A month ago I bought this bowl thinking it would hold the remotes.

You can’t imagine my surprise when four weeks later I found it filled to the brim with a bunch of beautiful jewelry.  That I already own. Jewelry that apparently I strip myself of by 8pm every single evening.  So now I keep about half my jewels downstairs in the family room because that’s simply how I roll.  And you can see some of my favorite things, my Lisa Leonards and my Tiny Twigs and of course my silhouette necklace.  But I’ve got a few new favorites I want to introduce you to.


I’m a sucker for a big ring.  I want them all. I want to wear them all together piled up high like a girly Mr. T.  I can’t stand it I love big rings so much.  These are from DaySpring (Corporate Sponsor and friend of Nesting Place and sponsor of this post) and their new Redeemed Collection.  They have 100 new items because like me, they don’t know when to stop. DaySpring is the Mr. T of the releasing new lines in the online shop world.  They have entirely too many items to look at in the new Redeemed Collection–and it’s so fun to look at new things.  Seriously, once you go look you will have to wash the pollen off of your car and change your filters and shave your woollen legs after the time that will pass once you look at everything.

I’ll point you in the right direction and show a few of my favorite things…


Of course they also have pretty things for your home.  This verse always reminds me of my best friend in college, Abby.  She used to tell me about how her mom would encourage her with this verse when she was younger and then we would giggle annoyingly in the middle of Bible class.  Because we were cool Bible college rebels.

More reminders with this pretty lantern.

There’s an entire page dedicated to bags and purses and wallets and pretty girlie coolers and wristlets and make up bags and such.


I’ve never really been a cross person.  I mean, I’ve been “cross” as in annoyed but I’ve never been one to decorate or wear a cross.  I’m not sure why, I just haven’t.  But when I saw this wooden driftwood-esq looking cross I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it above our mantle.  And guess what? I LOVE it!  It’s a steal at $10.  And perfect all year around but I especially like it this time of year.

And what’s a sponsored post without a giveaway (boring) so in true DaySpring is generous fashion they are giving away my favorite things from the new line–for every 100 comments left one person will win four of my favorite things::

the pillow, cross, lantern and ring

One Grand Prize Winner gets to choose 10 (yes TEN) of their favorite things from the new Redeemed Collection to have as their very own.

To enter to win simply click over to the Redeemed Collection and take a minute to check it out, then come back here and leave a comment telling us what your favorite thing(s) is/are.

I pity the fool who doesn’t enter to win