31 Days of Lovely Limitations :: The Finale


I’ve always wanted a finale.

It’s hard to believe we’ve talked about limitations for an entire month, what a boring, negative topic, right?

When I announced what my topic was going to be one commenter kindly asked why I couldn’t  just do 31 days of home decorating tips.  A valid question. I hope you know that everything here at Nesting Place is ultimately a home decorating tip.  That’s about as deep as I get around these parts.  But we can get in a rut when it comes to thinking about our homes.  And I hope you’ve noticed over the years, days, whatever that you’ve been reading here that Nesting Place is more about how we think about our homes than just a collection of home decorating tips.  No decorating tip is going to help if  you despise your home and feel hopeless and unmotivated.

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Most of us, when we think about our home–we think about the future.  Like how in a few years when we can afford that new sofa, then we’ll have people over.  Or one day when we move back to town we love, then we’ll be content.  Because now in the present, we all tend to focus on what we cannot do.  The cabinets are ugly, the carpet is…CARPET, I don’t know what color to paint so therefore I won’t paint. I give up. I hate my house.

I’d like to offer that the limitations are our jumping off point.  Embrace them.  If someone can take a dare and make a business out of packaging and selling trash, surely you can create a pretty home using the resources you’ve been given.


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  1. personally I LOVE that you focused on limitations. It’s easy to open up a decorating magazine, find the source and then go purchase IF you happened to have the funds to do so. So many people can’t do that financially or are trying to make choices where spending a lot on decorating isn’t in the top of the priority list. Thank you for making things unperfectly beautiful and encourage love and creativity for what we have. :)

  2. It was a beautiful 31 days, Nester :) Great perspective, as usual!

  3. saved the best for last! i needed to hear this today. thank you.

  4. Nester, I’ve loved your lovely limitations post. I’ve always tended to think of limitations as just that–limitations. Recently, though, it’s turned out that my limitations are the very things that have opened doors for me. I need to hear the message about embracing the way things are rather than spend my life in wishful thinking about the way things might be.

    Thank you so much for letting so many of us join you in your 31-day challenge. You and the other original 31-dayers have been so gracious. We all appreciate you! :)

  5. Thanks for this series Nester, both reading yours and being able to share my own. While doing my own blogging about eating allergy-free, I have also been taking to heart some of your posts, and reeeally thinking outside the box in the potential m y home has. Now that I’m done with my series, I will be getting up some before and after shots!

  6. I loved every moment of your 31 Days.


  7. I loved being a part of these 31 Days!
    Thank you for making the opportunity available for a new blogger like myself. :)
    And thanks for giving me a fresh perspective on limitations.

  8. I am loving the limitations. Thanks for the perspective adjustment. After a year and a half…and I’m still unpacking boxes… I needed the creative jump start. :D xo

  9. THANK YOU FOR 31days that were such an amazing mixture of wow!’s, looking twice to see what it really is you’re seeing, being inspired, serious things to think about etc. etc. etc……… It’s been so much fun wanting to know what’s next and never quite knowing what it will be except that it will be good. Loved it! xxx

  10. I’ve totally felt this way for too long. We live in a rental home that I really don’t like & the backyard floods every time it rains which makes mowing very difficult & it is too small, impossible to keep clean, & is in a town I don’t really want to be in. This year though we pretty much made the decision to stay there for THREE more years, and I’ve decided to try to make our house something I can feel more comfortable in, be more proud of, and more interested in than I have been for the last three years (during which time I thought we’d be moving out of the state soon) even though it’s not the house I want or wish I had. It is hard, but I’m trying to think of it as a challenge & for me to show what I’m made of!

  11. that was deep man.
    for real.
    own it.
    you do good.
    in your own way.
    bring it.

  12. Love love both of these quotes… Oh my goodness so important to remember!

  13. Thank you so much for hosting this challenge. While I only made it for 26 days (flu) I learned SO much about blogging . . . and myself! Like next time I won’t try and paint 31 projects AND blog for 31 days too! (doh!)

    It was great fun, Nester. I can’t thank you enough! mwah!

  14. It was a GREAT topic! Thoughtful, purposeful, helpful, understanding and motivating.
    You ROCK!
    The quotes are the perfect finale

  15. I love this. This is what I am trying to do in my house now even without any real limitations on me except not wanting to spend unnecessary money. You definitely inspire me to look at what I have, what I can improve and what I need to just accept. Thanks for the great month!

  16. Thank you for the lovely series!! I have enjoyed it!!

  17. Wonderful series and a perfect way to end it! The whole reason I started my blog was because I was tired of thinking about the “someday” when I would have the time, money and talent to decorate my home. I have decided that no time is better than the present and anyone can can make their home lovely!

  18. Thank you for your series and for allowing your readers to join you in the fun. I loved your month–it was a great way to rethink how I feel about my house.

  19. I loved this series because it’s not just about how we see our homes. It’s about how we can see life and all of the limitations that show up unannounced and uninvited. You show us how to take the uninvited and turn them into the loveliest of house guests. Thanks for a great series and even more thanks for allowing so many of us to join in the 31 day love with our own series. I never would have done it without your invitation. Writing for 31 days has been an amazing experience for me in more ways than I can talk about here. Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. Such an awesome 31 days! Thanks so much for all of the tips/advice!

  21. woohoo! congrats on the finale! :) I just finished 31 Days of Romance (romancing the hearts of children, with a bit about the man too) and wow – it felt good to work through that for a month – but HUGE sigh of relief that it’s over!! :)

  22. Dear Nester –
    THANK YOU for the invitation to join in with you for this 31 Days Writing Challenge. I learned so much about myself and art in writing about art these past 31 days. I still have about 10 posts that I want to do that I didn’t get to. PLUS I learned about some things I wouldn’t have learned following others’ blog and have met some wonderful people as a result.

    Peace –

  23. RubberChickenGirl says

    I suspect that the ones that don’t get it are rich. I don’t resent that;not a marxist revolutionary here. I just recognize that you have to be hemmed in and, that, for a LooooNG period of time to get limitations and the surprises that you can achieve with a little creativity and a lot of Providence even for the small things to create with (garage sales/thrifting come to mind). We’ve been married 21 years and are still trying to “finish” furnishing our house. It takes years to furnish, put stuff on the walls etc. when you have ZERO disposable income. So , I love the inspiration to do things like put fabric on the walls. I was just thinking about how to use fabric on the walls when you posted about it. Blank Walls + Zero Dollars + I heart fabric = Lovely Limitations at it’s Finest!


  24. Gooseberry Girl says

    Your 31 days have been therapeutic for me! I have been thinking to myself “lovely limitations” for the past few weeks whenever challenges have come, not just with my house but general life problems. Thank you so much!

  25. Beautiful advice!
    Thank you for always encouraging us!
    Be encouraged that we appreciate you!

  26. loved getting to know you through this series! It was awesome for someone like me who is design blind. Hugs to you ; )

  27. Dear Nester, I just wanted to say thanks to you and the other original 31 dayers for opening the door to the rest of us. It was a lot of fun and all the topics were great. I do look forward to next year. But I must say, I am excited to blog about something other than my 31 day topic. Thanks for letting me be apart of this group.

  28. Hi Nester
    Thank you very much for starting this series and letting me play along. I absolutely enjoyed doing my 31 Days series as well as following yours’ and others’. I will surely be back next year, Insha Allah :)

  29. I so very much enjoyed your 31 days! You and your sister…you gals are such great encouragers. :)
    I love the beauty I find at both of your places.

    And thank you for letting others join in! I was pretty nervous about writing for 31 days straight on the same topic, but I ended up loving it. My heart has been blessed by the entire process.

    Blessings to you!

  30. you made it!!!
    a perfect summary. scratch that. perfect FINALE!

  31. Really enjoyed your 31 days. Thanks so much for inviting me to join in the fun. I did 31 Days of Orange. It used to be one of my favorite colors. I think it still is. It was wonderful getting to visit so many other blogs that I might not have found without being a part of this craziness. Love the Roosevelt quote. All the best!

  32. I am grateful that you chose to write about limitations. I think one of my favorites was the day you wrote about missing drawers. I would have totally given up on a piece with a drawer missing rather than looking at it as an opportunity. To me that’s what this series was about- turning limitations into opportunities. I hope I’ll never forget to see a limitation that way again.

  33. I love these posts. I am a little behind on reading them and trying to catch up. Our home certainly has its limitations but I am trying to work around them and with what I have to make it warm and inviting.

    Thanks for great posts and ideas. BTW~can’t believe that people are buying trash.


  34. I loooooved the series, and found it to be so inspiring. Most of us have to work with what we’ve got, and your ideas were practical and INSPIRING. Using BRANCHES was one of my many faves! When I went through my divorce, I never imagined being THAT poor. I didn’t have a bed, and a co-worker suggested I ask our Installation Manager (I work for a company that sells OFFICE furniture) if they had an extra bed. At the time they were also delivering for a bed manufacturer. Well, they had a queen-size brand-new bed that a customer refused at delivery. It was FREE if I could pick it up. All that stood in the way? My PRIDE. Thanks for a great series, and your lovely website. I look forward to seeing what is new each day. THANKS 1,000,000

  35. Paola Norman says

    Amen! Thank-you for a lovely 31 days :)

  36. this has been a cool journey of seeing all the possibilities within our limitations.
    as a 15 year renter, i do love the challenge of working with what i have… but i’m not always GRATEFUL for what i have. i feel beyond just the decorating tips, i find i’m always given perspective when i visit here.. to remember that a home is so much more than frilly curtains and fluffy pillows.

    thanks queen nester! :)

  37. Loved every one of the last 31 days, thank you!

  38. Thank you for this series. I’ve gleaned so much from every post. I heart that first quote. It’s such good advice. Now to get up and into that living room of mine…

  39. awesome post – so fun to see other ideas. thanks for sharing.

  40. Ooooh this is a perfect one for my husband and I . We long to have 5acres of land and build a small home, new construction that my husband can build himself and land he can hunt on or at least target shoot and have a four wheeler again. We are remodeling our current home bit by bit. Using paint and repainting trim, looking on Craigslist or garage sales and using what we can in the cheapest yet still nice looking way. We see the imperfections in what we haven’t done and need to really just see the beauty in the progress we made. To stop living for the future of land and new home… because honestly we never know what God has written in our futures!

    Now that I’m done writing my own 31 days. I look forward to reading everyone elses! There was no time to do both! This has been FABULOUS! I learned so much about myself through my writing. Now I can’t wait to learn through the writings by the rest of you! Thank you for hosting this!!!! I would LOVE to do it again someday!

  41. I have enjoyed all your posts this month. Thank you. I love you final quote. Great job!!

  42. Word my sister. Really good posts. All of them. And Kmart is still alive and kicking round these parts (Hershey pa) I’ll have to check out their Clarence isles more often

  43. I just finished reading the 31 day series, and I really appreciate it. I need to get off my hind end and get doing something . . . jump past my limitations and make some change happen in my little world. And I love that quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley. Such a wise, kind woman. (Did you know she wrote a book or two, as well?)

    Keep up the blogging, Nester. I’m so glad I found the Nesting Place. :o)

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