom has become a catch-all. In a house with no laundry room, little closet space and a detached garage, this oversized room catches the laundry baskets, the vacuum, even a metal shelving rack with my sewing machine, craft stuff, and old homeschool stuff. We got the giggles the other night when my husband said it looked like we’re hoarders. We’re not, but our room is definitely not a haven!

  20. Your bedroom is looking gorgeous. I love the pops of pink mixed with the masculine wall color (I’m sure that’s why your husband is okay with it!). This fall I’m going to make some changes to our bedroom. It was one of the first rooms I decorated when we moved into our home 8 years ago and it could use some tweaking!

  21. You may not think the lamps are pretty, but I love them! I may need to make a trip to Home Goods. The room looks gorgeous!

  22. Brittany Olson says

    You use so much WHITE.
    I love it but I would never survive in it.
    Not. Even. One. Second.
    But it looks beautiful.

  23. I think you did a fabulous job! The fact that its such a subtle change, it still made a BIG difference in the room. Along with the new star-ish shape looking mirror and the new lamp, totally looks like a new room! Great job!

  24. Love the pillow on the bed, source please?

  25. I’m a huge fan of your new lamps! I agree with the earlier poster who said they are a great “something different” amongst all the white, brown, and grey. They are pretty to me, not cottagey-pretty but softly shining warm metal pretty. Also I’m loving the tweaks to your bedroom. The top pic looks miles beyond the sleigh bed-traditional lamps pic.

  26. LOVE the pop of gold they add! And loving the disco ball btw. :)

  27. The news lamps look so great in your room! The antique brass goes wonderfully in there :)

  28. Those lamps are per.fect. They remind me of simple gold earrings worn with a very classic dress. They’re like good earrings for the room.

  29. Loving those lamps! I saw those at Homegoods 2 weeks ago. I think we shop the same one!
    Your bedroom is starting to look like a boutique hotel, which I love. The pops of pink are great in the otherwise neutral room.

  30. eileen marie says

    I love the lamps!! I think they’re lovely & perfect for your purpose, so tempted to hunt down a pair!

    I’ve been meaning to say a) Saw your spread in LHJ -gorgeous & loved your follow-up post, and
    b) Thank you for being so cool @ Haven -you probably don’t remember me out of the 2 billion people that probably bugged you, but I saw you wearing one of Tiny Twig’s necklaces (so much more beautiful in person) when we both in line for coffee. I appreciated that moment of kindness in such an overwhelming environment.

  31. I read your blog all the time. I’m not one for commenting, but now that I started my own blog, I understand how important it is! Your bedroom is divine. Luv, luv, luv. Did you consider shortening the tables? We just rearranged furniture in our living room and I needed the two mismatched side tables to be the same height, so hubs just cut the bottom few inches off the legs of the taller one. Looks great. You’d never know!

  32. MelanieL says

    This same problem has been a nuisance in my son’s room for a few years now. So, last night I rearragned the room, covered his box spring with a striped fitted sheet, used a white fitted sheet on the mattress and used the same striped pillow cases for the pillows. It turned out great, I never would’ve thought to do that…Thanks for sharing another great solution to a problem:)

  33. I really like the new ones. they add a touch of needed warmth, metallic and pizzaz to the room. plus they are very simple and a bit industrial which is a nice counterpoint to the softness of the room. I need to get me something like this. currently I have 1 lamp on my side that is a HUGE pain to try and turn off as the shade makes it difficult to get your hand in there to turn it off. it was a good will redo at $5 and is serviceable but the bane of my existence. my husband doesn’t even have a light. our room is so very very small (about 2′ walking space around the entire bed and that’s it) that our tiny night stands dont have alot of room for large lamps. I would love to install wall mounts but we are talking of doing some major renos to the house adding an addition and a real master, so maybe then!

  34. Absolutely perfect!

  35. Kathleen says

    My lamps were too tall also. I would have to sit all the way up and stretch to turn them off. Then I found a nifty gadget at Home Depot. It turns any lamp with metal on it into a touch lamp. You just plug it into the wall and then plug the lamp into it. It’s a little box. They all you have to do is slap your hand at the base of the lamp and turn it on or off (or even with a 3 way switch). I love mine. The only problem I have is that my cat, Starbuck, will rub against them during the day or even at night and turn the lamps on. It really freaked me out at first to have the light go on by itself at 2:00 am. Now I’m kinda used to it. If I yell at her right after she turns on the lamp she will usually jump and bump into it and turn it off again.

  36. Love it……makes such a big difference. :)

  37. wow! love it all :-) was that sleigh bed brown when you got it? I have the same one from big lots and now I MUST paint it after seeing this! Is it easy? what paint, etc? thanks!

  38. what a good bedroom it is. i liked the lamping ideas. this lamp is cool

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