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Next Wednesday, January 11th, we are having our second annual Home Goals Linky Party. This was a big hit last year. I’d love to tell you that I checked everything off my list from last year.  I did not.  Here are a few questions I’m asking myself this year as I think about our goals

  • What’s my favorite room in my house? Why?
  • How and where does my family hang out together?  What’s working for that room? What’s annoying in that room?
  • Is there something in my home I want to do but I’m afraid?  What if I take that risk?  What’s the worst that can happen?
  • What’s the purpose of my home?  Is that obvious by how we use it and what is filling it?
  • Do the objects in my home reflect our family or do I just have things because someone told me it looked good, gave it to me or bought it for me?
  • Am I neglecting my home and not putting money into something that is needed?  Am I squandering money on something I don’t need or enjoy?


  • Stop apologizing for your home.
  • Say more kind things than negative things about your home.
  • Your home is for the people who live there first and foremost, honor them and also think about your guests.  This means you can ignore what your well-intentioned neighbor, 80-year-old male painter, and kind-hearted father in law have to say about your paint colors and furniture placement. Make it work for your family for this season of life.

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  1. All right! Last year’s party really made me think a lot, and while I didn’t fair well with most (or any) of the DIY projects I wanted to accomplish, I HAVE worked really hard on reminding myself that I need to be grateful for the house we have. :) Looking forward to partying with you again!

  2. Love this! I like what you said at the end…cause we’re in the middle of painting the entire house {outside} and it’s a VERY bold color. I LOVE it…but a few of the neighbor’s aren’t into it. But, they don’t live here. My hubby’s grandma isn’t into it, but again, she doesn’t live here. Even my daughter wants a beige house – but I’m not a beige person. It’s not pink or neon yellow – but it’s fun to hear you say that. I remember reading about not apologizing about my home from Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer and I was really careful that I didn’t do that and told my followers the same. Thanks…looking forward to the party.

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  3. Awesome! I can’t wait to partake in this. We’ve got some SERIOUS goals to accomplish this year by September, for one BIG reason ;) Thanks!

  4. The point really hits home to stop apologizing. My home isn’t all I want it to be right now, but with 3 kids under 6, other things take priority. There’s not a lot in the budget for discretionary home purchases and that’s okay. I don’t need to apologize that my throw pillows aren’t the color of the moment or that I don’t have time to refinish my oldest daughter’s dresser. This is just where I am in this season of life. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. First off – those images are so stinking cute!!

    Secondly, I have so many plans for my place…gotta narrow it down.

  6. I like your questions and your suggested goals. My best friend and I have a rule – we are not allowed to apologize for our houses when the other comes over. Didn’t have time to vacuum every single room? A few dirty dishes in the sink? Whatever. No apologies allowed. I like extending that to how you’ve set up your home, too. :) I’ll be back for the linky party!

  7. I participated last year and went ahead and posted new ones this year without even knowing you were doing the linky party. Can’t wait!

  8. Great idea to blog about our home goals!! I have a list like that already on my fridge, only it’s called my Honey-do List. ;-)

  9. Just wondering if I missed day two of the blog series. Followed the link but, I don’t think she blogged on the series. Just wanted to check… I probably missed something.

  10. Last night my son, my husband and my youngest were in the kitchen. My son was unloading the dishwasher and telling us some funny things he wrote at school – ad slogans for classmates’ inventions. We were all laughing because they were really good! At that moment, everything about that room was perfect. :-)

    Each year my husband and I make a list of what we want to improve in the house. We don’t get to everything on the list, but having the list really helps us plan. I’m in!

  11. Yes!!! I am so excited. I was just thinking wondering if you were going to have a link up this year as I was buying groceries this afternoon. How random is that?

    I’m not excited because I accomplished what was on my list, but more because what I neglected gave me a better perspective on home ownership. And how I was forced to become a mature home owner. Uhhh! Don’t you know that will be a great post? How to be a nerd when it comes to decorating your home. I can see the hits stacking up right now. :)

    Can’t wait to join in on the fun!!

  12. Im so excited for this! I have totally learned not to apologize for my house, and I notice when people do it in their homes now. I keep my home in pretty good comdition all the time, and recently on 2 separate occasions I was redoing stuff down stairs so i had piles of stuff in my foyer on its way upstairs to my attic. On 2 separate occasions people came over unannounced I felt a little awkward but I refused to make excuses or even explain it. I’m a person, we are a family, come on over guests whenever you want!

  13. Oh my goodness. Less than thirty minutes ago my husband and I just had a conversation. He started it by saying, “Babe, what do you wanna do to this bathroom? ‘Cause I would have people over more if this bathroom was done.” I know where God is leading me on January 11! (Which is also is my husbands birthday!)

  14. Last week, when I was debating doing William Morris 5 days per week, I walked through our home and started a list of items–big and small–that I could tackle in a year or so. At last count, my list has over 50 items. I guess I’ll have to whittle that list down for the link up, huh?

  15. Christi {j says

    Hard to believe it’s been a year! Can’t wait to link in 2012!

  16. i cried when i read your post this morning.
    God is dealing with my heart over our rental this week.
    i have the most awful attitude….

    this is our first rental, and we just really don’t like it…not even sure we’ll stay in it the full term of the lease. wish i could have coffee with you this morning and hear you tell me to put my big girl panties on and realize what the most important things in life are….hate when my focus is off.

  17. I’ve marked my calendar.
    We are dead-dog broke right now, but since we know IDHTBPTBB, there’s a lot we can still do. This year I want to improve the look, feel, and function of our home. And, while that might sounds like a huge costly plan, I think that asking the questions you raised above can point out areas that can be tweaked – for little cost or even effort – to make a huge difference.

    At least that’s what I’m thinking.
    We’ll see what I come up with after some soul searching.

    For us, we don’t need to impress.
    We need to be able to laugh, love, and get a little homework done :)
    That’s Do-Able!

  18. I need to say more kind things about my home. I would show my husband more respect if I did so. Living in a rental is humbling and hard, and I’m trying to see it as a challenge to be met and grow stronger from.

  19. Gotta be honest here…I was relieved to hear that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t complete my 2011 house goals! Didn’t stop me from creating twice as many goals for 2012! Good news is that I’m feeling excited about moving things along in my home!

  20. Can’t wait!

  21. I’ve never participated in this party before, but I will be there this year! I’ve never really like our house, but since we have no other options, I’m working very hard on a very small budget into making it a place that reflects us… and trying to make it into a place we can love.
    Looking forward to the inspiration!

    Leanne @ because (i think) i can

  22. i guess i need to get a home first. Staying with family, and cannot decorate. So my goals would be to save up for a place and have a prayer room

  23. You inspired my current post at my blog Thank you for helping me to think outside the box and get unstuck.

  24. Sounds fun! Get ready bedroom for some changes!

  25. ‘ Your home is for the people who live there first and foremost, honor them and also think about your guests. This means you can ignore what your well-intentioned neighbor, 80-year-old male painter, and kind-hearted father in law have to say about your paint colors and furniture placement. Make it work for your family for this season of life.’

    I absolutely love this comment and whole-heartedly agree!! I’m a long time reader that found you and your sisters blogs through your dad after he’d mentioned it, now at least a few years back, on his blog and through the radio show. I would have to say that both of your blogs truly opened up my eye’s to a whole new ‘bloggy’ world, and I’ll never be the same :-)

    Minor detour there, but I don’t know that I’ve really ever commented so I had to take a moment lol… I just have to say that your quote totally hit the spot and was just what I needed to hear! My husband and I only just the end of last year moved into our first home and I’m loving the imperfect yet beautiful process of making it our own. And the words from and your sister give me wings to try things I’ve been thinking up but had never been able to accomplish… so far so good, thankfully my only paint color misshapps have been in our small powder room… went from a greenish blue, to it’s current shade of Kelly green which I only just finished over the holidays… but alas, I will be trying again… my husband is very supportive of all my crazy fun ideas but the colors just not working for us… call me crazy but I’m actually planning to change it to a nice satin black… which already lives on one wall of our master bedroom (the other three are one of my favorite colors – greige) and it is just what we love.

    Maybe one day I’ll catch up and share the details on my website, for now she’s only just figuring out what her voice should be in this great wide bloggy world :-)

    Now that I’ve written a book, just wanna say thanks and I look forward to all that is to come :-) keep up what you’re doing… you touch far more lives than you know here, and continue to bless so many!

    Coming out of the blog stalking closet at last!

    With love, Shawna :-)

  26. Thank you for motivating me to set goals. You never cease to inspire and help me in my home. I am forever appreciative of how you have changed my perspective about my home. It has been so positive and yes, sort of life changing. That is why you ROCK! ;)

  27. the misfit says

    Don’t apologize…isn’t that interesting! I never used to. Then my DH and I started hanging out most of the time with two other couples…both wives are just ridiculously good housekeepers. Their homes are always IMMACULATE. They apologize for a single coffee cup (still in use) on the counter. I don’t even consider that a mess (and I have lots of actual messes!). So I started apologizing ALL THE TIME, because I felt that if I didn’t, they would think I was such a slob I don’t even NOTICE the problems. It doesn’t help that my husband (who literally lived in FILTH before we were married – I’m surprised he wasn’t continually ill) thinks my housekeeping is so inadequate he wants to hire a housekeeper (I refuse). *grits teeth* I will try to be positive. Both of those ladies now have babies, and we will see them much less – they are very busy. (And their houses might be less clean! Yay!) So I will probably feel less prompted to apologize. And my husband can now see that I am working like CRAZY on the house, which he appreciates – actually, he sounds more like in awe (and I DESERVE it!). I probably do 10-20 hours a week of work, after my full-time job. That work isn’t cleaning – I have time to keep up with laundry and that’s about it – because I am redecorating everything. (We have the blessing of some budget to work with, but we are definitely pinching pennies with everything. I am a bargain-shopper to the death.) I am so, so proud of what I have accomplished so far, even though it DEFINITELY isn’t perfect and isn’t nearly done (on that note, I will really enjoy this opportunity).

    But. (This was supposed to be my whole comment.) The biggest reason I apologize for my house is so that my friends don’t feel bad. That’s not because it’s so grand or beautiful or impressive – I hope it will be beautiful when I get done with my tinkering, but it will never be grand. But we live in a very expensive area and having a single-family home (to say nothing of two stories, an attic, and a yard) is EXPENSIVE. We got a great price, traveled further from the city, and waited impatiently on a maddening short sale, for seven months. And the place needs work. And it’s on a busy street. We did NOT pay a fortune. And, a lot of people don’t realize that our mortgage is less than their rent (I tell them at the least excuse). But I know it still seems insanely out of reach to a lot of people (in this area) to own a home, and I don’t want them to feel bad. I say that it’s a work in progress, needs work, has good points and bad points, is not big (true) but a good size for us (true), everything I can think of. I never, ever want to make someone feel bad who may already be in a difficult situation. God knows that’s not what my blessings are FOR, and I certainly don’t appreciate other people going on about things that I can’t have (we can’t have kids – for example). So, I would be interested in your take on this. Don’t apologize for unwashed dishes – fine. Say good things about my house, to people who don’t live here…? I am torn…

  28. Virginia Mom says

    Good questions.
    They were not numbered, so I numbered them: (hope you do not mind):
    1a) The garage. 1b) Because there are power tools there, power tools that make a wife covet her husband’s stuff; sinful; fun;
    2 a) In the car, we hang out together in the car. b) Not much is working for that room, other than the excellent sound system. c) Uncle Leo;
    3 a) Yes. b) I could cause structural damage. c) My husband could help;
    4 a) To provide a place for my teenagers to forage. b) Yes, it is obvious by the way we use it and by what is filling it (see crumbs, stains, spills);
    5 a). Yes, the objects in our home reflect my family. My granddad’s spittoon is featured prominently by the hearth. (We are Irish.) No, we did not buy it because it “looked good.”
    6a) Probably. 6b) Define “squandering.”
    7) I will. Not sorry ever again for guests’ Lego injuries;
    8) More kind things will be said. Fewer negative things. Like.
    9) Never mind, my hearth is your hearth and “nil aon tintean mar do thintean fein_ (there’s no hearth like your own).
    Blessings, Nester.

  29. My goal for my house this year is to finish all the projects I’ve started in the last 2 yeas (trim painting, hang pictures, unpack all boxes), plus start work on the backyard. It’s cheap (just my time and energy mostly) and needs it.

  30. My goals this year leave me giddy! We are finishing our basement! I’m planning on chronicling even design step along the way. I’ll try to make sure my kids are fed as well.

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