Craft Day :: Doily Bowls

For about a year, my friend Reeve and I have talked about starting a craft day.  We finally followed through and invited a few friends over for a spur of the moment craft day.  After looking through pinterest, we settled on making doily bowls.

First we went “doily hunting” as Reeve called it. We found a bunch of doilies second-hand from .40-$4.  If you are local, the Sleepy Poet is a great place to find doilies–just be open to looking at all the displays and lifting things up that are sitting on doilies.

Besides doilies, you’ll need some kind of fabric stiffener {we used “stiffy” available at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby–don’t forget to use your coupon!}.  And you’ll also need a bunch of different sized bowls and plastic wrap.

Making doily bowls is a perfect quick craft to make with your family or friends over Christmas.  You just need to gather the supplies, drench the doilies in fabric stiffener, squeeze out the excess, and spend a few minutes shaping your doily over your plastic wrap covered bowls.  We also covered a few tables with trash bags just to have some safe working surfaces.

Here, Angela is squeezing out her drenched doily.  You don’t want to wring it out because that will mess up the shape, just squeeze out the extra stiffener.  We just put some fabric stiffener in a bowl and you can also see her pre-plastic-wrapped upside down bowl waiting for its doily.

You can pinch or pleat or fold the doily around the bowl mold. Then you let it dry over night.

Or if you have a dryer like mine, you can put in that shelf and like low heating kiln, dry your doilies for about an hour on high heat.

Finally, a good use for our dryer.

Of course we found other uses for the doily bowls.

If you are getting together with friends or family this week for an extended period of time, think about planning a little fun craft to do together.  Reeve started a pinboard so we could keep track of good ideas, feel free to check it out–or maybe you are the food making type?  Ever tried making Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls with a group?  Just make sure you have lots of surface area!


  1. UMMM – so funny!

    and those are beautiful! and so simple, too. i’ve heard of hosting a Pinterest Party, finally a way to turn the time spent online into something measurable by making said craft —wink!

  2. Beautiful projects!! :) I’ve always wondered how people make doily bowls so now I know!! :) Merry Christmas Nester!! :) xo

  3. What a neat idea! I’ve seen it done to a degree but not with Doilies

  4. What a cute idea to have a craft day, so cute. I wish I knew some bloggers that lived by me, that would be so much fun! And cute idea with the doily bowls, I know how much you love doilies!

  5. Too fun! Something to do with the grandchildren! Or a great alternative to the crazy after Christmas shopping excursions!

  6. super cute, and I love them as hats, hehe! your Christmas decor is beautiful, too!

  7. Had to chuckle at your post since when I saw the headline, I envisioned crocheting the doilies and thought to myself, “That’s going to be a LONG evening!” I forgot you can buy them. I still enjoy the lengthy process of crocheting or knitting them myself.

    Cute work, ladies!

  8. Bwhahaha…You’re “other uses” photos are fantastic. This is a lovely idea for an afternoon with your girlfriends.

    I think I’m going to call a few of my girlies and see if we can’t turn our next get together into a Pinterest party, maybe I’ll even make that winter Sangria I pinned!

    Thanks for the post :]

  9. Great idea. I love how the white bowls make the dark colors stand out (and through). This looks like a great craft I could do with my kids. Thanks!

  10. oooh… That would be a cool way to make gift boxes for almost anything! I’m seeing bread-shaped ones…

  11. I have lots of doilies, I may have to try this. Thanks!

  12. How fun! I hosted one in November with my mom’s side of the family and am extending out to friends in January. I’m hoping to make craft days a monthly event. :) Check out what we did-

    It was a total blast! If you haven’t had a craft party, you totally should! Great job Nester! Love it and doily bowls may be going on the list! I’m now following your Pinterest Party craft board! :)

  13. YEA! Can’t wait for the next one…we need to pick a date:)

  14. So great!! I Pinned a similar project with the doilies used as hanging lamp shades – pretty with the light shining through.

  15. So I got to the part where you mentioned ‘stiffy’ and needed to change my pants before reading the rest. Stiffy? Really?

    Omgah….then seeing your doily bowls adorning various and sundry body areas…yeah, we’ll be doing a Mr. Stiffy doily extravaganza right quick at my place.

  16. Beautiful! I have some doilies my grandmother made years ago, and I haven’t found any way to display them…until now. Thank you!

  17. Those are fantastic! I want to make some :)

  18. Am a potter and would like to know how high to fire doilies in my kiln. Do you have that info.
    By the way love the starched doilies..thanks

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