Doily Shower Curtain :: The Post Where I Sit on The Toilet and Iron

Way back in September I invited you to my sister’s book signing party–remember?  Once I knew people were actually going to show up, I wanted to dress up the little downstairs bathroom and the easiest project seemed like it would be to add a shower curtain.  I shopped around online, Anthropologie, and a ton of other stores and everything I liked was really expensive.  One of my goals for our home from last year was to have more handmade things in our home so I figured I could semi-handmake a shower curtain.

I waited four months to share this with you because 1: I wanted to make sure the doilies wouldn’t fall off and 2. I kept hoping the room would magically get bigger so I could get better photos.  Neither happened so here we are.  For the record, this shower had a door on it, but it’s not very pretty and you can add a curtain even if there’s a door. I put the rod high, like two feet above where the shower door ends.  I could have opened the curtain to show you but I forgot.  Trust me, there’s a door.  And if you don’t have a door you’ll just want to be sure you have a shower liner.

I started by pinning on random doilies.  OH and the curtain, I found a pair of white grommet style curtains at Target.  They were sold as a pair in one package for about $20 –ack out of stock right now online. But, any kind of curtain would work just the grommets make it easy to thread onto the rod.

At first it was easier to leave the curtains hanging and attach the doilies that way.

Lucky for me there was a conveniently placed seat.

I used stitch witchery which I love because it’s so easy to work with.  It’s like iron on glue.

I just tore off pieces and slid them behind the doilies and ironed it on to adhere.  The stitch witchery is clearish so you don’t see it in the natural holes of the doilies.

A little close up.  My big plan was to add more and more doilies over time.  Then we had craft day and I got all excited about making bowls out of my slow-growing doily collection.  But I’m in no rush.  But now that I see these photos I’m getting the itch to add a bunch more.

Here’s the big photo again.  So far I have nine doilies and  the best place to view them in their full glory is when one is sitting on the toilet.

And, for your reading pleasure, I found two other doily shower curtains that you might find fun here at Etcetorize and here at Soule Mama.

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  1. Too awesome. Not many people can say they have ironed on the toilet… just saying.

    Love the look. What a small touch that makes a HUGE difference and fits your whole look. Great inspiration.

  2. The picture of you on the convenient seat? Priceless.

    I like your homemade goals. I think it’s what makes a house a home.

    My grandmother left me with lots of doilies. I was thinking about adding some of them to a lampshade on a lamp that’s not used much. Just a way to display. I’m wondering if the patterned shadows would drive me crazy.

  3. This is really cute. And Im sure it’ll look cute with more doilies, but it definitely doesn’t look undone. I really love it!

  4. I love the look, it’s gorgeous. Do you think the doilies will fall off after you’ve showered and steamed up the bathroom? Just a thought!

    • they’ve been on for four months! although, that bathroom isn’t steamed up every day so I’m not sure how well they would work in a super steamy environment. although, I’ve actually washed stuff I’ve made with this iron on stuff. although, I wonder if steam would de-adhere it faster than washing?

  5. Less is more…I like it the way it is! Seems to be a popular post today….ironing! That’s what I posted about. Nice chatting with you!

  6. Love this idea!!! I have a lot of doilies that my Grandmother and Great Aunt Edith tatted over the years and this is a great way to see them used. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. What a great idea!

    I have to tell you that I’ve been stalking your blog for a while. I love it! I love the mix of things you post about – so inspiring! Thank you!!

    And, as ironing places go, that’s a pretty good one!!


  8. What a great idea! Love your shower curtain!!

  9. Yes. Darling doilies.
    But I LOVE the Snoopy shirt.

  10. I like how the white and ecru doilies go with the wall color and the tan floor tile. One thing I saw that looked elegant for not much money was a crocheted piece in a painted frame on darker background. I have a collection of crocheted, tatted and needle lace that is too big to fit in a 4 drawer dresser. Using these pieces brings the past into the present.

    Rick S

  11. Well, dang! Why did I not go to the bathroom and check that out???

  12. I’ve heard of multitasking, but…lol

    I really like the look of the doilies – nice texture and variation in the colors, too.
    I’m trying to find something really simple, (read: I don’t own a sewing machine) to do to use the many vintage tablecloths we used at our wedding reception…

  13. Beautiful! How is the adhesive holding up in a steamy shower? Ah yes, the toilet seat is so multi purpose! Darling photo of you!

  14. Cute shower curtain. I like the color of the vanity in the bathroom. Do you know the name of it? Thanks!

  15. This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Gorgeous! And that is the perfect seat!!! :) xoxo

  17. Beautiful. Check out Sandy Mastroni’s curtains….she made something magical along similar lines with old doilies.

    Love your blog.

  18. Very pretty! I love it!

  19. Funny! But I LOVE the way the shower curtain turned out. What a great idea. I bought the too expensive Anthro ones and now wish I would have tried this.

  20. I love your commitment to put more handmade things in your home. And I love seeing you iron in the loo. That is classic.

    The curtain is of course adorable! I wonder, what else you could iron on?

  21. I love it! You did a great job. I wish I had more doilies from my grandmas. Anyone know if you can buy them somewhere online? I’m guessing antique store would be a good place to look too…Great post!

  22. YAY! I LOVE doilies!!! (I’m making something with them right now, too!) :-)
    Your shower curtain is to die for!

  23. oh nester, you slay me with the toilet sitting picture! you are just too much hilarity!!

  24. Love the shower curtain. It’s BEAUTIFUL! And totally my ‘style’.
    Also CONGRATS! You were mentioned in a Social Media article regarding Pinterest!!!!

  25. Seriously? Are doilies back in style? I am so en vogue!

    I love the potty picture and think you are adorable.

  26. this is super cute. Great idea. Probably would work for curtains or a table cloth (under a plastic liner). Thanks!

  27. LOL! There’s a title to draw people in. I saw that and was like “Whaaaaat?!” And of course had to click the link. Glad I did! Very cute!

  28. Hi! Please email me, I have a question for you :)


  29. I just inherited my mom’s very large doily collection and have been trying to figure out a way to use them.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  30. This is so pretty! I just never have any luck with Stitch Witchery – I can never get it to actually stick!

    • hmmm, maybe your heat is too low? there are two kinds, also, I like the kind where you don’t peel the paper off, it’s just the tape, not paper and tape together. does that make sense?

  31. Although I have visited often this is my first time to comment…I just had to say that I love you would put a pic of you ironing on the toilet…too cute! The shower curtain turned out amazing! I recently started a diy blog at and listed you on my blogroll…hope that is ok.!

  32. Very cute. I have a lilac shower curtain that I’m getting tired of…but instead of getting a new one I can do something like this. Oh, and I like your Peanuts t-shirt, my daughter has a similar one she loves. I am so glad I found your site!

  33. That is so cool! I gave a good friend my gm’s doilies. Guess who is kicking herself?

  34. I always liked them just pinned on – but now I LOVE IT! Such a super idea. I totally love the photo of you ironing on the toilet – made me laugh out loud. Love ya!

  35. Love your shower curtain! It looks awesome! Thanks so much for the shout out~

  36. Oooo, I love this. A perfect blend of pretty and feminine and old timey. This could be great for regular curtains as well, maybe in a room with gorgeous antique dark-wood furniture. Hmmm, I’m definitely going to have to try this!

  37. Guess what?? I posted about my new doily curtains just Monday over at the CSI Project! :) Come check em out! :) I hand stitched mine…should have thought of stitch witchery! :)

  38. love this idea. love. love. love.

  39. Delightful as always! I have a powder room that is shabby chic-ish, and I’ve been looking for a way to update it while still keeping a lot of the decor. This may be it!

  40. I love the photo of your ironing on the toilet!!! you are absolutely the cutest!!!

  41. Stitch Witchery is theeee best. Your curtain turned out beautiful!

  42. LOVE it! You are amazing, love your ideas!

  43. Nice cozification of your shower curtain … fun project.


  44. I have to agree with Southern Gal.. the picture of you on the convenient seat was priceless.
    Cute idea. Thanks for sharing

  45. Oh my goodness girl you are too funny ironing in bathroom… Love how your dollies shower curtain turned out. My mom has so many dollies around her house.

  46. You totally cracked me up! And the curtain is really cute. I love your blog but never post . I read every day. I tell people about your home theories all the time. Do less and be more is my motto for the year. Thanks for the ideas and encouragement!

  47. Oh my gosh you are so crazy! I love the picture of you on the toilet! Made me laugh, and the shower curtain is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  48. Best seat in the house! I almost laughed out loud, but then I would have to explain it to the menfolk and let’s face it- they do not get the blog thing! “Oh, it’s just a picture of Nester sitting on the toilet ironing doilies onto her shower curtain.” Nope, they so would not get it!

  49. Love your shower curtain…so cute! :D

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