I am the Opposite of Cool Calm and Collected


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Oh my word, cameras are coming to my house tomorrow and I’ve turned into the anti-nester.

You see EVERYTHING, worse than even when you put your house on the market because you know there will be cameras, every smudgy door, every filthy window (I don’t think I’ve washed these windows in 3 years?! what kind of adult AM I?)  My boys only have hockey and school uniforms to wear, think they’ll mind if they are wearing pants that are 2 inches too short and Great Wolf Lodge Tee shirts for the family picture?


Here’s what out house looked like two days ago.  Just in case you want to know what a house looks like right before cameras come.   Mercyness.  Enjoy.

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  1. One, I love your bangs. And two, your video reminded me why I do not miss having stairs one tiny little bit. It’s like having 15 little shelves that hold junk in the middle of your house – and you’re supposed to walk on them.

    • the best definition of stairs EVER! “15 shelves that hold junk in the middle of your house and you are supposed to walk on them”

  2. I actually felt over-whelmed for you looking at the mess, lol! Made me feel a lil better about the chaos going on over here!! Seriously, have fun with your magazine shoot!

  3. I am sure I am among many that were wondering about you! Now we know!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck with “the cameras”!

  4. The stuff of life. You don’t know how much more I adore you now! My sister used to say the only way she could keep her house clean was by scheduling parties as incentive!

  5. lol! better get busy! thanks for sharing, now I know i am not the only one with a mess today.

  6. I. Love. You.

    Just about spit out my salad when you cranked up Sanford and Son. Hilarious! I feel like that’s the theme song for my house every day. Heck, that’s the theme song for my life.

    Wishing you luck! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Oh and the Christmas tree in the playroom / guest room is my favorite feature. Thanks for keeping it real in the best way!

  7. You’re adorable! You should do more vlogs, but looking forward to your writing too. Hope everything comes together in time…you’ve got this! : )

  8. ((((Hi!))))
    So good to see you back after your recent trip. Sorry you’ve been under the weather. We’ve had sinus infections run thru 1/2 the family here…still recovering. Can’t wait to hear which magazine!?!!!!??? Yes, I secretly love the expression of excess punctuation & symbols, LOL.

    I asked a neighbor in the other day to give me her feedback on a few ideas I’ve had percolating for a while. But, let’s just say the state of my house was probably close to twice what u showed us here. Granted we have 4 kiddos ages 15 down to 2 yrs, under the weatherness, sports galore and home improvement ongoings in almost every functional area of the house. I’m sure it was a bit overwhelming to take in for her. But, I wanted some honest criticism in the worst way & kept my fingers crossed that she wouldn’t hold my crazy looking household against me. She’s one who can be pretty darn honest, maybe to a fault at times. That’s what I need right now though. We’re gradually trying to finish up all sorts of open-ended projects here so we can list our home to sell. I’m trying to neutralize while doing so, without the yawn or blah effect coming across. TYSVM for sharing ur home’s RL moments with us! Sure made me feel better about our in the middle messes.

  9. Do you still sell the ebook on making tassels? If so please contact me with how to purchase it. Thanks,

  10. House tour was the best video ever! Mine could definitely compete right now :)

  11. You are so cute. Hope the magazine day goes well, I know it will!

  12. Your house looks like mine today. We just got back from Great Wolf Lodge. :-)

  13. Nester – you are awesome! Thanks for sharing! And the “anti-nester”? Hilarious!

  14. These videos made me smile!

  15. the misfit says

    Ohhhh…I am afraid for you! I have plenty of experience with high-speed cleaning (really, it’s the only kind I do. Well, I do laundry like clockwork and therefore without frenzy [there are so many lessons I could be learning from this fact], but I take forever to fold anything). But I can’t imagine that even an entire day of high-speed cleaning would be enough! I will have to see the final pictures to reassure myself that you finished and you didn’t die.

  16. sanford & sons…YES!
    you’re hilarious.

  17. This is why you are my favorite new blogger! Thanks for keeping it real!!!!

  18. You will never now how much comfort I got from that video. Thanks for being real!

  19. And this is why we love you!! So real. I wish I had your honesty and bravery! I so admire your honesty. And just so you know, through your posts, and God’s leading, We now have a sponsor child.
    Thank you for that!

  20. You are my hero. That is all. :)

  21. You are going to be fantastic!

  22. I wouldn’t change a thing…this is what a home looks like…much more than just a house. Best of luck with the shoot.

  23. I loved your lived in house! I felt right at home. Good luck with the photo shoot!

    PS.. you’re so cute.

  24. Cute video! :) So excited for you…have a blast with the magazine people. Congratulations!!

  25. This is one of my favorite posts ever…can’t wait to see how the photo shoot goes! Awesome – I just love how real you are. :) thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  26. Wow! Welcome to my remodeling world. What a great video! The music is perfect. Ahh. I feel much better now.But for your sake, I hope you have some help getting it all together . Blessings and prayers your way!

  27. It was fun to see your house on a video so that I could connect the rooms in my mind.

    Good luck with the photo shoot. The photographers and editors always seem to know how to make a house look it’s best. You rarely see close-ups of things that tend to be dirty like windows and baseboards or really wide-angled shots that show all the bits and pieces.

  28. How fun! And pretty gosh darn stressful, I would imagine! Will the photos be on a blog or in a magazine???

  29. What did I learn from this post? Ah, so you’re normal!! ;D And…I’m normal! Thanks for showing us YOU. I’m sure by the time the cameras get there you’ll be ready. You’re awesome!

  30. can i just say that i *L*O*V*E*D* seeing the “unstyled” real life (especially the opened paint can/paint on the brush in the middle of it all) reality, but none of it as much as the sister shot at the end. :)

  31. Nester,

    You have to be one of the most courageous women I know. Thanks for keeping it real!

    Off to clean my house now, we have company coming tomorrow night and it is no where near clean enough!

    PS: This video made me so thankful I don’t have stairs! ;)

  32. You are great. I am so happy for you! I hope you had fun and that all the stress and hassle were worth it.

    Look forward to reading all about it!

  33. dude, i feel for you. we have a high school graduation in july and my husband keeps telling me to finish one project before i start another…so my dad and i took down some kitchen cabinets when he wasn’t home. he he he

  34. I feel so much better seeing that. Thank you. I am serious! Can’t wait to see what’s in store cuz I think I missed it.

  35. I loved seeing your home! Even though I’m in a small 2 bedroom condo it still seems impossible to keep the pile of junk mail/bills/stuff under control. I had to have a neighbor come into my home today and let my dog out while I worked late. I just cringed with how my home looked – baskets of clean laundry folded but not put away, dirty dishes in the sink, a pile of miscellaneous stuff on the dining table and the great wall of mail balancing precariously on my credenza. It’s really not all that bad, just not up to my perfectionist standards (that darn “P” word). One of my greatest fears is of dying and having my family come in and go through my stuff and be all like, “OMG how could she live with baskets of laundry about and a huge stack of mail?” I know it sounds morbid. But do you ever watch the police dramas on television and they are in a crime scene and the place looks pretty darn good – picked up, no 1/2 finished projects standing about, etc. I always wonder who lives like that?!

  36. Congratulations! I hope it went well today–can’t wait to see the photos.

  37. Love it!! I don’t think I’ve ever commented before… a long-time reader… but I couldn’t resist this one. I am amazed at how my house can go from looking fab to looking like we’ve never done an ounce of house work in the last year, in just a few days. I’m always encouraged when things get picked up again. Until its a mess again. Real life is just plain messy. There’s no gettin’ around it. It is refreshing to see someone, whom we all admire, fess up to the fact that their house looks just like ours… and to once again remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! Love you, Nester!

  38. Hats off to normal! I thought I was the only one who didn’t wash my windows. Who even thinks of that on a normal basis? Ok, I think about, it and then the thought goes right out the window. HA! Didn’t even mean to make that funny. And the definition of the stairs? Love it. I pick up things on the first floor and slip whatever will fit that the slats of the wood of the stairs and set all kinds of junk on the steps. Then I pass it about 50 times before actually taking it upstairs. (Because I am sure to the rest of my family those items are invisible?) Your video is priceless. Congrats to you on having the magazine come to your house! How amazing is that?!?!?! Too cool.

  39. You’re my hero! Seeing your house made me feel utterly and completely normal!

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