I’ve been meaning to get around to changing up our laundry room.  And clearly that has everything to do with this chalkboard bedroom.

Ahhh, our laundry room.  I think the door has been closed twice since we moved in two and a half years ago.  It’s just easier to keep it open.  But, when someone is standing on our porch with the front door open, you can practically see straight into this room and it’s so boring and non-UMPHy.  Even though we are renting there are times it’s worth it to put a little money into the house.  The selves were serving no one well–there’s not enough clearance to hang something from them and wire shelves aren’t very pretty.  And really I don’t need that storage, as you can see the top shelf is empty.

We even have a pretty little window that lets in a flood of light.

Which is good because this micro fluorescent leaves a lot to be desired.

Naturally, I made a little laundry room pinboard at Pinterest.  I kept pinning chalkboard walls so that told me something.

So I decided to do the back wall in chalkboard paint. And the other three walls got a fresh coat of white.  Funny, if this were my house I’d just stop the paint all crazy like in the photo.  But then I remembered that the owners would see it when we move out and I want them to feel good about it, so even though you and I both know that anyone who lives here will always have a washer and dryer covering up the bottom of this wall–I wanted it to look better for showings if the house were empty one day.  So, today I’m going to go back and paint a crisp line and even paint the bottom half in white.

Actually, now that I look at it, I might just paint it all chalkboard.  I thought I would need to save the paint for a second coat but it looks like one coat is enough–anyone have experience with this?  Should I paint a second coat to be safe?

I can’t wait to prime the wall with chalk, Janell always makes it look so fun.

I wish I had a pretty finished photo to show but this will have to do.  There’s the light I’m planning on putting in the laundry room–the one I told you had been sitting on the floor around the house since October.  And you can see the two shelves that will go on the chalkboard wall right there leaning against the hutch.    The light and shelves are from Ikea although I think the light has been discontinued.

So far I’ve spent::

  • $15 Chalk paint
  • $60 Lack Wall shelves {they were $30 each when I bought them but now they are on sale for $20!}
  • $50 for the basket light–I’ll probably take it with us when we move unless I’m tired of it or too lazy to take it down

The owners of this home have been so kind to us.  And it’s been fun to do a few little makeovers that we hope will add value to their home and also really increase our enjoyment of their home while we live here.  Would I pay to put down all new wood floors in a house I’m renting?  Nope. But spending a hundred dollars for a major wow factor that also makes the house look a little more updated?  Sure!