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I got an email for an ad campaign from a company that I work with a few times a year and I saw the name Justin Timberlake and I was all “huh?”  Don’t they know I’m not 18 and I don’t want to go to a Justin Timberlake concert, I go to bed at 8:57 every night.  I told them “no thanks” and forgot about it. Until they emailed me back to make sure I knew what I was saying “no” to.

I know three things about Justin.  1. He was in that facebook movie.  2. He was in that SNL all the single ladies video.  3. He is HILARIOUS. Clearly my JT knowledge is extensive, sorry Justin, I’m 38, I just don’t know what the kids are into these days.   I have deducted that he’s kind of good at a lot of things. Apparently he’s got style too.

So, Justin and his long time friend/stylist/designer Estee Stanley are curators for a fun new website called HomeMint which is a part of BeachMint if you keep up with those things. It JUST launched a few weeks ago so the site is still a baby and I like to think I’m an early adopter when it comes to things like this so of course here I am talking about this new tiny baby site even though I’ve yet to purchase something from them, basically, I’m rooting for them and looking forward to what they have to offer.  And also? I think they would make a really cute couple…look….



Oh my word, we just listened to Justin Timberlake talk about home stuff?  And he actually had something really great to say? “Home should be an expression of who you are”.  Seems simple, huh?  I’m surprised to find that lots of people surround themselves with beauty but it’s not always that meaningful.  Justin is actually onto something–your home should tell the story of you.

Similar to sites I adore like Joss & Main and One Kings Lane, HomeMint asks you to become a member.  I know, it seems like a pain at first but, HomeMint makes it a little easier because you can still view the collection without joining (although you pay a higher price if you want to purchase something) OR you can pay $9.99 a month and get discounted rates.  I don’t even think they have you pay until you make your first purchase (and even then I think the amount is credited towards your next purchase) so it’s kind of like free eavesdropping on stylemakers until you see a really great deal.

One of the main ways I like to keep myself up to date on the current trends is to look at magazines and watch sites like this.  Does it mean I buy everything I see?  Nope. I like to think I’m a smart shopper, because I keep up to date with the current trends I know a good deal when I see it.


Like this pouf. I wonder if Justin picked this pouf himself?  You know I love me some poufs, here’s more information about poufs, their price points and the two poufs that I have.   And how sweet would that pouf be in this room?


My only complaint?  I wish they had twice as much stuff to choose from, it definitely leaves you wanting more.  I’m looking forward to watching HomeMint and their monthly finds I’ll keep an eye out and try to pin any irresistible deals I see.  For now, you can go take this style test (I’m SUCH a sucker for those) and HomeMint will recommend some finds.

Now, make me feel old–what’s your Justin Timberlake memory?

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