Next Wednesday, January 11th, we are having our second annual Home Goals Linky Party. This was a big hit last year. I’d love to tell you that I checked everything off my list from last year.  I did not.  Here are a few questions I’m asking myself this year as I think about our goals

  • What’s my favorite room in my house? Why?
  • How and where does my family hang out together?  What’s working for that room? What’s annoying in that room?
  • Is there something in my home I want to do but I’m afraid?  What if I take that risk?  What’s the worst that can happen?
  • What’s the purpose of my home?  Is that obvious by how we use it and what is filling it?
  • Do the objects in my home reflect our family or do I just have things because someone told me it looked good, gave it to me or bought it for me?
  • Am I neglecting my home and not putting money into something that is needed?  Am I squandering money on something I don’t need or enjoy?


  • Stop apologizing for your home.
  • Say more kind things than negative things about your home.
  • Your home is for the people who live there first and foremost, honor them and also think about your guests.  This means you can ignore what your well-intentioned neighbor, 80-year-old male painter, and kind-hearted father in law have to say about your paint colors and furniture placement. Make it work for your family for this season of life.

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