Doily Shower Curtain :: The Post Where I Sit on The Toilet and Iron

Way back in September I invited you to my sister’s book signing party–remember?  Once I knew people were actually going to show up, I wanted to dress up the little downstairs bathroom and the easiest project seemed like it would be to add a shower curtain.  I shopped around online, Anthropologie, and a ton of other stores and everything I liked was really expensive.  One of my goals for our home from last year was to have more handmade things in our home so I figured I could semi-handmake a shower curtain.

I waited four months to share this with you because 1: I wanted to make sure the doilies wouldn’t fall off and 2. I kept hoping the room would magically get bigger so I could get better photos.  Neither happened so here we are.  For the record, this shower had a door on it, but it’s not very pretty and you can add a curtain even if there’s a door. I put the rod high, like two feet above where the shower door ends.  I could have opened the curtain to show you but I forgot.  Trust me, there’s a door.  And if you don’t have a door you’ll just want to be sure you have a shower liner.

I started by pinning on random doilies.  OH and the curtain, I found a pair of white grommet style curtains at Target.  They were sold as a pair in one package for about $20 –ack out of stock right now online. But, any kind of curtain would work just the grommets make it easy to thread onto the rod.

At first it was easier to leave the curtains hanging and attach the doilies that way.

Lucky for me there was a conveniently placed seat.

I used stitch witchery which I love because it’s so easy to work with.  It’s like iron on glue.

I just tore off pieces and slid them behind the doilies and ironed it on to adhere.  The stitch witchery is clearish so you don’t see it in the natural holes of the doilies.

A little close up.  My big plan was to add more and more doilies over time.  Then we had craft day and I got all excited about making bowls out of my slow-growing doily collection.  But I’m in no rush.  But now that I see these photos I’m getting the itch to add a bunch more.

Here’s the big photo again.  So far I have nine doilies and  the best place to view them in their full glory is when one is sitting on the toilet.

And, for your reading pleasure, I found two other doily shower curtains that you might find fun here at Etcetorize and here at Soule Mama.

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  1. Love the color of your vanity cabs!! Can you share the color??

  2. Very creative! It turned out great! I want to let you in on a little secret called LIQUID STITCH. It’s awesome for jobs like this! I’ve been sewing for a long time and sometimes there are things that are just easier to glue together. Liquid stitch will adhere fabric to fabric and it will not come off. I’m serious, it is there forever! And it dries clear! It is really good for attaching trim. You can get it at Walmart, Hancocks, Hobby Lobby,… If you would rather attach fabric than sew you need this stuff.

    • Great point! I love all the fabric glues–the only problem with doilies is all the little holes–not so condusive to using a liquid type glue, but yes, if you are adhering fabric to fabric, the fabric glue works great and can be washed. Throw your sewing machines away!

  3. Yup! Thanks for letting me know what I’m gonna do about my shower curtain!! We are also in a rental, an OLD house, with ‘custom’ size shower openings!! That also means too small regular store bought shower curtains!! You totally knew that I had a box of old dollies…waiting to be put somewhere :) I just can’t sit on the toilet to put them on!! Darn toilet is hiding behind a door!!



  4. What a fun idea! I’m glad to see doilies making a comeback. I just did a post about them: AND listed a bunch of pretties in my shop. LOTS I still haven’t listed, so if you want more to add to your curtain, let me know and I’ll make you a great deal! My word for the year is DE-CLUTTER! :-)

  5. this is a lovely idea (of course!) and you are too cute.

    (btw: I’m starting to seriously look into making slipcovers for my couch. Could you a virtual hand hold…)


  6. leslieln says

    This is adorable! Where did you find your doilies?

  7. It looks so lovely! I just came across your post while looking for some ideas to decorate my bathroom. I will definitely try this as it is cost free and creative! I found another idea to add creativity to our bedrooms. Maybe I will try this too but if you have any other suggestion, I am open to them!

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