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 Time for us to get to shopping together!  I’ve hand-picked items for the Nesting Place sale at Joss & Main and I hope there is something that you can use or that can inspire you for your Beautifully Imperfect home.  In my 17 years of home making, I’ve learned that it’s fun to start with a neutral base  to ground the room, like that stuff in the photo above and then…

And then add pops of color and interest and QUIRK like this stuff:

find out how here

I love an unmade bed


I have two more things to say.

1. For the Risk Avoiders

You know that thing you see that makes your heart beat faster and you think, oh I LOVE that and I wish I could pull that off in my house but only other people can use things like that in their house and my Mother In Law will think that I’m ridiculous if I put that in my house so I will play it safe and surround myself with the semi-beautiful, average, unremarkable and uninspiring? Yeah, that?  Stop doing that.  Here are step by step directions on how to pull something off if you need them. Whether that things that makes your heart pitter patter is in this sale, in a garage sale, something you can make, it’s time to stop thinking you can’t be who you are and embrace what you love.  I know women whose husbands are telling them to please, feel free to spend a little money and make this house a home already and fear is gripping them as if choosing a lamp is a life or death decision.  Life is too short and decorating is supposed to be fun.  Enjoy it. Take a risk.  Buy the lamp.

 2. For the Cashless

There have been times in our marriage that I’ve had more time than money. Times that I needed to DIY my way to pretty.  And if you are in a season of that right now, I hope that you don’t see this sale as something you cannot be a part of but as fun inspiration for your next project.  And Joss & Main may read this and delete my sale right now but I have to say this, none of these items, as beautiful and charming and lovely as they might be, are worth putting on a credit card if you can’t pay it off immediately.  As much as I want you to love your home and as much as I don’t want Joss & Main to think my sale failed, I don’t want anyone to feel any pressure to spend money you don’t have.  It’s a process, beauty takes time. Enjoy the process.

Now let’s go shopping together!

 Sale ends in 72 hours

Joss & Main offers a $15 referral credit for anyone {you too!} who refers someone to their site when that someone makes their first purchase.  They also compensate all of their curators with a small percentage of the sales.


  1. I’m in the “can’t shop; going on non-paid maternity leave in three weeks” category, BUT I still enjoyed the window shopping. LOVE the emery pendant light! I must find/DIY something like it in the future.

  2. On your first post about the Joss & Main sale there was a picture of a wicker laundry basket and I was desperately hoping it would be in your sale… alas, it’s not :( I’ve been looking for a nice one for awhile now. Any idea where I could find one?

    • Hey Lynelle,

      Yep some thing didn’t seem to make it into the sale, not sure why, I’ll see if I can find a similar basket and if I do I’ll do a little follow up post on the things that didn’t make it in.


  3. I love your ideas. I really enjoyed going over to Joss & Mann and seeing the item you curated. What a cool idea. I love your decor philosophy. Your ability to present visuals (via Picnik & the sites you are using to replace Picnik when it is gone) absolutely inspire me. I hope to learn from you and get better at creating cool online visuals.

  4. Love, love, love the cuckoo clock – I’ve been wanting one since I was a kid – and the alphabet table lamp. So sad that these won’t fit in our budget…. Maybe I can give my husband some extra kissies and he’ll let me spend the moolah .

  5. The mention in your post about spending seasons and saying not to charge these pretty little home goodies was BEAUTIFUL and REFRESHING and REAL. Thank you for keeping your readers grounded. You are phenomenal. :)

    • Yes that was wonderful & freeing ! ! ! All the items you picked are so beautiful & some great inspiration for this fellow houselover who has a spending freeze on home furnishings.

  6. I think there are some lovely things here – although I hate an unmade bed. Sign me up for a bit of quirk any day and I am intrigued by your aversion to mass made art. :)

  7. I was so glad to see a cuckoo clock on there. A few years ago, the mister mentioned wanting a cuckoo clock like my grandmas (ollllld antique one). After having some sticker shock at the antique mall, this was the perfect compromise. I will NOT be painting this… The hubs would freak out (I’d love it though… Have fun with yours!)

  8. P.S. I totally thought of you when I bought a yellow horse vase at the antique mall and put out some collectible glass clowns that my grandpa got me when I was a baby. I’ll have to send you a picture. It’s lots of quirk mixed in with “normal” stuff.

  9. I love that bed! I’m not finding it in the collection though!

  10. {The tufted upholstered one, I mean…}

  11. Hello there o great creative one!! :D
    Seriously…you have the eye, the touch, and the chutzpah to follow your heart. Yay!!! There is a reason that so many people with so many different styles follow you.
    I stopped by the SALE last night. You put together such a great mix of items and price points. I especially loved that your lamp selections were so inexpensive. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the benefits of this sale in an upcoming post. Yay you!!!

  12. This is a great sale, with lots of beautiful items, but I wanted to compliment you on your last paragraph. I really admire you for adding that in there and I think it’s so important for people to hear! :)


  13. I love your ideas and creative talent! I especially love your love of unmade beds!

  14. Hi Nester!
    I just wanted to tell you that your sale is so pretty! I’m in Canada so unfortunately I can’t buy anything, but let me tell you there are quite a few things that are tempting! And awesome job including that cuckoo clock-I can’t believe that baby hasn’t sold out yet.

  15. Here’s to unmade beds! In my house and yours!!

  16. Nester, Can I call you by your “first” name?
    I think I love you.

    “Yeah, that? Stop doing that.”
    “Enjoy it. Take a risk. Buy the lamp.”

    You make me laugh out loud!
    (And, perhaps I’ll stop *picking* a bedroom color and just buy it!)

    And, kudos to you for your wise words on financial management. A lamp, couch, or sailfish just lose their shine when you are looking at the credit statement each month – paying them off! Stay transparent and real! It’s so refreshing!

    ~ Dana
    Cooking at Cafe D

  17. I love how you touched on the topic of spending and not spending what you don’t have and NOT going into debt. You’re the real deal, sister; the bee’s knees :)

  18. I wanted to thank you for your second point. As someone fairly young, who recently bought a house and is now looking forward to starting a family, it can always be a challenge to keep your frugal ways when you go online and are always seeing wonderful things that you wish could be your’s. I’ve seen more and more of these sales pop up on blogs that usually talk about thriftiness, and it always makes me feel like it’s taunting me (I don’t disagree with people talking about sales or online shopping of anything, it just always makes me feel deprived). I appreciate the reminder that priorities need to be made and it’s okay if money for furniture and decorations falls at the bottom of that list.

  19. love you.
    when you write stuff like points 1 and 2,
    love ya even more.

    I hope that your sale was a wild success, friend!!

  20. I bought a wonderful Dog bed and I would love to buy another. Can you find it for me and let me know when you do?

  21. bookmarked, great blog!

  22. The imagine it skills practice workbook 2
    piece is definately the best i have seen today.

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